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10% off Storewide @ Mobileciti

10% off Storewide @ Mobileciti

10% off Storewide @ Mobileciti

Hello Everyone

Happy New Year 2021!

Mobileciti offer 10% off storewide inc all Mobile phones, Laptop/tablets, Smartwatches, Audio(Speaker/Headset), E-Scooter, Dashcam etc..

Free Shipping, Tax Invoice, Pickup available at Parramatta store(NSW), simply apply discount code “HAPPY2021” at checkout or mention the code when in store.


Makes the iPhone SE $609.30 and isn’t locked to Vodafone like the other deal.

sorry didn’t get it, which other deal are you refer to.

p.s all our iPhone SE2020 unlocked This one which is locked to Vodafone.

thanks for sharing, good deal! Unfortunately we not able to matched vodafone prepaid deal.

@AHUANG: I think this is a better deal. phone not locked, cost to unlock is ~$50

@applejack: you are right, Thx!

@AHUANG: No Sony xperia 5 ii? Thanks

I don’t think the rep get it. LOL.

Awesome! Just ordered Airpods Max sky blue $808

Where is all the iphone 12 pros 🙁

And the iPads?

$898 with the coupon?

Ok. So still high price compared to recent past.

Best one was the Telstra Black Friday deal, pb at OW down to $711.

good brick and mortar store always with the discounts, i wonder why these guys dont sell computer parts? not good enough margins?

Margin would be quite similar… But very hard to do in small Aus market against already established stores like mwave and Co.

why is this post hidden on the new deals page? had to click through the link from another post

It’s on the new deals page.

oh thats weird, I cant see it

It’s the 6th post down.

@Twix: its not there for me…

View post on

@skido2: It should be after the Dominos deal.


@skido2: What’s before Dominos and Subtype?

@Twix: Nintendo eShop..

I can see it on the front page now, but still hidden in new deals. Ive never tweaked any of my deal visibility settings tbh

@skido2: Ok maybe a glitch.

So close to pulling the trigger on the Oppo Find x2 Pro – 10% off comes to $1075.50 delivered…

Ok – bit the bullet. JB HiFi priced match and then I bought JB eGift cards at 5% off bringing the phone down to $1,025. Very happy!

Can get prices to reflect 10% off at your ebay store? I have some ebay vouchers I’d like to use and would purchase from the ebay store if 10% off. Thanks.

If only you stocked the iphone12 pro…

website is down, 503

Working fine for me?

Hi OP, do you guys do overnight shipping to VIC by any chance?

Was looking to grab a phone for the missus and needed it by Tuesday, and I assume you guys don’t despatch over the weekend (ordered from Amazon already so no dramas if not possible).

You snooze you lose

Note 10s are unfortunately more expensive than Amazon even with 10% off.


May I know if this dash cam…

uses battery or capacitor as the backup power please?


Not eBay? More and more popular sellers have left or are leaving eBay, interesting.

Probably to do with exorbitant fees by eBay. Sell own website for maximized profit I guess.

Great deal, many who were quick score the deal on Motorola g9 plus. Now out of stock in minutes.

iPhone mini please

When does the code expire?

Hi all, I want to trade in my Samsung Note 10+ to an iPhone 11 or 12, can anyone suggest the best place/way to get more money for the trade in ? I’m based in Sydney. Does @Mobileciti provide any trade in offers ? TIA

Mobile monster?

Thank you, will check with them

Prices of P30 Pro has gone up from $828 (single sim) to $888. All dual sim models are also taken off site. Please explain this OP?

No iPhone 12 Pro?

No why would they put a new product on sale that sells well without a sale?

It wasn’t showing up as free shipping for me. Is it only free with click and collect orders?

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