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There are many options to buying computers and parts, from the local electronics store to online giants like Amazon and Ebay. One option is Gumtree, where I found a 27in Apple Imac recently on sale! It was only three years ago when these were worth thousands of dollars.
Now they’re just sitting around collecting dust because nobody wants them anymore, but these are still powerful machines. So always take advantage while items are still available before someone else swoops in and grabs them before you do.

Computers and parts on eBay and Amazon:
I’m a huge fan of shopping online. I can find anything from clothes to electronics at reasonable prices. You can buy computers and parts on many online stores such as the big players eBay or Amazon. Both sites are easy to use, but make sure you read the reviews before purchasing anything. Computers are expensive, so make sure you buy from businesses or people that are reputable, have good reviews. If possible, it’s good to see the product in person if it’s second hand without a returns warranty. And don’t forget to Test the computer.

Computers and parts on Gumtree   
Did you know that Gumtree is a great resource for finding used electronics?
If you’re looking for a second-hand computer, then Gumtree is one of the best places to go. As long as you know what you want and where to look, you’ll be able to find a good deal right away. Gumtree offers discounted desktop and laptop computers for sale. Offers classified ads for individuals or companies looking to sell their new and outdated computers to a wider variety.

Computers and parts in Facebook Marketplace

Lately has been very popular with a huge following.
Computers and parts in Facebook Marketplace are Convenient and easy to access anytime, anywhere with Hassle-free shopping with no sales pressure. Furthermore, you can search by your local area, so you don’t need to travel too far to inspect or pick up the items you buy

Computers for sale at Local Markets 
Why not get a cheap computer from the local market? They can be fun to play with, and you could buy some other stuff while you’re there.
You can save a lot of money on computers if you look at the local markets. There are some great deals in these places, and they’re usually sold by people who live nearby.
You can find cheap computers at local markets. They are often sold at discounted prices because they’re refurbished models.
Computer parts are essential to keep your PC running smoothly. I recommend that you buy them online at Amazon or Ebay. But if you live in a more rural area, then it might be good to go local.

Swap with friends or go to a Computers and parts swap meets
Swapping Computers and parts can be a great way to save money. It’s even fun, just like the old days when we bartered things. If you need something, but don’t want to pay full price for it, try finding someone willing to trade what they have with what you need and vice versa. Also, keep a lookout for swap meets, which are held monthly, in all major cities. I know computer swapmeets were held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, where people swapped their items and shared knowledge. These are also great for socialising and growing your network if you want to make some extra cash as a side hustle.

Computers and parts on Trading Post
Back in the day, before the internet, the Trading Post paper was where everyone went to look for products to buy. This paper still exists today and is worth checking out. It’s not as popular as before but worth looking into as you might pick up a bargain. I loved buying the trading post each Thursday and driving around Sydney on Saturday looking for bargains and negotiating for the best deal.

Ask friends and associates for Computers and parts
You might have friends and associates that have extra computers that aren’t being used. They may have been considering donating the computer to people who need them. Many people don’t want slow and upgraded computers, leaving the working computer in their closet. A quick call to your friends may be all that you need to do.
Marked or broken boxes and unsaleable Computers and parts
Companies that mark products like computers with torn or written packages as non-sellable will often have items in their warehouses for months. They’re marked as broken, but they work great! Marked or broken computer boxes do not affect the product’s value inside so long as the computers aren’t defective.

Excess Computers and parts on Stock companies have sitting on shelves
There is a lot of companies with the excess stock sitting on shelves. With excess inventory, those companies lose a lot of money. So it is worth approaching those companies with your friends and buying up computers in lots. Usually, larger supply companies won’t sell single computers to someone off the street as it’s not worth their time.
However, suppose individuals approached them willing to purchase 5 pc’s at a time. In that case, you might have a better chance and an even better deal.

Cheap Computers and parts at a Garage sale
One of the best ways to build your PC is to get a used one. I recommend checking out garage sales and Craigslist for quality computers at affordable prices! Garage sales are a great way to pick up older laptops and desktops at a low price. I find that garage sales often have cheap computers and parts. But one thing to note is computer value decreases over time, and sometimes owners think the computers are worth more. So it’s essential to research and show the owner what the pc is worth in the current market. And then negotiate further down by pointing out all the issues with the item.

Ask your friends on social media :
We all love social media because it’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. Most people nowadays are on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I’m a big fan of social media. I’ve been using it for years, and I’d recommend asking your friends on social media when you’re looking to buy something or want recommendations. Most people have old computers they’re not using anymore! You might even get one for free.

Bargains on Shopping centre corkboards
Back in the day, people selling or giving away items would write on Shopping centre cork boards. It may still be the case today in regional areas of Australia or smaller suburbs. So next time you’re at Coles or Woolies or Aldi, look for the corkboard full of bargains.

TV & Radio Deals
Deals on TV & Radio aren’t always hype. Companies like having deals to increase their customer base, get rid of stock or entice viewers to buy more through upselling or cross-selling. Tv and radio can have some of the best deals. Typically, larger companies can afford Tv campaigns and have the greater buying power to have better deals. Keep an ear out, and get significant savings on computer’s and parts if a current tv or radio campaign is running.

Computer Giveaways and competitions
Giveaways and competitions are an excellent way for companies to increase their brand awareness for free. It’s another form of advertising. You’d be surprised by the number of competitions people win. I knew a person who constantly filled out competition forms and regularly won things. Education institutions such as universities also give laptop computers to students that may be doing it tough, so it’s just a matter of asking.

Finding Computers on Discord
Every day new sites or apps are popping up. Doing a google search may reveal some exciting places that may help you find a cheap PC. The other day, my son showed me how he uses Discord, an app he usually uses to communicate with his friends to capture bargains. When certain conditions are met, It sends you a notification. This is where software can be utilised to find you deals; however, this is beyond the scope of this blog.

Local computers and parts store
Another great place where you can find a deal is Local computers and parts store. Here, you can get some of the best computer hardware at a discounted price without the additional shipping fee. Sometimes cheaper than online stores and sometimes even more affordable than second-hand items. Suppose you mention you have found the product online at a specific price. In that case, they will usually beat them, and others like Office works will beat them by 5%, so you don’t even need to haggle that much to get the price down.

Borrow, Lease or Hire computers
Many people in Australia have a lot of excesses. They have more than they need, which is true for material goods as well as time, food, energy, etc. You could look at borrowing from a friend or work etc. If borrowing isn’t an option, then Sometimes it’s worth leasing a computer. For business owners and employees, leasing has an advantage during tax time. You can usually claim back against the tax you paid when leasing items for work purposes. Even for students, renting a computer that requires constant maintenance, software updates etc., may be cheaper in the long run under a lease plan. Hiring computers should be something that one could also consider.