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[Backorder] Victorinox 11cm Wavy Edge Steak and Tomato Knife $6 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

[Backorder] Victorinox 11cm Wavy Edge Steak and Tomato Knife $6 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


[Backorder] Victorinox 11cm Wavy Edge Steak and Tomato Knife $6 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

Razor-sharp and smooth cut
High carbon stainless steel blades
Unique anti-slip soft-grip plastic handle
High edge retention
Ice tempered to retain sharpness longer.

Available in other colours as well.
Green OOS

Definitely recommend buying one to try it out if you haven’t, it’s pretty handy, even for breads too

Got one. Thanks.

I wish they made a bigger version for loaves of bread.

Thanks! Choice recommends the Victorinox brand as well.

Love the fibrox range. Cheap, sharp blades. A sharpening stone and your kitchen is set.

These are really good.

what length do you guys recommend? there are 3 sizes

Size matters….

yes which one lol

The big one, judging by his name

@marzzbar: lol

Can anyone recommend a cheap cooking knife thats insanely sharp?

for sashimi?

Any knife can be sharpened to be razor sharp.

Just a question of your sharpening tools and technique, and how long the knife holds its edge.

Look at kiwi knives.

+1 for cheap kiwi knives off ebay!
already got 3..

i prefer ceramic knives for veges and soft meats. They dont go blunt at all. If you’re wanting cheaper ones check aldi when they go on specials (crofton brand)

Agreed, they are great for most purposes (also excellent for tomatoes), but they do eventually dull. I have some of the best (Kyocera and Forever Knifes) and they last about 5 years in every day use before they loose their edge.

They most definitely do go blunt, but after quite a long time. You can buy ceramic sharpeners for em.

yeah i meant to say during normal lifespan of them knives. In my experience I had to discard them before they go blunt due to mishandle by others that use them (chipped / broken corner or cutting edge etc)


I purchased a few of these in the last sale, only because of so many upvotes. They are awesome. Would recommend.

a butter knife that’s insanely sharp…

Thanks OP. Ordered 2

What’s the usual price like?


note: ships in 1 or 2 months, eek!

Takes almost a month to deliver. (Arrives 10 Feb – 5 March)

When I ordered my last oones they had a long delivery but came into stock sooner.

Maaannnn… This knife is shaaaaarp! I was removing the plastic covering from it and gave residue glue a wipe and that cut my finger bad.

Yes, yes they are. I also learned this the hard way.

Got one of these (or very similar) that I bought 25 years ago still rattling around in my cutlery draw. Still works great.

this knife cuts you when you least expect it

Can confirm, currently waiting for the tip of my thumb to reattach

Fantastic knives. I’ve been using them for years. Though they can be picked up pretty easily for ~$10 from your local kitchenwares place.

Not a bargain then is it?

I think 40% off qualifies as a bargain no matter how you cut it. The downside is it’s a wait. So if you needed a bunch, and you weren’t in a hurry this is a great deal!

Next day delivery is available for Pink colour.

Bought one, been hearing alot about these and how sharp they are.. worth a try at $6. Cheers op.

lets see how it goes, cheers op

Green is sold out for that price, you can get pink instead

Got 3

I have 1 of these in my pack when travel. The rounded end wont accidentally stab and I make a cardboard sleeve for it so the blade wont cut when I reach in the pack. SHARP! The perfect small utility knife that cuts bread, fruit, packaging, meats, heck I reckon you could wittle crutches with this thing in a pinch. Well maybe not the crutches, but a very versatile knife. For hiking or overseas travel they are just so handy. Just make sure it’s not in your hand luggage! I travel with a plastic knife, fork and spoon for all folks in my group, and 1 of these real cutting. The orange handled ones are easy to spot when travelling too. Less likely to leave in the grass or trail-side than the plain black ones.

Oh and I have several in my kitchen, it’s my go to knife there too.

Hey ORANGE is still in stock at $6, don’t mark out of stock!

Orange is still in stock.

Pink and Orange still available. Not out of stock.
Search ‘Victorinox’ in amazon.

Would be good if they can come with safety sleve for taking them on travel.

Scrap cardboard packaging and a strip of duct tape – takes a couple of minutes. That was still working fine for me after travelling / hiking for 2 months including 800kms walking the Camino de Santiago. It was in and out of the sleeve everyday and was still functional when I got back. But a commecial product would be nice I guess.

I too travel with knives and rolls of duct tape for this purpose.

Bought mine earlier. Just checked again, Pink is still available.
Here is the link

Thanks Just got 4 x Orange

Careful with this one.


From last week.. Underestimated.

Yup happened to me too while peeling skin of mango 🥭


Top view 😀

Ohhh.. poor thing. I had a similar cut last year. the nerves are still tender when touch.

I lose more blood to this knife than at the blood bank.

My kids from ages 5 handled these everyday without blood, they are sharp.

After all these blood comments, sounds like I need to buy a plastic sleeve for this knife

Bit of cardboard folded over and a strip of duct tape. Takes 2 minutes. You don’t need to be MacGyver.

Every now and then Ozbargain gets behind a product they are that crossroads of very good at what it does as well as extremely well priced. This is one of those products. I thought, “bah six bucks?!? How good could it possibly be?” I took a punt and I am not disappointed. It’s a ruddy bargain at $6

Not out of stock! Orange is still available for $6.
Also 11cm blade.

Awesome, missed out last deal! now just have to wait 6 weeks.

Cheers OP, ordered 2 in orange to try as steak knives.

coming from Victorinox, it has to be good. ordered one, thanks.

The Baccarat versions of these are a similar price at House stores.


That price is pretty normal for sale Vic’s..
$6 blacks @ Peter of Kensington (not usually a budget retailer):…

Purchased 6 of the orange knives during the last deal a couple of weeks ago, to add to our existing black sets.

Since receiving them, both my wife and son have cut themselves on the thumb, same spot, top-down, into the nail…

Also, NEED FORKS ! !

Orange is gone

I bought this before when on sale with the red handle and its a really great knife. Just be careful when using though, its very sharp! I have cut myself a number of times.

Bought a couple of years back. Insanely sharp when new. That’s when most of the accidental cuts happen. Then either you get used to them or they dull just enough that accidents don’t happen as often. Use them as steak knives and for prep.

Awesome, thanks op. Just ordered a few more. I’ve had one for a good decade plus, never sharpened it and its just as good as the day I bought it

Orange out of stock. Bought pink 🙂

Thanks, bought 2.

Definitely one of the sharpest knives I’ve encountered… how do I know it? the hard way.

I know it’s sharp when you didn’t feel the cut until you see blood gushing out from your finger.

Truly the eneloop of knives on OzB!

I’ll be on the lookout for availability of black at $6 to make a set of steak knives.

Literally cut myself the first time using this knife. I think it’s due to the wavy edge. Can’t put it into words properly, but the initial pressure to cut is more than the pressure needed once it starts so it’s easy to slip and cut yourself

However, it’s a great knife but be careful.

Yes and that wavy edge is on one side only so it tends to move towards you while cutting.

Will be delivered in an envelope. Not joking.

All gone at this price?

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