Dell 27″ QHD 165Hz Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $398 (OOS), 32″ 4K UHD S3221QS $389, S2721D $239.20, S2721DS $269 + More @ Dell eBay

Now: $398.00
Offers May not last
Note: This offer was found 3 months ago
on sales page. Offer can expire at anytime.

Good prices on Dell monitors. Stacks with existing item discount. Repeat of Limaa’s deal

Original Coupon Deal

Send help ive already got 3!

I’m on 2 of them now, unsure if I should go a third for no apparent reason or wait for some [email protected]+ to start dropping throughout the year

Gl trying to find a gfx card that can handle that lol. Also 4k DLSS looks awful for me. So we still have to wait for raw power

I’m running a 2080 Super and have some decent results hooking it up to play [email protected] on my TV, but I prefer gaming at my desk….but also for the PS5/XSX I wouldn’t mind seeing if there is much difference visually between [email protected] and [email protected]

I honestly don’t know why DLSS got so much hype, I agree that (in cyberpunk at least) it makes the game look garbage. certainly nothing like playing at actual 4k

@lyle88: it looks good in certain games but at 1440p dlss quality it just looks smeary and there was just ghosting everywhere

@lyle88: screenshots or it didn’t happen

3 is better from an ergonomic point of view, most people with two monitors sit in between meaning they have to continually have their head slightly looking left or right, 3 allows you to keep one in front of you while keeping your ocd of sitting in the middle happy (y)

I have 2 x 27″ monitors. I tried sitting between the two and felt it was ergonomically uncomfortable.

Now I have one straight in front of me just like a single monitor setup and the second off to the right if I need to reference anything and will just turn my head right to reference it.

@Jamesfromoz: me 2 – works a treat

I hate that you’ve done this to me. I had a dual monitor arm that was bugging the shit outta me because I couldn’t get it perfect and my OCD would notice it so I put the Dells back on their chunky boi stand, still not perfect now a little better. But now you’ve said this my OCD is going to kick into overdrive and all I’ll think about is having a third!

@MBix: It’s perfectly fine and balanced to look slightly left and right while working, if you are looking at two things relatively equally — eg doing web design, you’ll swap between source and rendering a lot; writing a research paper, you swap between document and references/data a lot.

It’s only a problem if you’re staring at a YouTube video or game screen or something…

@DanielBaird: Yeh it’s likely a problem then but I don’t really feel adjusting my seat to face the screen I’m playing on. But now today it’s all I’ve noticed and I’m sitting here justifying a third monitor. Though dislike the idea of the stands of the monitor taking up so much real estate. The stand itself works well, but the bottom of it is chunky

Get another one for 54 inches of high refresh rate mayhem.

Sending you another monitor rn

Help = one more monitor? 🙂

Another week, another Dell monitor deal…

When you have to call for a price guarantee on a pending order twice in one week, you know it must be a dell.

will Dell direct price guarantee against their Ebay sales?

Unfortunately not. So I’ve had to cancel and re-order with a much later delivery date. Ah well.

@dunebot: I’m trying my luck as I got the S3221QS from dell direct at $449 last week. Can I return without restocking fees?

Edit: Does anyone know how long this deal will last? Expiry says 8 days on ozbargain here and the terms don’t specify. Just don’t want to miss out again.

If you want want it, best to buy it now!

Buy now, think later 😂

Damn. I really overspent on my GL850B
Could have gotten two of these

I need 2k @240hz

Anyone using the AW3821DW and can give some feedback on it?

Yes I got one a couple of weeks ago – Its amazing coming from a 27″ – What do you want to know specifically? Its great for productivity – 2 side by side windows is ace

Colours are bright, I have a corner desk so sits in the same spot as my old 27″, it stops feeling huge as soon as you start using it.

Nice! Is there any reason not to pick the Alienware over say…a normal U3818 for productivity purposes? Yes it’s a gaming monitor but what about those who just want to use it for work and browsing?

Will Dell match the Ebay store price? I just bought the 27 inch last night for 445!

Can confirm they will not. I just cancelled my current order and purchased from the eBay sale.

Thanks, sadly its too late for me as its already OOS. Although I could cancel and get 5 yr warranty for same price, not sure if its worth the hassle though

will only know at end of standard warranty if it was worth the hassle or not. usually the week after :/

S2721DGF – out of stock

S2721QS posted earlier

S2721QS good for a PS5? I’m fine with 60 frames, more curious about the 4K display quality and everything else.

