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$30 Vodafone Pre-Paid SIM Starter $9 (Save $21) @ Woolworths

$30 Vodafone Pre-Paid SIM Starter $9 (Save $21) @ Woolworths


$30 Vodafone Pre-Paid SIM Starter $9 (Save $21) @ Woolworths

Hi all

Was shopping at Woolworths and stumbled upon the discounted sim pack for anyone looking to get one.

Same price from Vodafone online

You’ll be getting 40GB on the first two recharges, and 1.5mpbs after your quota is exhausted. 28 days expiry.

how much data do get and does it shape to 1.5mps after you go over? how long does number stay activate after you dont top up?

Updated description. Not sure how long number will still be active for if you stop recharging it.

Edit: Looks like 6 months

Isn’t this $8 through my 7 eleven app?

40GB data only or 20 GB with talk and text. Was $8 last week in Woolies. Currently $9 in coles. No offer on my 7/11 app

Ah well. I see both optus and vodafone under offers

Tis quite strange cheesy. In-store 7/11 one near me discounts Optus, the other discounts Telstra

Where does it say 20gb with talk and text? Isn’t it 40gb?

Also 40GB with talk and text on activation (and the next 2 recharges).

I stand corrected. Currently using his sim. App indicates 15GB left however I’ve just noticed the bonus of an extra 20 GB. For my error blame covid… error blame my age would be more accurate

Buy it instore and miss out 25% cashback.

Can you port your existing number to this? Do I have to go to a store to do that?

Think you have the option of doing it through the activation process.

They are matching vodafone’s online offer

I noticed that these new packs say something like activate on “Prepaid Plus Starter” plan .. Earlier during activation we get a choice whether to activate on Prepaid Plus or Pay and Go .. does anyone know if the option to activate on Pay & Go comes up for these kits?

Yes, you usually get the two options before activation. With Telstra or Optus, you may have three or more options.

That’s right – i just wanted to know if the same options are still there for these new kits as well.


How soon do you need to activate the sim? Just wondering if I can buy one now but not activate it for another 60-90 days when my existing prepaid plan expires.

365 days after purchase

Can you use this with mobile broadband modem?


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