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[ACT] Nokia 2.2 Telstra Locked $15 @ Target Belconnen

[ACT] Nokia 2.2 Telstra Locked $15 @ Target Belconnen


[ACT] Nokia 2.2 Telstra Locked $15 @ Target Belconnen

Second poster. Second Nokia 2.2 deal. Don’t be gentle cos I couldn’t care less. Fire away!

Fresh from my $80-$50 deal that then became $30 in NSW I didn’t want my massive ego beaten so just picked up this sucker for $15. Was marked $50 in store. Still at least 4 on shelves along with other discounted phones.
Locked to Telstra network and at the price not worth unlocking.

As always stay safe and enjoy and stuff.

Great price OP! I’m going to check if my store has some.

Ya ozbargainers can be brutal.

You can get negged for shitty comments and even for no reason but also get lots of upvotes for a good post or comment.

It’s just part of the ozbargain experience and we welcome your contribution to this place.

Thanks mate I’m just having fun 😉

Adelaide Wade who shops in NSW and ACT. Truly an Ozbargain hunter.

The pursuit of bargains cannot be slowed by pesky border restrictions.

He could be from Colorado

That’s a sick burn!

You want us to fire away, well OK, here it comes. Out of ALL the first posters, well you’re almost a 1st, finally someone has the the balls to say, I don’t care. Everyone knows that when you put up your first post you get a little yellow Learner sign to designate that it is your first post. I am just so tired of people feeling that they need to write ” Please be kind…” etc. WE GET IT. It is your first post.

Sorry for the rant, but hey you asked for it. By the way, thanks and welcome. Good job.

Always enjoy a read between the posts on the bus 🙂

Far from unprecedented, even just within the past three days:-

3 Jan – First post please be rough.

2 Jan – First post, be brutal.

“almost a first”… vs 2 other posts..

Objection over ruled. omlygombly prefaced comment with almost.

Is it worth burning through SIMs for new customer rewards? What do you get out of it?

When they give you a free SIM with $10 credit and you combine all the free deals etc I think $180 in value was the BEST I did

Imagine if everyone did this, we’d be able to actually know how many posts people have made! Almost like, exactly what the profile already does!

Well picked up. A Nokia 2.2 my second post. Two sources of info and two mins you’ll never get back

You did say not to be gentle so I figured I’d actually take a chance to remind people the profile post count exists (and any corresponding L & P plates – which you don’t have because it’s been a while since you’ve posted).

No deal for people in Sydney,,,border closed.

Great deal, is it locked to Telstra?

Yes. Updated post.

These phones are turds… infuriatingly slow… but a bargain is a bargain ¯_(ツ)_/¯

worth getting to root for 7/11 spoofing? i don’t wanna brick my main phone trying to tinker with it and stuff

What is 7/11 spoofing?

Special helicopter

Spoofing your location with a rooted Android device to buy cheap fuel using the 7/11 app.

you don’t need root to fake your gps. back in the Sinemia days I used Fake GPS location app with enabled developer tools and that worked a treat.

Just use an Android emulator for PC. Unless things have changed in location spoofing for the 7/11 app and it requires a rooted phone. I haven’t kept up with that stuff.

It has changed.

Paying cash huh 😉

Cheap phone and free change! Combo deal.

Making sure there’s no paper trail. Reported to ASIO

Funny. If only you knew. Can arrange one for you. Not joking either but will be much funnier

Someone like it rough 😉 lol jks

Yeah some people here on ozbargain can be a******e but the majority of people here are fine 🙂

Actually I’d say most people are fkwits and only people posting on front page deals are humane

Does anyone know if deal all stores?

I would guess it would be all stores with remaining stock. Probably going to be few and far between as someone posted when they were discounted to $30 not long ago.

Yep. No stock at my local 🙁

so i went and checked out the local target for the first time ever. they don’t seem to sell phones but they’re fully stocked with womens underwear and old people.

Combine the two and you’ve got the makings of a great night out.

Bought this phone from Belconnen for $50 few weeks ago… Noooooooooooooo.

You and me both mate. 4 left.

Anyone managed to find elsewhere or is this a regional/store only offer?

Same question. Any one found this for $15 except OP?

It would be great if any phone under $100 came with specs so we can see whether it is 3G/4G/5G compatible.

In this case it seems this phone has 4G and VOLTE which is actually impressive. But with only 2GB of RAM and terrible performance reviews, it was probably never worth $15.

As OP says, it’s good for pairing with a cheap SIM for referral rewards, and that’s about it.

Nokia 2.2: Released 2019, June 11

Never worth $15? I’d strongly disagree.

I have the nokia 3 and it’s not that bad

Nup. Great value for nerds. I’d buy 6 at $15 each if I could. Harvey Norman are charging $69 for a Telstra Alcatel U3 for comparison. You are free to talk that one down even at the $9 Aus Post sale price.

Just went to my local aus post. He has the u3 at $69. fml.

yeah… I have the Nokia 3 and it is very usable. This phone has mostly the same specs, with slightly better battery and better rear camera. Bargain at $15 or even $50.

This phone looks strikingly similar to the Huawei Y5 Unlocked (2019) which was a bargain at $40 at AusPost in Sep’2020.

The specs are also quite similar. Check:…

Will an Aldi sim work in it ?

not sure but boost does

No, unfortunately it doesn’t. And neither does Belong.

My $30 purchase from the last deal turned into a $55 purchase after stuffing around with Telstra for two weeks to get it unlocked.

FYI $80 to unlock from Telstra from when it was locked (not purchase date). FREE to unlock if 2 years after it was locked from Telstra.

So if it is old stock then hopefully can unlock free sooner

Also read the phone is almost impossible to unlock by a third party within the locked period which an unlock would awesome for a root

Cheap burner 👍.

Can it hotspot?

Stock clearance.

My local Woolworths had them for months at $65. But just in the past fortnight they’ve replaced the display copy with a 2.3 model – $125 I think. Which in turn means a 2.4 model is probably due out!

Has relatively similar 2/16 specs to my 2017 Moto G5 running Oreo but not really worth an upgrade.

No stock at Target garden city QLD

For $15, this phone is absolutely amazing. What a catch OP 👍

got this for $30 in QLD couple of weeks ago slow phone but latest OS need to add a fast SD card. Anyone know if you can get one for $15 in other states now other than ACT? does target allow one to return phones and repurchase at the lower price?

“Target has a 60 day return policy” so I would guess yes.

does anyone know if theres any stock left in qld?

+1 for this comment alone lol

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