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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X $687.50 + Free Delivery @ Newegg

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X $687.50 + Free Delivery @ Newegg


AMD Ryzen 7 5800X $687.50 + Free Delivery @ Newegg

Just ordered one myself, not the best price to performance but seems good enough?
Edit: Out of Stock, I would check daily as they seem to be restocking faster every week.

Wait no I’m an idiot, misread 3800 as 5800

Haha we all make mistakes, I should’ve clicked the link to check myself.

I’m an idiot

No, you’re awesome.
Just the 17 other nameless lazy turds that added nothing but a downvote that are idiots.
You made a blue and said so as soon as you realised.
They simply downvoted and added zero useful information.
Must be downvote day today.
Seeing a lot of it.
People should try actually engaging on comments.

Come on, some 5900x stock closer to RRP please. All i have been seeing here is 5600x and 5800x

Should join the discord, 5900x goes fast.

mind linking the discord?

I would also like this link you speak of

@Kaotic: I have just joined this discord, but only see stock notifications for GPUs?
There are no in stock channels for 5600x CPUs for example which I am after.

@DiSTURBED-oNE: In stock links zen3 channel

@djEthen: ah my bad, thanks!

I am not familiar with Discord but are you saying there is a marketplace like Facebook in Discord and people buy/sell/trade there too in Australia?

It’s stock from actual Stores, people see stock come available, they share with others, also for 3000 series.

@Kaotic: cheers thanks for the link and brief, it’s actually handy!

or even better 5950x

stalk communities, r/bapcsales, whirlpool, ocau, discord etc etc

Umart had 5900x’s in stock this morning for 899

I bought a 5900x in stock from umart a couple of hrs ago, 879 i think. They confirmed via email it was in stock and being sent tomorrow morning.

This or Intel 10850K? Umart has it for $618

Depends on what you’re using it for, most cases I’d say 5800X. If you’re using it for mixed purposes and utilise the few programs that benefit heavily from more cores, than 10850K is better for those, while being almost on par in those majority of cases.

If probably go with the 10900KF as a better comparison – no iGPU and a more similar price/performance. I’d have to say the AMD as prices are mostly same same, the AMD has pcie4 for possible future upgrade options.

I personally don’t feel either is “good value”. The AMD is suffering from supply issues, and the Intel being a flagship is priced high.…

Edit: if you need the iGPU, then go the 850 of course!

That’s a good idea. I would definitely use a RTX30s card so 10900KF seems a better choice for me.

Could someone link me to an easy install guide?

generally if you need an install guide I would recommend you get someone that knows the dangers of bent pins and correct application of thermal paste etc to assist you first time, these are just too expensive to stuff from an installation mistake. regardless the CPU is generally the easy part, the potentially bugger of a step is the heat sink/cooler which depending on your motherboard and mounting brackets can sometimes be a right royal pain.

main steps you need if you are upgrading.
1) make sure motherboard bios has been flashed to support the CPU BEFORE you remove the old one
2) remove old CPU and cooler.
3) insert new CPU being exceedingly careful to line it up correctly and not bend a pin.
4) apply thermal paste.
5) mount cooler

all of the steps differ slightly depending on motherboard and cooler.…

Check out the ‘how to build a pc’ by verge. That’ll set you up along the right path. OK just kidding. Don’t. Follow what gromit said 🙂

waiting for the 5 5600 ,

Good deal.
I pulled the trigger on a 5800x on Monday. $700 delivered from Amazon AU. It must have been a random sale coz the gpu got delivered today

I know people love shitting on this chip for its slightly lower performance/price ratio but don’t be fooled, this cpu kicks ass. I got one a month ago and it feels pretty fast; remember it’s still in the top 1% of consumer cpu’s available today (assuming we exclude EPYC’s and Xeon’s). If you don’t want to spend the extra $150 for a 5900x then this really does make sense.

I too have this CPU as at launch I was lucky enough to find this in stock for a few minutes. This CPU is by no means bad, it is actually awesome performance, it’s let down is only the pricing which makes it too expensive for a purely gaming PC where you are buying more cores than you need and its Core count leave it a little in no mans land when it goes up against workstation beasts. For me as I use it for both gaming and running various workloads in VM’s it is a perfect CPU that kicks butt in gaming while still having enough grunt to do my work, especially nice when combined with PCIE 4.0 NVME and 6800. I don’t regret my purchase.

“not the best price to performance..” what would be the best price to performance then?

Both the 5600x and 5900x are better

5600 or 5900 if you can get your hands on them. this is an excellent CPU but for gaming you get almost as good for a lot less cost with the 5600 or for a workhorse you get much more power for a relatively small increase in price with the 5900X

I have this for a month now, well all-rounder cpu (minus its rrp).

Note that its on the hotter side on stock, but after playing around with the precision boost overdrive settings and undervolt a bit, it’s manageable. I’m now running 75-78c on full load with kraken x53.

Can someone help me understand AMD model numbers?

Am I right in assuming that a Ryzen 7, is like the Intel I7 and the Ryzen 5 would be like the I5? etc (In terms of naming and not performance).

And current ‘generation’ is ‘Zen 3’?

I used to know all this stuff when I was young and keen but don’t keep up so much these days. The last AMD I built was an Athlon XP. 🙂

It’s kind of pointless learning model numbers, but generally speaking:

I7 has 8 cores
I9 has 10 cores

Ryzen 7 has 8 cores
Ryzen 9 has 12 cores

You also have to consider the performance of each core. It’s often easier to just check a benchmark . Compare both single core and multi core performance individually. The i7 outperforms the 3800x in gaming due to its better single core performance…

i9-11900K just announced with 8 cores/16 threads, oof.

AMD’s naming sort of matches intel’s where the Ryzen 3 is equivalent as a product to an i3, Ryzen 5 equivalent to i5 and the Ryzen 7 being equivalent to the i7, but there is a separation in the high end where the i9 is different to the Ryzen 9 in core count (Ryzen 9 has 12-16 core parts where as i9 is currently 10 core). AMD’s generational naming scheme goes as such: Zen 1 = Ryzen 1000, Zen+ = Ryzen 2000, Zen 2 = Ryzen 3000 (4000 in laptops), Zen 3 = Ryzen 5000.

OK, thanks for that. 🙂

I’m not super up to date but is the general concensus that this one is harder to cool than the 5900 due to the density of the chip?

More recent info says that it’s really not an issue, AMD have said they are safe up to 90c and that is considered normal for these chips, personally mine doesn’t go much over 80c even on hot days under full load using noctua nh-d15. I have read heat distribution on the IHS is not the same as intel chips and i used a flat layer of thermal paste spread thin over the cpu with a plastic card until i couldn’t see metal and i’ve had great temps. I think a lot of people are still using the tiny dot of thermal paste intel method which is giving them bad temps.

Good to know, thanks. I would have gone with the rice size drop otherwise.

I used pea size on mine and I get 35-40 idle 70 gaming. When you squeeze heatsink down it spreads it for you, no need to spread it.

I do the tech yes city method and just use my finger for a flat layer. I use GD900 from Aliexpress and I get the same temps as expensive paste.

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