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Boost Mobile $300 Prepaid Sim Starter Kit $240 @ Auditech_online via eBay

Boost Mobile $300 Prepaid Sim Starter Kit $240 @ Auditech_online via eBay


Boost Mobile $300 Prepaid Sim Starter Kit $240 @ Auditech_online via eBay

Can be price beat at Officeworks to bring it down to $228


300GB Data (240GB + 60GB BONUS*) Must activate by 01/02/2021 to receive bonus data
UNLIMITED Calls & Text to standard numbers
UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 30 selected destinations +3600 standard mins & text to 25 selected destinations
Stream Apple Music Data Free

Does officeworks beat eBay?

Good question. Also, what would be OW recharge date for this sim? My current plan ends on the 21st of Feb

Yeah I just purchased one tonight. They only price beat eBay if its from an Australian store/website and not a private seller. Auditech is an aus website with an eBay store front as well.

Can include a $30 Vodafone SIM Starter Pack if ordered from their website, details here.

Does this come with the recharge code for existing customers?


There was a previous boost mobile deal posted here where people said that they spoke to boost support and got them to transfer the credit over to their current boost Sim. Might be worth having a chat to support first before buying the sim

Thanks mate, champion !

Will Officeworks really pricebeat ebay listings? I’m thinking the 110GB for $180 would be good for my parents as I put them onto Boost nearly 12 months ago.

Update: The 110GB is $160 directly on Auditech website with voucher code BONUS and you get an extra “Receive a Vodafone $30 SIM Starter Pack”:…

I need 3x for parents and brother, that brings it down to $156 for 110gb.

Because they are already with boost, can use the $30 SIM starter to port them all to Voda for a month before porting them back to Boost!

So $468 for 330GB which can’t be shared for 3 people vs Woolworth’s mobile (Telstra MNVO) $450 for 300GB which can be shared, and 10% off a shop each month.

I think I’ll just port them to Woolworths, it’s easier and mum will like the shopping discount.

But it needs to be activated before 1/2/2021 in order to get the 80 GB data bonus so that won’t work.
Was about to order it until I realised, at least that’s how I understand it.

So that’s fine for me, fam needs new plans this week.

I might also get $60 in my cashrewards account for the 3 sims, you never know.

Where’s the referral from cashrewards? Cant see auditech…

NETWORK used in title, thanks

Out of stock unfortunately..

but anyone know if I can port in from Telstra?

My previous deal from boost is ending soob. Is there any way I can use this?

Currently with boost, are you able to port out to
Optus/Vodafone then port back in after 24hrs?

u literally can port in and port out within 10 mins and the system will recognize you as new customer

Is the porting process quicker now? When I ported to boost in January 2020 it took around 4 days to become active.

if you port from telstra to voda or optus it should be around 10 mins max, but if you port telstra to telstra I could take longer. my exp was around 10 mins for both porting in and out. Pretty much you need to do during business hour though, in Jan boost had some technical issue but it has been rectified by now

Is this as good as being on optus main network? I understand that its with telstra but lower tier.

depends on location, it’s equal with Telstra retail with exception for 5g

Telstra has “4GX”

My brother is with Boost and I am with Telstra – I can get higher speeds but they’re both good. Highest I’ve had with Telstra is 190down/45up – but those speeds are very much pointless on a phone imo.

I dont think it’s the case, 4gx is just the term Telstra describe the frequency they use for 4g band and Telstra and boost both uses that, only MNVO like woolies has limitation around 100mbps, did you try to swap sim and test it again, it should show the same results.

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