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[Android] Poweramp Full Version Unlocker $1.49 (Was $4.99) @ Google Play

[Android] Poweramp Full Version Unlocker $1.49 (Was $4.99) @ Google Play


[Android] Poweramp Full Version Unlocker $1.49 (Was $4.99) @ Google Play

Good price for this popular music app.

All we need is a deal for napster so we can download some sweet MP3 tunes

I was shocked to learn that Napster recently sold for $70m, didn’t even know it still existed.

Does this whip the llama’s ass?

Nope – i don’t think that it does. However…

AIMP for Windows and Android is worth checking out.

Viper4android also (requires root).

Best player for Android 👍 great sound.

Pretty much in the Spotify era, what do you do with these players these days?

Play your music collection of course.

That said; why you’d not use FooBar2000 is confusing to me…. Anywho.

Unless you like mainstream, spotify has an absolutely tiny library. (Read that, before you neg; if you DO like mainstream, its library is impressively huge).

Almost zero independant artists, and some genres are just massively unrepresented; like rapcore, hardstyle, FrenchCore, jazz, etc.

Sure, you do find the “top 50 artists” of almost any genre; but nothing like your own flac or cd collection if you’re into a specific genre.

Thats why i prefer soundcloud and youtube.
Where do you download music nowadays?

If the artist has a bandcamp, there, as flac is supported.

Otherwise usenet.

That said, even modern artists i usually buy the CD, because even though I rip them, they’re display pieces 🙂

@MasterScythe: Buying CDs is great, support the artists you love and also get a piece to keep.

SLSK is still running.

In my experience, Spotify didn’t have about 1/3 of my playlist due to licensing issues – some of it wasn’t even that obscure. Pairing Poweramp/Foobar2k with the FLAC files I get from Deezer and other sources is perfect for me.

Play the stuff that’s not on Spotify.

I use this. I have no idea what a majority of the options do. So. Many.

What I do understand works great for my needs though. Don’t have any need or desire to dive into things any deeper.

Grabbed this the last time it went on sale. Been using Power Amp for the past few years and it’s good. I think they tried to simplify the UI a little too much over the years (I personally found it easier to navigate when I first got it), but it still does the job.

If you are like me, and can’t seem to find most of the tracks you like on Spotify, and you grab them from somewhere like Soundcloud or Beatport, then this is the music player you want for your phone!

Agree with PowerAmp trying too much with the UI.
The UI was ‘better’ about 3-4 years ago.

Also, to find music, SLSK is still great 😉

Bought it full price years ago and still use it regularly. Best mp3 app on Android by far imo.

personally dont really see the point in these paid music apps when vlc does the same job. plays music.

Vlc is missing a lot of features.

Like replaygain tagging and reading.
Sorting by any id3 or folder metric you wish (and quickly swapping them), and things like clip protection.

That said; foobar2000 has all of that; paid is unnecessary, foobar has been building itself for over 20 years, its very advanced.

Good way to spend Google Rewards credits
Great way to play own music to save data/battery (SMLoader is a great way to get mp3s/flac)
I keep this app set to lower volume (pre-amp setting) to play some background music with Tv shows/podcasts (Don’t pause on loss of audio focus setting)

I paid full price 6 years ago and the update on reverb is hectic (about a year ago). It allows you to select your audio files which is good because some MP3 apps pick out your video recording or voice recorder… I recommend disabling visualisers because it may give you an epilepsy attack.

I still prefer BlackPlayer. Only a couple features missing if you don’t buy premium. I love being able to queue albums easily from my flac collection.

My total preference, over all others music apps to play media content mp3s or 4s.. Scans all from your mobile media content. Awesome in the car.. Surprising performance.. enhancing my Toyota music delivering ability.. I’m a fan of Poweamp with its ability to deliver music

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