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½ Price Pic's Really Good Peanut Butter Varieties 380g $3.75 @ Coles

½ Price Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter Varieties 380g $3.75 @ Coles


½ Price Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter Varieties 380g $3.75 @ Coles

Beat me to it!
Been a while since it’s been 1/2 price. I’ll be stocking up!

i got two of these last weekend but I’m thinking i may as well take the opportunity to get more at this price. Also checked the EXP on the two i have purchased and they don’t EXP till 02/11/2022. Long shelf life, Good to stock up.

Is it made from 50% or 100% Australian ingredients? The description is conflicting.

The pre-COVID stock is 100% Australian. I noticed that they changed the label a while ago. Still tastes good tho.

New stock is 50% Australian.

Bushfires decimated QLD peanut industry pretty badly. This is the reason for reduction of Australia peanuts.

Not just bushfires but droughts as well.

They actually had a little blurb on their jars last year about how they’ve had to go further afield to source the same variety of high-oleic peanuts, from farms in Zambia, after prolonged poor weather drastically lowered peanut crop yields in Australia.

Thanks for providing better context. Helps people make better form decisions that insist on Australian made. Sometimes it just isn’t possible for these companies.

Coles just haven’t bothered updating the product description with the actual information on the current product labels, which have changed since early last year.

Pic’s was for the entirety of its existence until 2020, a 100% Australian product, it’s only in the last 8 months or so that all Pic’s stock is now 50% Australian and 50% from their new suppliers in Zambia. Nonetheless, the Zambian peanuts are of the same nutritional and flavour profile as the Australian ones, so you’re getting effectively the same product and Zambia is as rich and fertile of a farmland as any of Australia’s best agricultural regions.

It’s not the flavour people are concerned about, it’s generally:
1) does the country have the same food safety standards.
2) wishing to support Australian farmers.

Also, does Zambia treat their workers ethically

Very true, but at the moment we just don’t have enough peanuts to meet demand.

@diddy50: Yeah pretty much this.

I’m fairly certain Pic’s would source 100% Australian peanuts if they could, so there’s no point in huffing and puffing about the product not being 100% Australian-made. It’s not physically possible at the moment and more to the point there are no 100% Australian-made peanut butters on store shelves anywhere right now.

Is this another “not entirely precise or true” information or has the brand moved to NZ only recently?

I think it would have been more correct to have claimed it was a 100% Australian peanut product (owned by NZ)

@buckster: At the moment, from what the webs say it’s: a NZ-made product, used to be made from 100% Australian peanuts, now from 50% Australian peanuts 🙂

It’s precisely what I said.

The product (meaning the peanuts themselves) was for the majority of the brand’s existence 100% Australian-sourced.

It was always produced in NZ as Pic’s has always been a NZ-based company, yes.

@Gnostikos: You precisely said something completely different 🙂

But all clear now, we move on.

like this brand,tasty.
will stock uo

anyone know why coles no longer lists 1/2 price specials in one location on their website? Hasn’t appeared last 2 weeks

I know, it’s driving me nuts. I was actually doing a survey last nite from Coles, and I mentioned this. They said they will look into it.

Hands down the best peanut butter anywhere in Australia.

What’s this like compared with Mayvers? I’m addicted to Mayvers but will happily switch if it’s as good or better.

I find Mayvers more oily/runny and less chunky (in the crunchy variety)

I prefer Mayvers.

I like crunchy. Sounds like a winner. Thanks

I bought 4 jars. Can’t wait to try them after I finish the current jar of Mayvers!

Mayvers is a poor man’s pics imo, just not as good.

Pics is better if you can afford it, and on half price everyone can. I will literally buy 12 at this price.

I’m addicted to Mayver’s dark roasts, which Pic’s don’t have … But I’m also almost out and Mayver’s hasn’t been on special in a while, so this will have to do.

I’m sure we all already know, but for those stocking up try storing the jars upside down or on their side to allow the peanut oil to more evenly distribute in the jar.

good tip, never thought of it, as I’ve found some jars leak (other brands, plastic jar)

Thanks for the great tip, I’m near the bottom of my current jar and it’s dry as mud 🙁

I haven’t been able to purchase Australian peanuts since the pandemic. I heard it’s because of weather in queensland. But from this ad. it seems they’ve been sent to NZ to make peanut butter🎭

These have always been made in NZ using Australian peanuts, but we don’t have enough peanuts due to the weather and drought to meet the demand.

The ones with the black lids are still 100% Aussie peanuts. Bega Brand

This is the world’s best imo. The crunchy is perfect.


The “oily mixtures” is literally peanut oil, from the peanuts…. If you want no oil, you’re not buying “natural peanut butter”, you’re buying “highly processed peanut butter”.

Purely Nutz peanut butter is slightly better and until recently was 100% australian peanuts but has had to import due to shortages, it’s an Australian owned company too based in Queensland.

IMO the best PB, perfectly roasted 😉

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