Australian Made Merino Sheepskin Rugs $59 (RRP $165) Delivered @ Ugg Australia

Australian Made Merino Sheepskin Rugs $59 (RRP $165) Delivered @ Ugg Australia

Now: $59.00
Offers May not last
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Our weekly production of the new season spring lamb. All rugs have been individually measured and are 96cm+. ONLY 100 AVAILABLE!

Best Sheepskin Rugs you can buy. Perfect for your bed, floor, chair and any decoration.

100% Australian Made start to finish, support Australian manufacturing and Australian jobs.

This is a great price for our beautiful Rugs for OzBargain only.

Our ‘Ugg Australia Long Merino Sheepskin Rug’ is made using the pure, warm and luxurious Australian Merino sheepskin. Our long sheepskin rug will give your home a luxurious feel, whilst providing superior comfort and warmth. These rugs are great for multipurpose use as decoration, to drape over chairs, as wall hangings or even for cushions and upholstery.

Ugg Australia® we have been making sheepskin boots for over four decades in our former Brunswick factory. Operating Australia’s last and ONLY sheepskin tannery, “Roman Tannery”, for footwear guarantees that we are the only one in the world who has 100% Australian Made Ugg boots.

We encourage all customers to do some research when looking to purchase any brand of Ugg Boots.

Ensure you purchase from reputable websites or stores.
Contact details – If you can’t find the business address or contact number of the business you have purchased boots from, who will help you with customer issues.
There are so many sheepskin boots out there claiming to be 100% Australian Made. How can you tell one authentic boot from the rest?
What to ask your retailer when buying your sheepskin products.
Where are your skins from?
Where are they processed?
Ask for the address of manufacturer and tannery. There should be no reason why your retailer cannot provide you with details of the origin of your boots.

All Ugg Australia® products are 100% Australian made at our factory and ecologically processed at our Roman Tannery in Laverton North, Melbourne.

No no no, you’ve got it all wrong! When the sheep see how successful their product it, they grow faster and lusher with a sense of pride.

I knew I was missing something! 🤦‍♂️ Thanks!

I purchased a couple of these from a previous deal offered by OP.

The ones I received were as advertised and excellent quality. They’ve stood up to a number of washing machine cleans and look/feel as good as the day I got them.

Thank you for your positive comments;

Much appreciated.

Yes they’re beautiful and plush sheepskins 🤗

OP, Is 96cm+ the same as what you used to refer to as ‘Jumbo’? Or is it smaller?

They previously said jumbo was 110cm minimum. Then they scrapped that naming style because they had so many complaints about undersized rugs.

No they use creative writing to make things look like more of a bargain then they really are.

No they use creative writing to make things look like more of a bargain then they really are.

Seriously for under $60 delivered, this rug is great.
Bought one last time and my wife loved it, and will be buying another one now.
This is a bargain, unless you can point me to somewhere else where you can get a similar quality rug for less? These are also made in Australia supporting Aussie jobs, all the more reason to buy them.

Thank you for your positive comments and supporting Australian farming and Australian manufacturing 🙌🇦🇺

@UggAustraliaOfficial: No worries, always happy to support Aussie made goods and businesses. I’m quite sure many people here would prefer if the size of the rugs could instead be increased to 100-110cm as a minimum though. Is this likely to happen?

How many times can something be a bargain price until it becomes the expected price?

110cm v 96cm is pretty noticable when it comes to a rug.
They were previously $63 for 110cm+

I am glad you are pleased with your rug purchase.


How many times can something be a bargain price until it becomes the expected price?

Supply and demand. Or sometimes they want to clear stock because of a lack of demand, and use that opportunity to get their name out a bit as well to help promote their business. All of this is pretty reasonable when running a business, unless, like I mentioned earlier, you can point me to a similar quality rug mad in Australia that is cheaper elsewhere (and includes delivery cost)?

@Trishool: I am comparing their prices to their own past sales.
Have a look through their post history, its all there.

Why do you think they dodged this question but answered almost every other question?

