365 Days Prepaid Mobile 120GB + Unlimited Talk & Text $30 (Was $150) - New Customers Only @ Catch Connect
365 Days Prepaid Mobile 120GB + Unlimited Talk & Text $30 (Was $150) – New Customers Only @ Catch Connect

365 Days Prepaid Mobile 120GB + Unlimited Talk & Text $30 (Was $150) – New Customers Only @ Catch Connect

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Offers May not last
Note: This offer was found 3 months ago
on ozbargain.com.au sales page. Offer can expire at anytime.

Below taken from the website

New Customers Only
120GB per 365 days
$30 first 365 days
ongoing recharges $150 / 365 days
Unlimited standard national talk and text
All for use in Australia
Fair go policies applies
Limit one per customer. Offer may be withdrawn at any time

Is this cheapest way to keep a number for a year?

ALDI Mobile is cheaper if you don’t need to make any calls or use data.

Umm… not having a mobile at all is cheaper if you don’t need to make calls, receive calls or use data.

If you go overseas (less likely these days) you may not need your number while away, but want to have it when you return. This could have been a cheap way to park a number for a year.

I didn’t say you can’t receive calls.

Your comment makes no sense as the OP was asking about “the cheapest way to keep a number for a year”.

@bio: I didn’t say you said that.

Just sounded a bit silly when I read it.

You’ve provided a great option, but perhaps actually stating the price in the reply would help everyone. I’ve had to search for ALDI mobile on Bing to actually see what you’re talking about (spoiler: it’s $5 and you can actually use that credit for calls and data!).

Pay As You Go

@brawndo: Fair enough. I didn’t remember if it was $5 or $10, so I just left the breadcrumbs for the OP to follow.

What does Aldi mobile offer better than this please? Can never find the right one at Aldi, even after asking the staff. Thank you

Buy a $5 SIM, and activate your number on it but don’t recharge to anything. The $5 credit will have 365 day expiry.

@zzyss: What would happen after 365 days?
You just can’t make any calls and no data but the number is still yours, right?

@Mi2: They give you another 120 days and then you lose the number: https://my.aldimobile.com.au/m3/docs/prepaid_mobile_terms_an…

Amaysim PAYG sim if you just need a number to receive calls.

Amaysim has the flexible plan to pay for only what you use. So $0 if you don’t use it at all

Terms And Conditions
New customers only. All data allowance is applied upfront after $120 payment and activation. Ongoing recharges at $150. Limit one per customer. Offer may be withdrawn at any time

Not sure I really understand the T&C…

Price error. Should be Save 30, pay 120.

I only paid $30 when checkout.

Prepare for the cancellation?

Anyone know if that happened with Catch Connect before?

Seems like a price error… Should be save 30. TandC’s state that you pay $120 to get the data

Does this happen a lot with Catch?
Twilight Imperium was at $44 the other day – it’s generally a $200 game.

It’s meant to be $30 discount?

Wow! And I just bought the 60gb for $80

The 60gb is now $31.. go figure??

Guess they used to do $10 for 90 day deals. So probably not a price error, just a short time offer.

P.S. Cashrewards for an extra 3.5%

Yours arrive yet? Mine still hasn’t

Same, I feel cheated

Oh no, thats too bad for me.. Yesterday bought same for $89 … 🙁

Same here 🙁

I enquired about a cancellation of my order just now (it hasn’t been shipped yet) and they emailed back saying it has been processed!

Seems like a price error, bought some to see what happens.

grab it before it’s too late

Got 1, seems to be price error.
Finger cross

That’s crazy! Bought one!

How long before we need to activate it?

also interested!

Usually 30 days.
I’ve still got 60 left on my current 90 day Kogan deal.. But for $30 for a year I’ll lose a month

It will probably be stated on the latter that accompanies the card.

An awesome deal if it’s not cancelled! Don’t forget 3.5% cash back via Cash Rewards.

Pointless in grabbing as it clearly says.
All data allowance is applied upfront after $120 payment and activation. Ongoing recharges at $150.
I suppose one could argue for the “Unlimited standard national talk and text” for $30 for the year 🙂

If I was one of those eternally 13 year olds who hate to have their enthusiasm squenched I’d neg you.

