[Back Order] Dell Inspiron 15 i7-11370H 11th Gen Quad-Core CPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 1080p 60hz IPS $1198 Posted @ Dell Australia

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Edit: found some Youtube unboxing/reviews of this model. note that this is the OLD Inspiron 15 not the new refresh one that I’m linking to (read below for more info) but the chassis is the same so gives you an idea of what it is like. SoulOfTech and TechTubeTV

my first post here, please be kind!

note that these aren’t currently in stock and the website says will ship in 24 to 27 business days.

According to the banner that you see first thing when you visit https://www.dell.com/en-au/, the 40% laptop sale ends 13 May 2021.

$1298 without LOVEKEANU coupon and $1198 with LOVEKEANU coupon (plus 3% cashback equating to about $40 – LOVEKEANU listed as a valid code on Shopback.com.au so should have no issues claiming).

There is also another promo you can combine, offering 3 years premium warranty for the price of 2 years ($158) (the base warranty is only 1 year.)

Yes I know the “i7” 11370H CPU has gotten a bad rep ( see here and here ) , but if anyone is looking for a basic(budget) productivity/student laptop this seems like a good deal, seeing as it ticks all the boxes:

This is actually a new refresh of the existing Inspiron line since it uses the “beefier” 35W “H” series 11th Gen CPUS (see here ). The Inspiron 15 with the non-“H” CPUs (e.g. i7-1165, i5-1135) are also on sale for an identical price (“New Inspiron 15” versus “Inspiron 15”).

But these new models come with Thunderbolt 4 (on the i-7 variant only) and a marginally brighter screen (250 nits vs 220 nits, albeit both are only 45% SRGB . Although you might luck out and get the 300 nit one since the wording on the product page is so vague it doesn’t tell you which display option comes with the laptop, and you can’t customise the display) so there doesn’t seem to be any reason to go for the older model.

Having checked out some other live deals today, these still seem like the best bang for your buck.

alternatively maybe wait for EOFY sales around June/July.


+1 for description!

Ordered one of these last year. As soon as I opened the box and held it in my hands I knew I’d made a mistake it felt so cheap. Refunded it and ordered an XPS 13 for a few hundred more and haven’t looked back since.

Are they similar to the dell vostros?

Many Vostro and Inspiron models are 99% the same. So a same gen Inspiron 3000 and and Vostro 3000 are the same chassis but different colors, warranty options, Win Pro etc

just be careful when crossing the road.

At least look sideways if not back

Price seems good, but you would need to be keen to go 11th gen Intel i7. Performance excellent when plugged-in but shameful when on battery. 10th Gen probably suits most people better or the 11th gen i5.

Wow, what a first post. Kudos!

LOVEKEANU will get you cashback with Cashrewards also:

“Special Terms
Important: Dell cashback is ineligible if using any codes that are not specifically listed on Cashrewards.

Effective 22/02/21, purchases utilising code LOVEKEANU are eligible for cashback, provided it’s not used in conjunction with other unlisted codes”

Would also not recommend the Inspiron line. Bought an Inspiron 15 in December, returned it after 5 days. Like @goingDHfast said above, feels super cheap and the deal breaker for me was bluetooth mouse lag which after googling seems to be a common issue with no fix. Got an XPS 15 instead which instantly felt much better and didn’t have mouse lag.

What did you pay?

just under 3k. Went all out for the 4k touchscreen and discrete graphics. https://au.pcmag.com/netbooks/67389/dell-xps-15-9500

LMAO. This is a <$1200 laptop, bro. Compared to a laptop JUST UNDER 3k? I obviously believe you will get a better experience, but you get what you pay.

slim inspirons with 1650 GTX graphics and 300nit 90+% sRGB screens were around this price not long ago.

I got mine refurbished for $900 delivered, new ones were around $1100?

just saying, you can have a better model from Dell at this price, just wait a bit

Yeah worth checking the outlet for Vostros as well, since they’re basically the same as Inspirons with different spec choices

45% would be for NTSC not sRGB, with sRGB being around 72%. Horrible grey-looking screen out-done by base-model 10 year old TV’s and monitors (99% sRGB).

Horrible grey-looking screen out-done by base-model 10 year old TV’s and monitors (99% sRGB).

Yeah it really is crazy that such a crap screen is acceptable on a laptop in 2021 when it would be laughed out of the store on even the crappiest Kogan TV

thanks good pickup, I’ve amended the post

These laptops are fine for home use. But if you’re looking for a laptop to take to high school, university, or to work — spend the extra $200~300 and skip the Dell Inspiron product lines completely and go either XPS or Latitude 5000 / 7000 series.

Jesus Christ that’s a subpar screen

Offers May not last
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