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50% off First P&R Home Coffee Delivery @ Pablo & Rusty's

50% off First P&R Home Coffee Delivery @ Pablo & Rusty’s

50% off First P&R Home Coffee Delivery @ Pablo & Rusty’s

This promotion showed as an ad on my ipad. The description stated that this is for new subscriptions for new customers only, however it worked for me for my existing P&R account with has had subscriptions in the past. Discount applies to first delivery only

I tested the code and it works for both Home and Office subscriptions:
– Home subscription: 2x250g coffee for $12 ($24/kg):…
– Office subscription: 1kg from $19, 2kg from $35 ($17.5/kg), 3kg from $49 ($16.3/kg):…

Best value, given discount is only for first delivery, would be to go for an office subscription.

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time (e.g. after receiving confirmation that your first order has been shipped: Account-> Manage Subscriptions-> Cancel).

Thanks for posting, it’s a good deal at 50% off. I had a similar 4 x Delivery deal for Christmas, the 2×250 @ $24/kg is pretty good considering it includes delivery.

Also, the Home deal is 2x250g = 500g, not 2x500g

can confirm the Home deal is 2x 250g, not 2x 500g… Also the $24 is only for the Porter St blend

Is that supposed to say 2x250g?

I’ve been back at work a week and I’m still a little slow, but isn’t 2x500g the best value?

Thanks OP ✌️

Any idea on deal expiry? (for the purpose of delaying roasting/delivery until I’ve finished my current batch)

Any recommendations from P&R drinkers? (I’m tempted by the SO @ $22.50/kg)

I like their porter st blend foe french press. Gives a nice, strong flavour. Haven’t tried any with milk though.

Timing is good! Thanks WaKkO1.

Thank you, just ordered 3kg for $49, great deal for freshly roasted coffee!
Last time P&R has a 50% promo I didn’t order straightaway and the code got pulled pretty quickly. I didn’t want to make the same mistake this time and luckily coffee is running low at home.

Better than Aldi beans and actually available online. +1

Meh, tried both and it’s not much better than aldi. If including the price I’ll take aldi any day.

That sounds like a user error.

Can you buy 1kg and cancel?


why would you do that?

Oh I see. He only want to place an one off order, and cancel subscription.

that makes sense seeing its subscription.

Yes just don’t want to be locked in to subscription if I don’t like the coffee.

Yes you can

Wow! Very good deal! Thank you!!

Any recommendations on beans?

Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered

First time user. Not sure what I’ve done wrong?

Just got that too! was about to order, it was working, but wanted to change the blend, now its not working

Doesn’t work anymore

Looks like code is indeed already pulled down, that was quick!

especially for subpar beans !

No luck 🙁

Good deal thanks

sad!! missed out 🙁 code doesn’t work any more

code no longer working

Wow those nespresso pods are expensive. Are they made of gold ?

It’s almost as if they don’t want new customers lol. Was going to try this. ALDI beans it is.

So annoyed, this is such good coffee and the price was +++
Hopefully they let the code work again soon

Order went through but no confirmation email received. Anyone else?

It was the same for me. Next Comms I received was auspost shipping confirmation

Last time they had this, I tried a bunch of different blends. IMO Porter St is the only drinkable blend.

Damn I ordered pioneer! Not hearing great things

that was quick

be interested to see the roast date on these … considering an average roaster, probably selling excess roast (at this price) past it’s ideal coffee making date… errgh

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