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Bulk Refill Packs - Rock Sea Salt 1kg, Whole Black Peppercorns 380g, or Himalayan Pink Rock Salt 1kg $2.99 @ ALDI

Bulk Refill Packs – Rock Sea Salt 1kg, Whole Black Peppercorns 380g, or Himalayan Pink Rock Salt 1kg $2.99 @ ALDI


Bulk Refill Packs – Rock Sea Salt 1kg, Whole Black Peppercorns 380g, or Himalayan Pink Rock Salt 1kg $2.99 @ ALDI

Rock Sea Salt 1Kg
Whole Black Peppercorns 380g
Himalayan Pink Rock Salt 1Kg
$2.99 each

Are these good prices?

Got some mills for the first time for Christmas and haven’t got any peppercorns or rock salt yet.

Excellent value for the Himalayan salt and the pepper.

Basically all salt sold in Australia is sea salt, so it’s not necessarily anything special. We don’t really use salt mines anymore and I don’t think there is a lab where they zap huge quantities of salt into existence with a ray gun or anything.

Rock salt typically skips the high temp processing and iodine of table salt. That’s why they make a deal about it.

Why wouldn’t you want iodine added to your salt.

@AustriaBargain: As they strip all the other minerals in the process

@AustriaBargain: I’ve heard that the heat treated salt is not available to the body like natural salt and so it causes more of the ‘too much salt’ health issues. It tends to collect at the end of blood vessels too and has been linked to issues like hemorrhoids. I have heard that natural salts, espically those in things like celery helps to break down the cooked salt build ups and fix the hemorrhoids. My experieimentation has support this advice. I aint a doctor though. YMMV.

@ShipShapeRC: Salt, in this case Sodium Chloride or NaCl, separates into ions Sodium and Chloride when dissolved, to put it simply.

This occurs, regardless of what flavour or colour the salt is. There is nothing to build up or break down. It’s not cholesterol.

Also, NaCl melts at roughly 800 degrees centigrade, so I’m not sure if ‘high heat processing’ actually does anything to it other than dry it out.

I paid $6 for 200g the other day at Woolies. That was the cheapest unit price.

This is almost 2x as much for half the price.

Thank you!

Good for the BBQ 👌

LOL, the impeccable CH7 reference. Nothing says “this is real” like a tabloid TV news segment.

Apart from which, it says (basically) to avoid Peruvian pink salts, and to use Australian.

River Murray pink salt is sourced from salt interception schemes, which intercept highly saline groundwater before it discharges into the river thereby reducing salt load to the river. Its sustainability credentials are very high as it is a byproduct of an environmental engineering process. And foodies rate it highly. Himilayan pink/rock salt is mined as a solid from a finite (albeit large) source and is not considered sustainable, and also entails very high food miles relative to locally produced RM pink salt. But RM pink salt aint cheap, ~$30/kg.

^This guys Salts

Salty price!

If you are concerned, I suggest you read the referenced source yourself. You might find you come to a more nuanced conclusion compared to what a 1-minute Channel 7 video can provide.

From the abstract: “One pink salt sample contained a level of lead (>2 mg/kg) that exceeded the national maximum contaminant level set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand”. That’s one out of 31 samples looked at in the study.

Table 3 provides a list of all the brands tested in the study. Looking at the column for lead composition (the trace mineral called out in the video), you will find all brands measure well below the 2 mg/kg recommendation except for Peruvian Pink Salt’s Fine Grain Salt. It is the “Peruvian Pink Salt” brand you should be avoiding, rather than all pink salts.

A detail report! Thanks.

Does this mean they will also have their peri peri grinder available as well?

The grinders (peri peri, BBQ and himalayan) have been available since a few months, at least here in VIC. They were OOS during the height of the pandemic but I’ve seen shelves full of them in recent times.

Thanks for the heads up… I’m not a regular Aldi shopper, but happened to come across the peri peri grinder and when I went to replace the store manager told me they were special buy items.

They probably were special buys at some point but I’m assuming due to popularity they became regular.

I also thought they were special buys during the pandemic when they were nowhere to be found (I literally scoured through 4 Aldis in my vicinity, lol). Took about 8 of them as soon as stock arrived.

Are the Peri Peri grinders good?

If they’re the see through ones made of plastic: no. After about 1-2 refills you will end up with the grinder grinding itself and plastic in your food.

As for the flavour, no idea.

I believe he’s referring to the ones shown here:

These aren’t refillable.

And to his original question, yes they’re so good. Use it on everything from eggs, Salads to BBQ meat

Found an interesting video of the Only Pink Himalayan Salt Mine in World, also called Khewra Salt Mine, everything inside seems to be made up of Salt.

The pink in Himalayan salt comes from iron oxide – rust.

It’s a novelty item, I doubt there are any health benefits

May as well just buy rock salt with added iodine.

salt is salt, just get the homebrand

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