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3-Axis Mobile Phone Gimbal Stabiliser $49 (Was $79) @ Kmart

3-Axis Mobile Phone Gimbal Stabiliser $49 (Was $79) @ Kmart


3-Axis Mobile Phone Gimbal Stabiliser $49 (Was $79) @ Kmart

This is my first post… So, please be kind..

3 Axis Phone Gimbal Stabiliser from Kmart $49 (RRP $79).
I Hope it should be good for people who wants to try the Gimbal for fun at entry level.
I have ordered it through Click & Collect. Search for your other nearest stores if it is not available at your kmart.
On Click & Collect Kmart said that if it didn’t find the device they deliver it for free.

Product Details

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Please help me decide between these two.

Ask your parents

Both are good.

Buy both. It’s only $5 ea

The claws have been getting bad reviews. Mediocre specs, poor warranty service, and doesn’t hold an edge without frequent sharpening. Narwhal horn has superior penetration and the blubber enhances heat retention.

I have adult sized claw ones. They are the bomb

Please sort using $$$ . So, that you can see the deals with highest prices first.

And a mighty fine first post! Keep up the good work!

And while on the topic, I have heard that google camera 8.1 (or whatever is the latest) has the cinematography mode for shooting videos. Does anyone have any good feedback or recommendations on video modes or apps while using gimbals?


fighting.. the urge.. to do… opposite

You are right, I am using Google pixel 4a 5g and don’t need any of these stability stick. Basically when I turn on camera it suggests to correct the angle and I find very easy

Most cameras these days on high end phones have a type of image stabilisation, either optical in the sensor itself or through digital image stabilising or both. Downside with digital stabilisation is the image is generally cropped, making the image look more zoomed in.
These gimbals still have their place with phones as the image stabilisation is still not as good as the gimbals yet, except for gopro which has excellent digital image stabilisation

To anyone who has one of these- any idea if you can attach a GoPro with confidence?

If you’ve got a GoPro Hero 8 Black or Hero 9 you wouldn’t need to – their in-built stabilisation is brilliant!!

Got a 6 🙁

Still pretty brilliant. But no reason this shouldn’t work, though you may need an adapter.

@cnut: Yeah I’m trying to avoid adapters of possible. Osmo 3 gimbal + adapter getting expensive.

@Qbagger: By the looks of it, you should be able to use a GoPro no problem. Grab one and return if it doesn’t. Kmart are pretty easy with that sort of stuff. If anything I can imagine it holds it better than a phone as there’s more surface area on the sides of a GoPro.

There is a big difference between image stabilisation and gimballing. A camera is in a fixed orientation unless moved manually by something, image stabilisation is just cropping the field of view to remove minor movements.

got Hero 7 Black last time, they keep saying that which makes sense otherwise why upgrade

It shouldn’t need any adapters. Looks like it’ll go right in fine.

You will need a mount for the Gopro to fit nicely onto the Gimbal. The Gopro size is too small to fit in some of these gimbals and sometimes may not even be heavy enough to balance.

Something like this…. I was using something similar with my Hero 4.

Why would it need stabilising???

Hahahaha – well played 🙂

Coz its from kmart.

Yo dawg. I heard you like gimbals.

Should I get one of these or go for something like the dji gimble?

Totally valid question- why the negs?

Fixed. I upvoted to correct the negs.

Thanks guys, I’m new to gimbles and just not sure if the price is worth it when you have something like this that appears to have the main feature set

you mean osmo> ?

Yeah osmo mobile

Ordered one, thanks OP!
I’ll check back in on how I find it.

Just a quick note on this one, the max weight of the smartphone is 180g~ for it to work. I had an iphone xs MAX and that was 200g.. just tilted to one side no balance hahah!

So no point for heavier phones then?

Yeah! i spent 20mins thinking i was inept work this thing lool! Then i realised the suggested weight of the smartphone and frown in sadness.

Unboxing and using.

Physically the same as Kaiser Baas S3

Thanks OP, try my lucky draw now

They got at least 3 stock in Kmart Broadway. It does not show at Click and Collect. It’s $10 more though. Saw 3 of them behind the service desk with $59 price labeled.

seems good for the price will compare it with my dji osmo

That would be great- cheers!

Why is everyone so soft lately. OP your sharing something that you think is of value, who cares what the recipients have to think. Screw everyone who has something bad to say.

i got a DJI combo during boxing day for about $125 on amazon, honestly i thought it is good to make youtube/tiktok videos but don’t seem to be for that purpose. I thought i could follow a subject from room to room, and it would hold steady, or while trying to create a smooth videos of following someone. You simply cannot hold focus if there is too much movement, yea it is probably common knowledge, but i didn’t know :/

It is probably worth for outdoor videos.

People who buy a smartphone gimbal, what do you use it for? My DJI gimbal is looking for an use-case now. thinking if i should just return to amazon.

Anyone suggest cool ways you could use a gimbal if you are not keen on taking stunning travel videos? Don’t see myself traveling much in 2021

not sure which combo you mean exactly but i have an old Zhiyun smooth Q and used it with iphone 7 plus and it did pretty okay for what it was.
However even gopro 7 black hypersmooth is way smoother imo.

Tbh it has been a while since i used my smooth Q, but i remember I had to turn off the phone’s inbuilt stabilisation as it would clash.

I got the DJI Osmo 3 combo

If you’re in the return window return it I guess

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