This website grabs products on sale from 100’s Aussie websites saving you time and money.
Best&Less: 20% Cashback ($20 Cap) @ Cashrewards

Best&Less: 20% Cashback ($20 Cap) @ Cashrewards


Best&Less: 20% Cashback ($20 Cap) @ Cashrewards

Usually 1.4%. Online only.


Appears to be online only – on the page it says “Online” and it doesn’t appear in the in-store offers.

Are we able to get gift cards online and use the cashback

Cheers OP.

Free shipping over $80 for Brisbane using code BRF5XPS

With a toddler and baby of the opposite gender on the way $80 buys a lot of alright quality clothes from Best and Less

Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

Ahh cheers, didn’t think about that…haven’t ordered just yet

Just pick up in store to save the $10 shipping. Anything over $50 is free click and collect.

Charging for click and collect is retail not understand how online sales work!

I sort of get it when it’s shops that sell heaps of small things, to put a limit on it.

I just stocked up on cheap daycare clothes for my son at $2.50-3 a piece mostly, it’s a fair bit of labour to run around the store/s collecting them then it seems like they will get centrally shipped to Sydney before coming to me.

I just made the $50 minimum to not pay it but for smaller orders, I get it.

Worst site ever. Out of stock items still listed, put something in the bag and by the time you check out it’s not longer available with no notice, size filters to do not work, other filters suddenly change to something else while you are still checking if the items are in stock and you have to start again. No free shipping no matter how much you spend. Best&Less you need to fix your online shopping.

What browser are you using? I used chrome on samsung phone to add items to cart but completion was done on pc (to make sure cashback goes through). Worked flawlessly for the 20 or so items purchased. Filtered by size and only showed items in stock at the size i was after. One item was sold out between when i added it to the cart and when i finalised the purchase (an hour or two later) which is fair because i didn’t expect them to hold stock when i didnt finalise my purchase.

I used Chrome on laptop. Most of my items were reduced but even out of the 2 full priced ones one ended up out of stock. I think you were lucky.

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