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9 Meals for $59 or 35% off Your Order @ Youfoodz

9 Meals for $59 or 35% off Your Order @ Youfoodz


9 Meals for $59 or 35% off Your Order @ Youfoodz

9 YOUFOODZ meals for $59 (use code New-Year) or 35% of your order (Use Fresh-35)

9 meals for $59: *Min spend $89 (before discount), min spend $59 (after discount). Available online & the YF App (iOS App version 2020.4 or later). One code per order applies once per order. Standard delivery fees will apply.

35% off your order: ~Min spend $79 (before discount), not inclusive of delivery. Available online at & the YF App (iOS App version 2020.4 or later). One code per order applies once per order. Delivery fees may apply for select regions

Stack with Amex offer to get $10 back off $75.

Other deal available for YOUFOODZ home page but not as good (7 for $59)

It says Discount Not Found for me.

What’s the food like these days?

also interested. last purchase was 3 years ago

It’s not the worst. Some of the better microwave meals I’ve had depending on what you get but some of them taste like they’re loaded with BBQ sauce which might not be nice depending on your taste. Chicken carbonara and beef ragu are great though

I like them, i find some of these meals the best for price and taste compared to MC etc, but at this price you can’t go wrong. But for the love of God stay away from the breakfast meals. I ordered 2 of these last time there was a deal and it was just a herb mess so so much herbs that it destroyed any sense of taste (which is a shame because the eggs and sausage looked great)

It’s quite tasty in my opinion, but the meals may not be big enough for someone who needs a lot of calories in their diet if they’re very active. I found it very easy to lose weight on them and found them big enough for myself, but my fiance felt they were too small.

I’d highly recommend using an air fryer or oven to cook the chips / breaded chicken etc as it was night and day how good they tasted vs using just the microwave.

If you want the tastiest stuff, avoid anything with their questionable light coloured broccoli.

The safest foods are usually the simple ones like the Bolognese and Friend chicken and gravy peas.

That being said, my personal favs are Teriyaki Chicken & Fried Rice, Thai Red Chicken Curry, Chargrilled Chicken with Chipotle Mayo, Mohit’s Butter Chicken. Its all in the sauce for those.

I still order through them and i enjoy them,
Some are a bit high in sugar for those that look out for it

fresh-35 got my 9 meals down to $58.21 .

But can’t use the $50 gift card voucher with a promo code : (

basically, 9 meals is the threshold for 35% being more worth for any amounts past that.

Why not worth for amounts under 9?

You fall under the threshold for free shipping…Also the code doesn’t work under $79 either

I could! Just enter your code on the payment step. Ordered mine a few minutes ago

thanks, ordered

Got 12 meals for $78.61 after the amex credit using fresh-35.

$6.50 per meal, not the best but not the worst

Whoops that was actually before the Amex credit so it’s $5.72 per meal after the credit.

Pretty good then

Same here! Plus I stacked with Shopback.

$77.61 for 12 meals
2% off $1.55
$10 off with Amex

$66.06 all up or $5.50 a meal.

Not bad!

Do they deliver all 12 meals at once? If yes, do you freeze them?

Ok fixed the coupon issue in an incognito window. But wow youfoodz website is absolute shit. I will not be purchasing because the site is too horrible. re: cart issues.

For those who have a Westpac card, I am seeing a reward on the app for $15 cash back on orders $79 and over, ends January 31.

I have to pay $20 delivery for YF in Perth so using NEW-YEAR coupon brings total to exactly $79.

Where are you seeing this? I can’t see it under Rewards and Offers, so probably targeted.

@snuke yeah I’m seeing it under the Rewards tab for Rewards & Offers so guess it’s targeted.

Same as the youfoodz microwave meals from Coles?



Adelaide – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Armidale – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Blue Mountains – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Border NSW – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Brisbane Metro – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Brisbane Rural – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Cairns – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Canberra – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Central Coast – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Coffs Harbour – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Darwin – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Dubbo – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Gippsland – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Gold Coast – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Gold Coast NSW – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Griffith – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Mackay – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Melbourne Metro – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)
Melbourne Provincial – $7.50 fee for orders under $89 (before any discounts)

I feel like you don’t code.

You feel correctly ;-(

Even though down to 6.50, not worth the buy. not the best food, not the worst too. So I’d stick with making my own food, the best.

By “making my own food” are you referring to putting a ready made meal in microwave or do you mean you start by cutting onions and veggies all the way upto “simmer for 10 minutes until ready”? Because if you’re referring to the latter I think we know very well that the amount of time and money you’ll spend cooking your meal from scratch will not end up much cheaper than just buying an OK meal for $6.50. I’m factoring in time here as well, not just the cost of ingredients because if time didn’t matter many more people would be cooking and youfoofz would struggle to find customers.

I’m referring to putting ready made meal in the microwave. Usually left over meal from last dinner.

Commbank Rewards: Youfoodz Spend $75 Get $10 Cashback

Remember the days when we used to get the free $50 boxes from Aussie Farmers Direct? I think I got about 30 free $50 boxes with various codes. Can’t imagine why they went busto.