@ohyesss: I know, I get where you’re coming from and I am aware of these sales coming up every couple of months. You’re not wrong, but like I said, its likely a supply and demand issue. I don’t think people are purchasing these types of rugs every day at full price, hence to clear stock, they reduce the price if there’s an excessive amount (well at least that’s what I’d like to believe is going on). Whether that’s the truth of it or not is not something that we may never find out about. However as long as I’m getting what I’m after for a reasonable price, I’m okay with it.

Thanks for sharing, have bought 2. Have always read excellent comments and excited to see them for myself.

Thank you for supporting Australian Farming and Manufacturing 🤗🇦🇺

Is it possible to have them shipped overseas (obviously at a cost)?
I am moving from Australia soon and I would like to get them but I am really out of space.
Shipping would be to Italy.


Yes private message me your contact details

Are these OK to lay on existing carpet without damaging the carpet?

Yes, they’re tanned here in Australia, in the last sheepskin footwear tannery- Roman Tannery- Laverton North, Victoria

They have to uphold the strictest laws in the World, therefore no harsh chemicals are used. 🇦🇺

What are the care instructions? Can I toss them in the washing machine? Can I vacuum them?

Soft cold hand wash, and dry out of the sun 🌞.

The long hair stops my vacuums, I take it outside and shake it.

If your washing machine is decently new and has a ‘hand-wash’ setting and you trust it, put it on the coldest temperature, and lowest spin.

Would look at purchasing one but the shape just looks weird

It would look even more weird if these were square or round

Are you not familiar with the shape of a sheep?

Never seen flat sheep before.

I have on some country roads.

What shape would you like?

These are getting smaller and smaller each time. Lucky I got on the first one as they were 110 to 120cm. Now 96+cm. Feed your sheep 😜 🐑

At what price though ?


The site linked says 90cms lol.
Prepare for undersized rugs everyone

Bought 1. Send my regards to Boris!

Don’t know where I’m gonna put it, but bought one anyway. Thanks!

Thank you for supporting Australian farming and manufacturing 🤗🇦🇺

Just bought one, don’t know how dirty it will get if I use it as a floor mat for my desk. However supporting an Aussie business!

It looks pretty high “pile” or very thick. If your chair has wheels it’ll probs get caught. But it would keep your feet warm if it was only for your feet.

Excellent rug, but remember one thing, keep it away from your dog.
Don’t ask me why, now it’s his rug.

Haha, same with me.. 🤗
Thank you for supporting Australian Farming and Manufacturing 🇦🇺

thanks for the comment. Brought 2 – one for me and one for my dog.

Great choice , spoilt Lil doggy 🤗

Thanks OP, bought one!

Thank you for the support 🙏

Does this stack with code SPRING or the newsletter code?

Only one discount code can be used at a time

I don’t need it but I bought one anyway. Looks so fluffy and plush! 😍 Supporting our Aussie businesses 🇦🇺

Thank you for the support 😍🇦🇺

Bought one of these before expecting to let me dog use it. Its far too nice we’re now wondering where else to put it.

Thank you for your positive comments and supporting Australian Farming and Australian manufacturing 🇦🇺

Deal says 96cm+, individually measured, link says 90cm+, which is it, OP? That extra 6cm could make some inner soles for two children.

Thank you , we fixed it.. good observation 👌☺️👍

Bought one previously for the puppy bed and he just loves it! Good quality and size for the price.

Thank you for the positive comment and supporting Australian Farmers and Australian Manufacturing 🤗🙌

what do you usually use this one? I don’t have any pet

On the floor when hopping out of bed, laying on the couch watching tv , at computer with your toes dangling in it.
On any chair as a seat, at the end of the bed as decorations.

They make a lovely bathroom mat too.

In alternate universe: Australian Made Merino Humanskin Rugs $59

My UGG experience
Contacted UGG through OZB and ended up dealing with Anthony.
I asked to purchase 6 units at a discount rate and he organised a business option which worked for both of us.

I received 6 rugs all of about 108+cm except one which was about 95cm (measuring from the skin not the fur).

All rugs are great quality and current line my sofa (almost).

I’m not sure why people are bagging these guys. Anthony was to the point and was ok to deal with. The guys work in a sheepshed, how much customer service do you want and most importantly you’re getting a deal on a great product.

