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$10 off Instore with QR Code ($10 Minimum Spend and Membership Required) for Existing Eligible Members @ IKEA

$10 off Instore with QR Code ($10 Minimum Spend and Membership Required) for Existing Eligible Members @ IKEA


$10 off Instore with QR Code ($10 Minimum Spend and Membership Required) for Existing Eligible Members @ IKEA

$10 reward refers to a $10 voucher issued to an eligible member to redeem either instore or online by 04 Apr 2021. The voucher can only be redeemed once by the eligible member. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher. To redeem the $10 reward instore, members must either present the original reward email to an IKEA staff at checkout to scan, or scan the barcode from the reward email at the self-serve checkout. Alternatively, to redeem online, customer can enter the coupon code in the field box before they proceed to checkout. There is a minimum spend of $10 to redeem this reward and can only be used in a single transaction. The $10 reward must be redeemed within the pre-defined quarter. The redemption cannot be made to purchase an IKEA gift card. The redemption cannot be used to make payment on services such as Picking, Delivery, Assembly, Installation and Mattress & Sofa take-back/recycling. Click here for full terms and conditions.

So I do meet the requirements & got the email, and seeing how the code is generic, has anyone tried using the code more than once?

No. A friend of mine discovered they fixed it at checkout 😉

Thanks 🙂

Some comments mentioned that they used the code more than once in the previous deal despite the conditions, so was curious if anyone had a more recent experience with it.

A friend of mine is pretty sure the last $10 rewards (exp end 2020) could still be used as many times as you wish on the last few days of 2020, but the said friend haven’t had a chance to visit IKEA this year yet. He is highly doubtful that IKEA would bother to fix such a long lasting deal/bug.

I tried to use the same code on my 2 separate visit on Ikea Richmond using same ikea account and it didn’t worked. It came up on their system as “redeemed”.

@Natsky123: I guess their IT team must have been working hard over the new year then. Amazing!

@Natsky123: I used the $10 reward for spending $100 in a qtr multiple times on 30/12.

Is this the one where you had to spend 100 the previous quarter to be eligible?


I assume the qr works in store as its generic even if you didn’t meet the minimum spend requirements…?

Yeah I’m hoping it’s for anyone, because I certainly haven’t spent at Ikea of late.

i guess it saves signing up for a new account every time

i have only realised that you don’t need a valid mobile number to register.

Why do you want to sign up for a new account every time? They work in a similar way.

Yes looks like generic code as I got the same one.

Once per member need to have spent $100 during previous quarter to be eligible

fake news it’s a generic code

Got the same code as well

One use only is very regretable given that one quarter when it was reusable again and again with the same IKEA family account in Perth.

Got the same code.

Thought it was targeted, boooo I’m not special anymore

$5 fee for click & collect 🙁

boo urns

Really? that must be new. Pretty ridiculous, they must be trying to recoup their losses

Here we go again

The real question is – can I use this in the restaurant??


Normally I use it to pick up a bag of meatballs on the way out.

Could anyone share the screenshot of the promotion email? The cashier might need to verify the eligibility.

This happened to me at checkout. She gave me plenty of time to look for an email that didn’t exist…

What did you do? Did u have the email

Worked online for me. Thanks

Don’t they check it when you come pick it up?

I am getting delivery. I was half way through the order when i saw this deal here.

Seems to charge $5 for service fee- even though it’s click and collect. Did anyone else encounter the same issue?

Yeah, ruins half the deal.
We need an online prepay and DIY pickup option

Will I get this code if I sign up membership now? Have never used or received email from IKEA previously.

Should be fine. Only one way to find out for sure though.

You will get a $10 welcome voucher which is essentially the same.

Confirmed worked in store. Scan this screenshot and your ikea family card at checkout


Went to Richmond and used the QR code for last qtr.
The lady at self checkout asked to see the email – I dug out one from earlier in the year and just scrolled down – she didn’t check the date and was fine with that

Just be aware that some cashiers do specifically look for the dates.

Used mine and had the same experience last quarter. She wanted to see the email as well but just used it to scan the ikea card barcode that was at the bottom of the email.

Can this be used for food?

I always forget about this coupons!

used it for free shipping on LADDA batteries of course


Thanks OP!

$5 ikea ladda.

I didn’t get the email though, and don’t want to risk being found out, so I won’t use it.

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