It’s fine. Don’t expect amazing HDR though as HDR400 is pretty much fake HDR. Also, the speakers are…. very ordinary….

what monitor would you recommend to get? happy to pay a bit extra or wait a while for one that’s better, not in any rush really.

Wait for either a bigger one or a 120Hz+ one. However, for 4K 120Hz+ ones, you will need HDMI 2.1 support. Problem is, you will be looking at paying a lot more, rather than just a little bit extra.
TV is a better choice unless you want that monitor for PC gaming as well.

This monitor is a good way to play PS5 / Series X on the cheap while ticking the 4K support requirement. However, VRR (on Series X) is no go (as there is a known issue that VRR over HDMI on this monitor doesn’t work – Dell could fix it with a firmware, but I doubt that will happen as there as been 0 firmware update since its release).

Can anyone rcommend a 24″ monitor for general use that has built in speakers and quite stable on its stand. Its for some oldies that watch the ocasional movie o there but mainly basic home office stuff

2k or 1080, don’t go 4k …it will make everything too small to read and you will just have to scale least that’s my experience. As for sound, probably better off just getting a mini soundbar to put at its base

2k is an overkill. Keep an eye out for commercial grade used 24″ 1080. Should be $100 or under delivered.

Yeah 1080 is fine and will be an upgrade.

Hadn’t thought of used commercial. Would that be on ebay?

@ohyesss: Yes. EBay.

@googleyahoo69: Thanks

Some people use 1440 for text and 4k for movies.

Time to take the plunge to 1440P gaming with nvidia rolling DLSS to more games.

mmmmm… at this rate I might consider a 6 monitor setup… =.=”

Go for it!

GPU only has 4 output slots haha. but no even that might be crazy for me

I think you are lacking in ambition. Aim high!…

Are any of these decent for photo editing? My wife is learning photography and has been told that she needs to get a monitor that has certain features for this purpose?

S2721QS would be. But normally, it would be the Ultrasharp series but those never go on sale.

Find out what feature is needed. Is it sRGB, AdobeRGB, DCI-P3?

I’ll find out. sRGB was mentioned

I’d probably recommend ultrasharp monitors, dell outlet stores sometimes have good deals on them. They’re not super expensive. I bought a refurbished U2717D for $356 a few years ago.

That being said, and I may be wrong here, but I dabble in photography (not a pro just hobby) and I don’t think its a huge issue unless you’re going pro and/or doing prints.

If you’re not doing prints, a picture that’s accurate on your monitor may still appear slightly, slightly incorrect if its displayed on another screen.

This is the range

and there appears to be a few U2719D in the outlet store atm:…
As new $509 x15
refurbished $489 x2

U = ultrasharp
27 = 27 inch
19 = 2019 model/year
D = diff models of the same monitor (there are other alphabets – like C for ones with a type C input)

Thanks for the info

I have been so tempted by the 2721DS for some time now, but damn it Dell… where is the 3221DS!! I don’t want a VA, Curved 32 4K screen… I want the exact same technology as the 27, but just in a 32 size… How frustrating…

god damnit I missed out on the S2721DGF, and just as my old monitor starts going on the blink…

I bought a S2721H from the Dell eBay store the other day for not much less than the S2721D – can I easily cancel that order so I can buy the QHD one?

is a curved 32 inch ok for office work? Going from a 24 inch monitor

just make sure that it will fit on your desk, 32in are big monitors.

Get a monitor arm

I love 32 inch for work. Put it way back on the desk (or behind on an arm), heaps of space for writing on pen and paper

Well I ordered two 32s for work…

is a curved 32 inch ok for office work? Going from a 24 inch monitor

I’ve currently got 2 x 24″ screens and was wondering the same thing about curved monitors for office/desktop use.

I’ve wanted to get the S2721DGF since November last year, but kept missing out on deals. Now that one is available, I’m not sure if I want it due to the small size upgrade coming from 24″ screens. I think I want to get something at least 32″ so that it’s a decent size upgrade over my 24″ inch screens. I want to use it for gaming, viewing movies/tv shows (this one of the main reasons I think the 27″ might be a bit small still) and also some office work (I too am curious about curved monitors for desktop work).

The other thing is, I also want to keep at least a two monitor setup and not sure how this would go with a smaller 24″ screen. I’m guessing if I got a 32″ screen on bigger, then I could maybe switch to a one screen setup.

