Boost Mobile Refurbished iPhone 8 with $10 SIM $359 @ Coles
Boost Mobile Refurbished iPhone 8 with $10 SIM $359 @ Coles

Boost Mobile Refurbished iPhone 8 with $10 SIM $359 @ Coles

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Might be good for parents looking at buying phones for their kids or students going back to school.
Pay even less if you can access discounted Coles-Myer Group gift cards.

But they don’t change the battery, right?

That would be my #1 concern too.

New battery at Apple store is $79 so factoring that in, still comes in at the suggested price of $429.. so you’re better off buying one brand new for $499…

Any reason not paying $180 more for the new SE?

Because they’re $180 more?

@cnut: Yeah but the useful life if based on the iOS update is also 3 years more.

@wtfnodeal: I know, I was being a clown. I’d pay the extra $180. Especially since you don’t know how bad the battery is on these.

@cnut: After a new $79 battery, longer updates and it’s actually brand new.. Yeah it’s more but it’s also kinda not.

Why are we automatically assuming you’d need a new battery, properly refurbished means you don’t need one, return if you do

Nonsense. Refurbished traditionaly means faulty goods that have been repaired. Using it to describe a used product restored close to original condition is pretty much colloquial.

@flopsy: The technical definition doesn’t always apply. In reality, it means whatever the seller can get away with. Faulty or not.

Sometimes they give you a new battery along with any “repairs” done.

Because the iPhone 8 hasn’t been on sale for about a year now, so these refurbished units are at least a year old already. Probably more.

Add to that the small battery capacity and degradation over that period, and a new battery is something you’ll need fairly soon after buying this.

@Galvatron: Battery degradation if not used is minimal.

I’d really like to see someone post the battery health after buying this, I’m guessing it’s going to be good.

@Galvatron: I got a refurb 8 last year, and the battery drains quite quickly compared to the newer models and even the 7Plus, but its still a neat phone.

They never claimed the battery was replaced so I wouldn’t assume it as such. Sure you could try to return it, but I bet they would have something in their T&Cs that states that certain levels of battery & cosmetic wear are expected, same as how many companies unless if explicitly stated otherwise even put allowances in their T&Cs for dead pixels on brand new monitors.

I don’t think its necessarily even a broken device that’s been repaired, I think this is more likely to be used, unmodified trade in device that simply passed their inspections. Then they “refurbished” it even though they didn’t modify the handset hardware, by cleaning the device & bundling it with new accessories and a box. Especially when there’s no mention of manufacturer refurbished, which typically are higher quality refurbishments.

That (just cleaning phones and bundling new accessories) is very common business practice, even more so than selling broken but repaired devices as refurbished in my experience. When trade in prices for phones are typically so little to begin with (relative to just selling it on eBay), there is little incentive for large companies to put in the labour repairing broken ones.

@brosk1s: Exactly. Maybe the batteries have all been replaced, maybe they’re all fine regardless. Point is they never explicitly state the battery has been replaced and are offering no promise of expected battery life. From experience, they’d be perfectly in their rights to respond to complaints about poor battery life with a technical explanation of lithium ion battery degredation and a reminder you’ve bought a 3 year old used product.

Just saw this from a Yahoo article (lol). Immediately thought it was great, but then noticed they were rather vague in their descriptions?

Not exactly a groundbreaking price, more in line with past deals but at least it’s available in store.

That’s an ad.

64GB is plenty of storage for most.

It’s not backhanded.

Not every parent wants to or can drop $1000 on the latest iPhone. This is a more cost effective way of accessing the Apple ecosystem.

@Ibz: I think that is Teams issue more than the phone. Teams calls used to kill my S8 battery life as well.

Why do you think want to “access the apple ecosystem”?

Be careful with early model phones.

iOS updates usually become incompatible after 5-6 years – so with a 4 yr old phone like this be aware you may not be able to download any new apps from the app store.
This happened with my dad’s iphone 6 who uses it as a work phone. He wanted to install netflix but he couldn’t as iOS 13 was not supported for his model.

