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Bostik Blu-Tack 75g $1.50 in Store @ Officeworks

Bostik Blu-Tack 75g $1.50 in Store @ Officeworks


Bostik Blu-Tack 75g $1.50 in Store @ Officeworks

Selling on sale for $1.75+ elsewhere

Bostik Blu Tack Removable Adhesive is ideal for use in the home, classroom or in the workplace. It can be used to mount photos, posters, pictures and more. It’s removable so you can reuse it over and over without leaving any residue behind.

Wonder if amazon will price match given they have free prime shipping!

(Coincidentally I actually do need to buy some blu tack)

Woolies (or was it Coles) have a “generic” (if not “home”) branded “blu tack”
,,,might save some a trip to OW.

PS Does OW ship, these days? If so, is there a spend-amount, that makes Shipping FREE?

Decided to just buy from Amazon for $1.75 delivered. Saved me a trip.

But how can I distinguish it from my other blue items?

Ah yes, it gets a bit more complicated but all colours have many different shades that can be used to distinguish between them. I have a great book on shades I can recommend to you if you are unfamiliar with the concept.

replace your blue items with yellow items

Or just buy rainbow tack and apply accordingly!

A: It will be tacky.

Decided not to wait for amazon so ordered for pickup at ow. Thanks op !

I wouldn’t recommend this product: taste pretty bad and it’s hard to swallow. It also gave me bad stomach ache :/

Swallow chewing gum is bad, mmmkay?

Teacher here, Blu-Tack® is awful.

“Oh look its summer lets start losing our tackiness and have your posters fall of the wall”

“Oh you now want to replace me with new tack so the poster can stay up, i’ll just take some paint of the wall then.”

What do you recommend?

3M Command tapes

Nails and hammer.

I had Blu tack take paint off my wall when I was removing posters from my adolescence.

Use hot glue. Then to remove, just a tiny spray or drop of Isopropyl and the glue magically pops off wall and paper.

Thanks OP

Same price at Coles this week? I think they’re matching Coles?

Blu Tack is incredible for cleaning the tiny metal grills on earpieces such as those found on iPhone’s and AirPods.

In fact, it’s what Apple Stores use to clean those things for customers.

nice tip!

It can also remove gunk from the Apple Watch microphone.. they fixed mine up with blue tack even when I thought it was broken

Exactly what I do!

Just don’t push it too hard that it starts seeping through the grill and get stuck

Good for cleaning airpod pros ?

Yep they’re excellent like I said just don’t push too hard

This deal isn’t going to stick around

I use if to chewing gum. Has the best flavor and cleans your teeth. have not been to a dentist in 20 years.

That’s because it pulled all your teeth out though.

I use this as a clay bar to wash my car. Works decently compared to those overpriced branded clay bars.

I have experimented with this and found very opposite results. Takes much longer and causes more marring then all my other clay bars

I’m here for the tacky comments.

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