Those of you in that know quite a bit about monitors, what are the options at 32″ that would be as good as the Dell spec wise? And what would I be looking at price wise? I am also assuming that 4K ones aren’t worth it yet due to refresh rates and hardware needed to drive them, so I am thinking (if possible), 32″ with 2560 x 1440p 144Hz screen for now if I don’t go with the S2721DGF.

I think I would have grabbed the $398 deal right now/today with the 3-year warranty if that were still available and sold it in a year or two when I could get a bigger sized screen. Not sure if I want to pay the $450, though, for the 5-year warranty as I don’t plan to keep it that long.

If the texts for 24 inch is the smallest size you are willing to accept AND you are unwilling to go for display scaling on 27 inch (i.e. you must use 1:1), then 1440p on 27 inch could be an issue. Honestly, for office/desktop use, I find 1440p/27 inch the best. I have 1080p/27 inch and 4K/27 inch. Each has its pros and cons. For older people, the 1080p/27 inch is nice. 4K/27 inch, for office use, display scaling is a must.

The issue isn’t 3 year vs 5 years. It is missing out on the discounted price for 3 years. I bought mine at a price even higher than the one that has 5 years warranty. S2721DGF does have a few quirks. One of them is at 60Hz, the second last row of pixles appear dimmer (it is generally not an issue because you don’t buy that monitor to run 60Hz).

If the texts for 24 inch is the smallest size you are willing to accept AND you are unwilling to go for display scaling on 27 inch (i.e. you must use 1:1), then >1440p on 27 inch could be an issue. Honestly, for office/desktop use, I find 1440p/27 inch the best. I have 1080p/27 inch and 4K/27 inch. Each has its pros >and cons. For older people, the 1080p/27 inch is nice. 4K/27 inch, for office use, display scaling is a must.

I wasn’t really thinking about text size at all. Was just talking in general, I thought a 32″ would be better all-rounder for Gaming/Watching TV/Movies and maybe office/desktop use.

Could you possibly explain the text stuff to me?

The issue isn’t 3 year vs 5 years. It is missing out on the discounted price for 3 years. I bought mine at a price even higher than the one that has 5 years >warranty. S2721DGF does have a few quirks. One of them is at 60Hz, the second last row of pixles appear dimmer (it is generally not an issue because you >don’t buy that monitor to run 60Hz).

I guess you are right, the price is still great, but now I am not desperate to get one like I was 3-5 months ago. I need to decide soon, though, as I wouldn’t want these selling out before making a decision on getting this 27″ or to start looking for something bigger.

Also, thanks for the information about the issues with it at 60Hz. I currently have an MSI Gaming X GTX 1070 (I was supposed to upgrade to a 3070/3080 or RX 6800/6800XT months ago, but not sure if/when I will upgrade due to stock shortages and I also can’t afford the current inflated prices even if stock is on hand. I should never have sold my RX 5700XT MSI Gaming X card back in November 🙁 ). Do you think the GTX 1070 will struggle at this refresh rate?

Any other quirks I should know about with this screen?

@Ice009: When doing work, reading text is a key aspect. For videos, it’s simple, if it is good 2K source, you can still see the difference vs 1080p (on 27 inch). If the source is 1080p, OS and applications would generally scale it nicely to 2K.

With 2K/1440p, regardless of screen size, at 1:1, the effective Windows desktop size is the same. So, what you get with a larger screen is basically everything looks bigger. That could mean less strain on your eyes (for smaller text). However, if you feel 1:1 is too small for 27 inch/2K, you would do 120-125% scaling, then clearly larger screen would be better. Personally (so this means it is a subjective comment), I think 27 inch / 1440p is good for most people. Older people may prefer 1080p / 27 inch. Some people would go get 4K / 27 inch and do display scaling. However, the twist here is 120+Mhz so how soon will we get 32 inch / 2K high refresh rate screen at bargain price?

Minor quirks, other than the 60Hz issue I pointed out: the IPS glow for this monitor is on the slightly higher side (though it is often panel lottery / luck of the draw). GTX 1070 for 2K 120-165Hz gaming is fine (obviously depending on the games).

great deal again on the S2721DGF got my friend one

ill be your friend!

for home office setup.. S3221QS or S2721QS?

I have a Samsung 28′ 4k, and the Dell 32′ 4k, and I think if you use 1-monitor set up for home office, I recommend you purchase S3221QS, the size different is noticeable. I can use the 32′ 4k at 100% scale in Windows 10, but the text will be too small if I use 100% scale on the 28′ 4k
The difference between IPS & VA panel is irrelevant if you only use the monitor for general office application (Like Spreadsheets, reading documents…)

I own a 27″, 32″, and 34″ (wide) monitor.