Thanks very much! Good deal – food is pretty decent for the price (and convenience!)

Where’s all the racist comments? Lol

Just below, amazes me to see interchangeable ethics applied to certain brands/sellers.

e.g. Apple knowingly using child labour…

Some of the same folks calling out YF are the very same ppl happily buying Apple products.

It’s truly bizarre.

As an Apple user I genuinely didn’t know about the child labour issue. The article isn’t super specific, but is interesting.

I guess with YF there are lots of alternatives. With phones it would be hard to find one without some kind of ethically questionable supply chain.

I suspect most people who aren’t a fan of the racism weren’t going to buy YF anyway and there will be some that don’t like the racism but still buy the product cause it works for them. There’s no harm in calling it out – lesson learned for those involved, I’m pretty sure they’ve moved on and YF is doing just fine.

Take your pick for sources:
apple admits to child labour for iPhone x
apple admits breaking laws through its foxconn factory
Aljazeera report
here’s another

you can go down a rabbit hole for the horror stories about foxconn – child workers ain’t the worst of it. It’s shocking and extremely depressing that Foxconn also installed suicide nets because their staff were constantly committing suicide.

click here then

That’s why I can’t/won’t buy an iPhone and am careful on the products I choose to buy (you can find alternatives quite easily if you actually look/research for a few mins)
I don’t enjoy the whole “I only apply ethical standings in my own backyard” that seems to apply for the YF bashers – its totally ok to voice an opinion but its not OK to neg from iPhones on ethical grounds – the irony is too much.

Racist company

new year; same racist bosses

Same boring comments too.

omg, I had no idea! That’s appalling. They where obviously drunk, high, or both, but still not right.

I know lot of foreign nationality people that work there and they seem to be satisfied. Not sure about the corporate side of things though

Imagine being asian and working there and seeing your employer carrying on like that. You might still like your job, but you’d know how your boss really thinks and probably wouldn’t respect them.

A former boss of mine had a racist rant at a function once. You’d never pick the person to harbour those views and they are very well respected otherwise. I completely lost respect for them and always know it’s there in my ongoing dealings with them.

I feel 2020 really uncovered the crazies when it came to masks.

Sad but true. Other than racism, the workplace is a toxic environment also fuelled by nepotism and favouritsm.

Out of interest, what was the rant about?

@modify: It was about Asian people pushing in queues and extrapolating that to all Asian people (forgetting that Asia is made up of a great diversity of countries and cultures) and their manners in general. It got super awkward when people then just started spieling off anything they didn’t like about Asian people or the one time an Asian person wronged them.

could not agree more.. gtfo racist

These meal don’t even touch the sides. You need at least 2 servings each time. That’s how they make money.

These meals are actually higher in calories than a Lite n Easy meal.

Eat one and you’re on a diet. Good for New Years Resolution. Otherwise buy large meals

Learn to cook well or you will shorten your lifespan. I’m not joking either.


Racist company

9 meals = ~4 meals, found their serving sizes to be too small.

It’s clearly marked on the packaging, if it’s too small why would you buy it and whinge?

Do you need 2 seats on planes as well ?

Was not impressed with the serving size when I last ordered. Not sure if the CEO is still racist or not, so won’t be supporting them for a while. At the moment HelloFresh is about $3-$4 per serve (freshly cooked) if you can score various discount codes and special offers.

I normally eat 2 or 3 at a time. Flavor is good though.

Thanks OP.

If I had my way I’d prefer to buy MMC as I find the meals much tastier and the calories not all that much more. I love grabbing these meals for lunches during the week for Mr PH and I. Much cheaper, and generally more calorie smart than purchasing from the cafes near work.

people still buy this cheap crap? far more better options out there.


Muscle Chef?

Can you buy 9 for $59?

12 meals for $77.61 + CBA cashback $10 comes to $5.6 per meal (free shipping). Good deal

Do they deliver all 12 meals at once? If yes, do you freeze them?

They can be frozen if required.

Yes whatever you order will be delivered at once. I don’t know if they recommend freezing or not but I will be freezing some of the meals

Thought I’d finally bite the bullet… $15 meals for $97ish so about $6.40. I pretty much just grabbed one of each to taste test!

ordered 8 meals during last promotion , I personally didn’t like the taste of their food.

An actual bargain on this site!
Great find OP!

Have ordered from them before, I would rate the taste of the food better than lite n easy or supermarket mccain’s etc but overall not amazing. As many have commented portion sizes are small but to be fair comparable to most frozen meals.

I think if you were on a diet and wanted to cut your meal sizes it works but its not exactly great value. If you wanted to eat till you’re full then you’d need 2 serves.

But if you’re on a diet, you need foods that keep you fuller for longer. Their meals are quite … empty. Perhaps designed for you to eat more?


40% off. Minimum spend $89.
Add to the deal if you want !

Unsure when it expires.

Boom! Thanks!

That was enough to push me over the line. I just ordered using firefox and it worked.

Ah, youfoodz is now public on ASX. There will be more deals like this to pump up customer numbers before end of quarters.

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