Happy enough i just purchased another 2.

I will say though the courier used sucked. Took 3 redeliveries to get to sydney cbd. But that’s not UGG’s problem.

Thank you for your positive comments, these are much appreciated and thank you for supporting Australian Farmers and Australian Manufacturing;
Yes we are all here at Laverton North Victoria, 100% Australian Made 🤗🇦🇺🙌

Please help. The price is stuck at $82

Apply the code. I just tried it and it works.

Can these be cut to size?

I’m thinking about putting it on the seat of my home office chair, just to give it a softer feel when sitting.

yeah. Buy one and cut it to your dimensions 🙂

They definitely can. The leftover parts can be used for inner soles, kiddie boots, cat toys, pet mats, seatbelt covers, etc… just Google. I once bought a big bag of offcuts thinking I’d make everything, including a mottled vest, only made a few things but very east to cut and shape. Just make sure it’s worth your while for the smaller bit.
Youll need good scissors though. And measure twice, cut once.

I did this for my VFR year ago.. Cut to size, then sewed some elastic to it in a loop around the main seat to hold it in place.. was SO comfortable on 1000klms days

Not sure what to use it for. Suppose it will be good to sit my bum on when I sit on the floor at coffee table for a snack.

Is 96cm wide enough for 2 bums next to each other?

Measure your bum first I would say.

That would work, it’s nice under the couch where your feet go, feels good on the feet 🙂

Line your toilet seat with it, then you can really feel like you’re sitting on a throne.

Bought one last time, this is good quality for it’s price on offer.

It’s much better than IKEA’s version

Why is it showing me 82.50 ? I want one of these please. Let me know if anyone knows.

You need to use the promo code ‘RUGS’ mate. It says in the post


Hello OP,
first time post ever!

Thinking of buying a Medical Grade rug for my mum’s bad back.
How long are they? They look shorter, if so, are they available in a large size?

How much less dense are the fibres in the normal rug as compared to the Medical Grade rug? I.E. what is the fibre density of the normal rug?

Much appreciated.

Bought these in August 2020 from OP with a very similar RRP and promo. Item ran short vs advertised. Small rug measuring 93cm x 54cm which is much smaller than the advertised 95-105cm x 70cm (at the time). Returned for full refund (slight delay no issue).

They looked like they were chinese dropships, the wool felt synthetic/ polester (I have a proper wool rug from eBay now and difference is night and day). No markings of authenticity. Buyers beware, suggest you look on AliExpress and compare.

Help needed with check out price is showing $82

Type discount code ; RUGS
Located in cart section at checkout


1st time I bought one of these I was happy. Second time I was unhappy because of the significantly smaller size.
Trust me, the the size makes a big difference.

Hi OP, any deals on some mens Uggs… been a while and mine’s soles are at the end 😉

We currently have a scuff deal.. I hope this helps… and thank you for the support 🇦🇺

Pulled the trigger and bought one, thanks for the deal 🙂

Thank you for supporting Australian farming and Australian manufacturing, very much appreciated! 🙌😊👍

Awesome deal ! Thanks OP

Thank you for the support , much appreciated and have a great weekend!

Thanks, bought 2 – mothers Christmas present all sorted!

Thank you for supporting Australia Farmers and Australian Manufacturing 🤗🇦🇺

I guess there’s more than 100 available then?

Another 150 Australian Merino Sheepskins are on the drying racks and will be completed and sent on Monday. ☺️👍

Bought some Feb this year $65, it seats on sofa to add an extra layer of smoothness to it, we’ve been super happy with it.
Buying two more to have 1 on each seat. You can definitely tell the extra wear on the sofa seats that didn’t have this rug on them.
So $180 to save a $3000 sofa and also make it more plush and comfy, no brainer.

I’ve also emailed them asking some questions about how to care for the rug and how to wash it and the staff were super friendly and more than happy to explain what to do and why it is like that. 👍🏼

Thank you for your positive comment , so appreciated 🤗
And thank you for supporting not just Australian Farming , Australian manufacturing as well! 🇦🇺
Have a great weekend! 👍

Offers May not last
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