I have to sit at least 80-85cm from my face to the 32″ to feel comfortable for office application use. So if you can facilitate that distance, eg. Your computer desk is deep enough then 32″ is okay.

I suggest Googling recommended monitor viewing distances.

Thanks OP. Ordered two 32s on the weekend at 417 so now cancelled and reordered!

Anyone know the panel thickness of the S2721DS? I have looked at the specs on the Dell website but it doesn’t show the panel thickness dimensions. I bought the Xiaomi monitor lamp but It won’t fit my current monitor.

25mm in the middle, but it is not flat throughout, it is slightly curved (edges 18.5-19mm).

Thanks OP. Some great value in there.

Thanks OP, Ordered 3 2721QS for home office setup and 1 S3221QS, they are quite decent monitors for home office setup

any particular reason for 3×27″ and 1×32″

1 x 32″ as main monitor
2 x 27″ on each side in portrait
1 x 27″ on top of the 32″

this would be sweet.. If only I had that many monitor arms..

3x for stock trading and 32 for my son study desk lets see whether i make money

Thanks, OP. Cancelled my previous order with Dell to reorder for an extra two years warranty!

If anyone can help, would be greatly appreciated.
I have a Dell p2415q 4k monitor (from 2015), would the s2721qs be a direct upgrade to this, or am I missing anything?

nope, the upgrade to your model is the P2721Q, remember P is between S and U (U being better). That model is around $550.
Generally you’d expect better QC, calibration and longevity out of P and U as they are office monitors. While S is the mainstream range and cheaper.

On paper, the s2721qs looks better than the p2721q though?. S2721qs has lower minimum response time, and a higher static contrast. Looks like the P model only beats it in better sRGB coverage and only by 0.5%, and better variable refresh rate, but I have an RTX 3080 so hopefully I’ll be hitting 60 pretty consistently.

As I mentioned earlier it’s more QC and longevity. So less panel lottery and lasts longer, although my last P purchase I had to get 3 replacement before I got one without issues.
I have U and P models more than 10 years old, where the single S I bought for someone who was on a budget gave in after 2-3 years of use.

All this is very anecdotal, an I am considering the S3221QS my self, simply because of how much value it offers… Just a voice in me says pay more up front and keep longer.

Any chance if ebay dell store will match dell’s official store?

Called up and cancelled the S2721D I paid $259 for 3 days ago.

Saved $20, but the delivery date is now two weeks later.

Would they not just price match your original order?

There are technical downside with that (due to eBay and potentially PayPal are middle men). Doesn’t surprise me Dell elected to just cancel it (as it is better to treat this as change of mind cancellation).

Faster and cleaner too (process wise).

Worth cancelling my refurb S3221QS? Is there any advantage to new, both seem to have same warranty? Refurb was $359 bought because previous deal had expired

Is the S2721QS x 2 overkill for laptop gaming?

I have an i9 XPS 15 9500 with a GCT 1650 Ti and mostly play strategy games.


Sad, ordered S2721QS $331 last night, and already shipped

How do I connect 2x 4k to a laptop with USB c?

Is the S2721QS worth the stretch over the S2721DS for home office usage?

Reconsidering my purchase of the DS…

Rtings convinced me. Bit the bullet.

Hope your teeth are alright.

Has anyone tried connecting the S3221QS to a Lenovo Thinkpad X270 via HDMI? According to the X270 specs, it has the Intel HD Graphics 620 inside, and “…supports external digital monitor via HDMI or USB Type-C; supports 3 x independent displays; max. resolution: 4096×2160 @60Hz (USB-C), 4096×2160 @24Hz (HDMI)”. If I use an HDMI cable to connect the laptop to the monitor, will it work OK? Or would it be better for me to get a USB-C to HDMI cable to connect the X270 (USB-C) to the monitor (HDMI)? I’ll only be using this for spreadsheets, web browsing, email etc.

You need to use USB-C to DisplayPort (or HDMI) that supports 4K/60Hz. Most of them won’t support HDR.

Hi, few hours ago, I tried using the code to purchase two S272DS but eBay said the code couldn’t be applied.

I then contacted Dell on eBay and I was told they weren’t sure why it wasn’t working, I was then asked to contact eBay support instead because the discount came from them, so I did. But eBay support told me that the code had expired and that I should ask Dell on eBay. Im a tad bit confused and I sent Dell on eBay another query.
Anyways, yeah, is the code still working for anybody? Or has it actually expired?

Offers May not last
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