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30 Free Primogems @ Genshin Impact

30 Free Primogems @ Genshin Impact

30 Free Primogems @ Genshin Impact

Another code for Genshin Impact which will reward you 30 Primogems and 5 Adventurer’s Exp

PC/Mobile Users: Follow the linked website and login to enter and redeem the code.

PS4 Users: Go to Settings > Account > Redeem Code and enter the code.

The amount of money I’ve wasted on this game…
I’ve already quit but the realization hurts me.

At least you’ve quit. I’m still stuck in this gacha hell.

I just have the monthly card, still having fun building characters

But maybe that’s because i’m used to makes with daily grinds (WoW)

I’m with the monthly card and battle pass, and I too enjoy building characters. The daily grind is a little annoying, but it’s what it is.

I don’t like the gacha limitations though, but I guess that’s life, you can’t expect to get everyone.

Same, I just pay the $8 per month.

It’s next to nothing for a little boost in a game that I enjoy playing and then just throw a few rolls when I see a cute anime girl good character show up in the banner.

Same. I’d prefer supporting the devs through a more ‘membership fee’ model rather than supporting a predatory gacha monetisation. If I could double up the $8/mth welkins moon pass I would.
$15 battle pass is good too on months I wanna binge (big update months).

Also, I’ve found I can get a pretty big cast of characters as long as I spread the wishes across multiple banners, rather than rolling all primogems on one banner. A lot of players prefer to increase their constellation level for their favourite characters, which is fair. But I’m happy enough with ‘c0’ level on most characters and saving the primos for hopefully a new character on the next banner.

some people apparently rolls each time they get to 160 gems, dunno about that mentality, its better to save it for stuff you want and enjoy

@Freestyle: Which is fair enough if they’re not fused on characters nor planning to be in the game for the long run. Or they’re just happy with whaling when they want some specific character (doubt the same kind of person would be here on ozbargainer though). Me, I’m definitely sticking around at least til Inazuma’s done. Probably longer.

i used to play wow too. Now don’t have enough time GI is good for spare time.

Its funny I am really enjoying this game but can see how it could be a money sink. I spent 18 bucks on the battle pass last month but otherwise find I am keeping up (except for the time suck it is in the best possible way).

I’m AR49 and haven’t spent anything yet, although I’ve considering the Gnostic Hymn for the Battle Pass this month.

Fellow Ozbargainer – How much? If you don’t mind?

I’ve spent around $75 thus far.

But basically its $8 every 30 days for the monthly card. This helps you with getting a trickle amount of premium currency per day, from 60 -> 160. So that 100 extra premium currency a day (it’s actually 300 upfront on purchase and 90 per day).

And the Battle Pass (similar to other online games these days) is $15 every ~6 weeks.

So its not cheap, but definitely not too expensive. Just don’t go be a whale (spend too much), and the game is great if you like amazing anime waifus open world adventure, and trust me, the world is absolutely beautiful.

Gameplay outside of the somewhat predatory gacha mechanics is similar to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Edit: sorry I just realized you were asking the guy who quit how much. You weren’t asking the rest of us, lol.

$54 from me so far, since late October. Bought 3* welkin moons (daily primogens) + 2 battle passes.

any condition of ARank ?

usually it’s AR10

i feel its hard to follow the map/pointer

In settings you can change the minimap to auto rotate. I find that works better for me. YMMV.

Good. I spent all my paimon gems and got dupes. I need muh cocogoat.

didnt work for me.. Invalid Code

Good luck to all, Cocogoat is massively OP

Think they overdid Ganyu’s buff cause of all the ‘Zhongli was nerfed’ backlash.
100% ult uptime, geez.

that AOE on the charged shot is the stuff of Melt reaction dreams.

It does look OP. Devs have really addressed the criticisms of Amber’s kit and made sure not to repeat.
I’m probably still holding my two pities for Xiao though.

Give me Mona or give me death.

Thanks OP

will it ever be possible to play this game by paying a lump sum and get everything without spending anything in game?

probably not because this is games as a service model and they are planning to rollout the other regions (only 2 out of 7 right now) in the game within a few years.

i hate this kind of game model. I don’t mind giving money to devs, but this is design to extract a lot of cash from you if you want the thing you’re after. I’m willing to pay the full game price for it, but they know they make more money if they do the Gatcha method.

they wouldnt be able to sustain this type of game without doing this, already cost like $100m initially to make it then there’s various ongoing costs

@Freestyle: Poor them. Unlike people who make console games and PC games who don’t use the gatcha model.

@lostn: I think Breath of the Wild, or pokemon on console is more suited for you.

GI isn’t even done btw, less than 2/7ths the entire game has been released, assuming the main plot will even stop after the last nation is released in several years.
MiHoYo have ongoing developer jobs to pay and also prop up free live-support and server costs for free2play players who don’t pay anything.
There’s also a current premium factored into their gacha monetisation, to account for the risk they’re taking on their side if gacha payers leave en masse (say when the pandemic is done), but they still have the game to continue.

well, you can still buy account from certain website, you wont get all characters but some account will have most. And obviously it way cheaper than trying to get the character in game.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend this if you’re playing for the long run. Those accounts get banned if MiHoYo finds out.
Maybe not a bad idea if you’re just in for the short run, and place no sentimental value in the account so don’t care if you lose it.

i heard some people keep their original receipt of the purchases they made on the game, then sell the account.
Later on they will try to claim back the account by showing the receipt and all details about account and transaction they have made, and successful.
Just be careful when you buying account.

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