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Apple iPhone 11 64GB - Black $959 C&C/+ Delivery (P/B OW $911.05) @ The School Locker

Apple iPhone 11 64GB – Black $959 C&C/+ Delivery (P/B OW $911.05) @ The School Locker


Apple iPhone 11 64GB – Black $959 C&C/+ Delivery (P/B OW $911.05) @ The School Locker

Apple iPhone 11 64GB – Black $959 C&C/+ Delivery (P/B OW $911.05) @ The School Locker

Go in-store or Call 1300 OFFICE to price beat at Officeworks

Too costly for a 64GB phone. Hopefully more deals comes for 128GB & 256GB ones.

Agree, sadly this is how Apple upsells, 2021 iphone12 still released with 64gb it’s pathetic but strategy works for them

At least iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are OLED and not LCD. This is a poor value price wise for a 64GB iPhone.

Isn’t only the 12 pro and mini with OLED? The standard 12 just LCD?
Edit: you are right, even the 12 has OLED screen

Hmm this or a $699 XR…?

I’m wondering the same thing. Screen and size are the same I believe, processor and camera are better. Is that worth an extra $260? I don’t know.

Maybe not if cameras quality is not the priority. iPhone 11 cameras both rear and front are much better than iPhone XR.

It was an easy decision earlier on when the XR was $1049 and the 11 was $1199 – if you were dropping that much cash on the phone, the 11 was the obviously better deal. But at these price points, I’m probably leaning towards the XR, I guess you can always spend $200 more to get a better phone and the XR looks like it’s decent value at $699

iPhone 11 has longer battery life and higher resell value

Only by 30 minutes and you pay more than $250.

@BuddySaysHi: women will want to pay that

@ChiMot: What you mean?

@ChiMot: are you saying a iphone is a women’s phone?

@ChiMot: Is there a price guide or something? Asking for a friend.

You can find these brand new sealed AU stock on eBay from $800 ish from private sellers

Australian stock? May be grey import?

Literally said that in my comment lol. It’s au stock, brand new, sealed, unopened, unactivated. I picked up an 128gb iPhone 11 a few weeks ago for the fam for around $850

Ok thanks. Missed reading au stock before replying.

Australian stock? May be grey import?

@mrau: No it’s AU stock, I called up apple to confirm and the model number on the box also indicates AU.

@skido2: I thought you’d find my comment s bit funny. I got it the first time. Thanks for your quick response and patience with, what seemed too be, an idiot (me). 😉

@mrau: lol it’s all good, no harsh feelings

Is there any risk that insurance claims have been filed for lost phones for some of the iPhones sold on eBay and Gumtree?

Lost phones? I have no clue. The brand new sealed ones are often just people offloading unwanted gifts or unwanted phones bought using company money

Have you not heard some sell their brand new sealed phones and later reports the phones being stolen or lost to their insurers?

@wtfnodeal: No haven’t heard that before though I’d assume they can’t repeatedly make claims. Even then, buyers couldn’t care less. If the phone is delivered in the condition listed and works all fine, then it’s gucci

@skido2: The thing is manufacturers such as Apple can lock the iPhones which have been reported lost or stolen in case you didn’t know.

@wtfnodeal: They can but I don’t think it’s common for retailers to print the phone serial number or imei onto the receipt when you buy it, normally just have a generic product bar code.

@wtfnodeal: Seems pretty unlikely to me that brand new in box AU stock would regularly be stolen and end up on eBay AU. I imagine the vast majority of cases are unwanted gifts, people taking advantage of JB/Good Guys promos to get gift cards and the. Resell the devices etc etc.

Sure it’s possible it could happen, but it seems fairly unlikely and I imagine many stolen devices wouldn’t end up blocked anyway. Use listings where there’s buyer protection and you’re golden. I think many or all credit cards would also cover for fraudulent transactions too.

Was cheaper 7 days ago

still kicking myself for not getting it on singles day jb hi fi deal 😭

Yeah was $879 but then only black colour was available for the price?

So you have an issue with having a black phone ???

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