This is an annoying thing about old iOS devices that are no longer supported. There is a workaround for your dad though if you want to help him out next time you see him:

The iPhone 8 is just over 3 years old, not 4 years like posters above are claiming. It’ll be getting updates for years to come.

All this talk about it being old is beside the point. The iPhone 8 is running the most current iOS version, and will get many updates.

A lot of Android devices aren’t running the most current version on release, and major updates are spotty at best, and even then you’d be lucky to get a single major OS version update.

Yep iPhone 8 should get updates til the end of IOS16, so another ~2 years 8 months.

Even then I think they’ll keep it updated for longer. They’ve started making devices last longer recently, with the 5S lasting 6 I believe.

Wrong, Google is now enforcing at least two updates and timely monthly security updates. Samsung, Google, Sony and more guarantee 3 updates, meaning they are kept up to date for 4 years from release.

Pixel 5 is the safest option when it comes to updates and security.

Personally with how mature Android is and how it works not that fussed about major updates, as long as my phone gets regular security updates than that is fine for me. Samsung are supporting their phones for 4-5 years now.

It’s also an incorrect assumptions to claim that Android phones would be lucky to get one major update version. All the Android flagship phones I’ve owned since my HTC got at least 2 major versions. However with that being said comparing Apple iOS with Android is never a like for like comparison because Apple have taken a different approach to Android by making OS updates much more important. Google has made it that a lot of the core applications can be updated without requiring an OS updates, browser for example can continued be supporting on older versions on Android where iOS this just becomes abandoned and slowly becomes unusable on older devices that no longer receive OS updates. Take a core app like the actual app stores, Android phones get the latest version on older android versions, where iOS this would require an OS update. This happens for many core apps, Android can continue to see improvements without the need for OS updates. Even features can be implemented in older versions of Android too, like the nearby share was a feature that was available to many older versions of Android. Apple on the other hand offers longer OS support, however this doesn’t mean the iPhone 8 will get all the new features that the newer phones get in the next iOS version. Another mistake we make is that Android often has features that iOS doesn’t have for years, widgets only recently become an option, I remember it took years for swipe typing become an option, multitasking is years behind on iOS and they finally got Picture in Picture a feature I’ve been using for years also. Mind you some features iOS has that Android are catching up on too.

I personally couldn’t go back to an iPhone and would rather be stuck with a phone that was running Android 9 rather than to use iOS 14. Because it’s missing so many features that I personally use, such as the always on display, the multitasking features, the stylus, the desktop mode, expandable storage and so on. I can understand why people prefer iPhones. For Apple users a 3 year+ old phone like the 8 is good value, especially if you know that you get another 3 years of support on top. The great thing about Apple products is their hardware is top notch, the chips are always a gen or two ahead of the Qualcomm alternatives on Android thus better performance long term, they use faster storage, and iOS is in general optimised very well because Apple only has to support a handful of devices and developers typically do a better job at optimising their apps on iOS.

They should give these free of you sign a 12 month contract.

Not very good price but ok

Catch have them for $335

Bought an iPhone 8 refurbished from boost, Chinese texts at the back of the phone 78% battery left.

How does it have Chinese text on the back? You mean it’s a Chinese model (model number ending with CH/A)?

I don’t have the phone with me but searching with the phone’s SN gives me this result:
“Repairs and Service Coverage: Consumer Law Doesn’t Apply
This product isn’t eligible for consumer law coverage because it was purchased in a different country from the one in which you are seeking service. “

So it’s an overseas model. But that doesn’t matter much as they source from different regions.

Below 80% battery health is poor, it’s somewhat draining steady till ~20% and then in front of you it goes down to 14, 8, 1%. Also it takes ages to charge from 95-97% to 100% – just the usual old phone battery antics.

I’ve just had to replace my 3yo iphone battery for $79.

Great cheap introduction to apple and boost .

What is this, a phone for ants? ????

Cheaper from fb marketplace…got one in very good nick for around 150

You’re better off with something like a new Xioami Poco X3 NFC for this sort of money. I have a relative with the iPhone 8 and it doesn’t last a day on battery, and I don’t think they replace the tiny 1900mah battery on these.

Boost Mobile Refurbished iPhone 8 with $10 SIM $359 @ Coles

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