I got one.

haha! I got one as well. Am doing the Ozb thing of “Buy Now” and see what happens. I don;t need one as am on a Boost 365 already BUT could be handy for something 🙂

Boost renewal plan has been changed to higher price plan. Sadly face…

@maxall: Yeap but am still on original renewal through to Sep 2021

@Borg: My plan is about expire in April 21, even join boost long long time ago, the old plan is no longer renewable, have to paid the higher price plan if I want to use Telstra network. Not happy Jane.

It’s the same for the $31 60GB 365-day plan:


$120.00 Off on 365 Day Plan – ID: 628

total $30.00

This is a discount provided to the faithful.
Time has come to discard doubt, believe.

says 150GB in big blue letters.. if this was they case they would get slapped with millions in ACCC fines for misleading customers.

Every one has paid $150.. there just $120 discount so the T&Cs make no difference

Yes, and it says $120 in the CIS.

Price errors don’t have to be honoured.

$30 for a year is amazing if they honour it

“No” error

Click on Cart on top right hand and you should see item

If I’m currently using amaysim which uses the optus network am I still considered as a ‘new’ customer? asking cos some companies like kogan only accept new customers from a different network provider (referring to their 90day large plans)


Source of info?

The Magic Pudding.

Can’t checkout
No idea what network either


Can’t even get into the link lol

Still working but bit too slow as too many people grabbing it

Bought one, see what’s happen…

buy first think later

And then pray for a successful refund

Remember Bunning’s DJ Mavic fiasco? Need to be in it to win it.

bought one. let’s hope they honour it. awesome Australia Day gift

got one, Thanks

Site down

Thanks OP, bought one, hopefully they will honour it.

I love a bargain, but this is almost certainly a price error. There is a 60GB option a dollar more for $31.

The terms and conditions and the Critical Information Summary (CIS) state “All data allowance is applied upfront after $120 payment and activation.”

Although the Critical Information Summary also states “it does not reflect any additional discounts, bonus data or promotions which may apply from time to time.”, so who knows!

Critical Information Summary (CIS): https://catchconnect.com.au/cms/CatchConnectMobile_CIS_Legal…

Generic T&Cs…

I agree it must be an error.

They were $120 and if you’re a student you get $90. Why would they suddenly make a year $30. It would be so ridiculously under the competition.

Sucks I recently bought a few of these.

Payment Is Successfully Processed And Your Order Is Confirmed

Errored at checkout, but I have a pending payment of $30 in my bank account.

Nothing showing under ‘My Orders’…

You have no items in your cart.

ORDERED see what happens I guess…

Hot if they honoured. Managed to grab 1

orderd.. cheers

Can’t even open the website now…

yeah same, feelsbadman

We broke the site

I ordered 2 already, 1 more to go.

Man I ordered 2 of these last week for $120 each

Can I order and return the other 2 when they arrive?

may be worth ordering with express delivery within a day for $9 extra

just get a sim for $2 from coles.. dont waste ur money

Ordered and confirmed, cheers op. Will see how it ends haha

Thanks OP. ordered one as well.

got one by using opera.
i could input credit card number in firefox.

hanging in check out. pzzz

When do you have to use it by???

120/30 4Gb per $1

Kogan 40/5 8Gb per $1

Does Catch Connect still do international roaming to receive SMS while overseas? Can’t really figure it out with its wording in the CIS.

ll let u know in 3 years time when we might be able to travel overseas


The added cost of taking on a new customer to them should be negligible so perhaps they’ll honour

Anyone know if I can wait say half a year before activating this?

pretty sure ud have 30 days

Ordered and Confirmed, Thanks Op! It seems like nothing is working as you try to complete the purchase e.g. no items in cart etc.. but just sit and wait and the screen will update all of a sudden, did this for each stage.

Thanks for this

Website is loading slower than a 90 year old grandmother at the pedestrian crossing

Edit: Order confirmed and placed. Let’s see what happens lol

Took me 10 minutes to get my order through. Almost not worth it.

365 Days Prepaid Mobile 120GB + Unlimited Talk & Text $30 (Was $150) – New Customers Only @ Catch Connect

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