Dell XPS 8940 11th Gen i7-11700 16GB RAM 512GB SSD RTX 3060 Ti $1859, i7-11700K 1TB SSD RTX 3070 $2139 Delivered @ Dell eBay

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Great price on these desktops.

Dell XPS 8940 Desktop 11th Gen Core i7-11700 16GB RAM 512GB SSD RTX 3060 Ti – $1859

Dell XPS 8940 Desktop 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11700K RTX 3070 16GB RAM 1TB SSD – $2139

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I’d have just listed the 3070 imo, much better deal that should last you longer

Great price on these desktops.

Is it?

You were downvoted but I don’t really know why (so I upvoted you). The wait time on a 3070 is down to around a couple of weeks to get one at $1,300. Back when Dell was selling similar 3070 machines for $1,900 you couldn’t find cards anywhere for $1,500.

Question becomes, is the rest of the dell machine worth $800-900, for proprietary parts and probably poor cooling?

Well the 11700k and 1TB m.2 ssd and 16GB ramb is easily $600+

Yeah the CPU alone is about $550 so I’d say this is decent

I agree the proprietary PSU and mobo are a bit crap.

its very stupid for ppl to pretend to be smart and decide what is a good deal and what is not
currently there are no good deals on any GPU’s so if you really need one then you have no choice but to get one and pay asking price –
ppl like you were being smart since the release of these cards and were saying no deal to anything, we are here now 6 months later and the prices are only going one way
bit like those ppl that said property market bubble will burst after the Sydney Olympics…….

What are you on about? GPU prices are coming down. You can pick up a 6700 XT for $999 at any time these days. Scorptec had over a hundred Zotac 3070’s delivered on Friday and you could buy for $1299.

I didn’t say anything 6 months ago, I’m just commenting right now that it’s not exactly a mindblowing deal. Quit trying to put words into other people’s mouths and present evidence the price will go up if you’re so sure of it.

@freefall101: He has the point, i bought 6800xt nitro+ se for $1499 in march, now it’s $1599 – 1699

I have the 10700K model from late last year with the 3070. I replaced the cpu cooler with a Noctua U9S. Been encoding x265 all day today at 100% load and it hasn’t gone over 70C at any time and zero thermal throttling. Seems fine to me.

The Noctua cooler looks sort of similar to the cooler Dell puts on the K CPUs, sure it is better though, you had a problem with the supplied Dell cooler/

There are no 3070’s at $1300 any more. The last ones were dual-fan last week, the new price is closer to $1700.

Deliveries are coming through regularly, look at the oldest unfilled order dates for PLE – – most of them are in April at this point.

Estimated delivery date according to the Dell page is end of May. so it’s not like you’re getting it instantly.

@freefall101: Yeah that page lies. I ordered a card weeeeks ago and it’s saying last unfulfilled as last week.

@AaronR: Ugh, that’s balls, I’ve been thinking I’ll order soon from them since it seems like they get stock. I’ll keep waiting for a cheap 6800 then.

I’ve got the 10th gen version of this machine. Its cooling just fine for me.
Even 62M/H bitcoin mining duing the day with the solar powering it, the card sits at about 56 DegC the processor is 34 Deg C.

Its a good machine. I’m happy with it.

It is interesting to see how prices have come so far with this particular RTX series models (a quick glance suggests the cheapest xps 8940 with RTX 3070 model has been $1929)

As to a review of this model:

The one in the review is the 10th gen i7, OP’s is 11th gen but I expect they’re very similar
In the follow up review, he says the “K” variant CPUs get the upgraded CPU cooler which still throttles but is much better than the stock cooler.
So the 3060Ti model probably has the crappy stock cooler while the 3070 has the better cooler. To eliminate thermal issues you need the Noctura NH-U9S
Also it looks like you get 2x 8GB RAM so you won’t get the single channel memory bottleneck like in the video

I am actually the person who told Dawid to replace the cooler with the Noctua U9S (pause the video at 11:14 to see). The stock cooler on the K throttles under sustained 100% load, but if you replace the cooler as I suggested it is fine.

Been encoding x265 all day and it stays at 100% clock and max of 70C.

And RE the screws being too long, I went back to look at my original comment to Dawid. I did say “16-20mm M3 screws should be fine, but I am using 16mm”. In the later comment he paused, I said 20mm… whoops!

The 11th gen i7 runs hotter than the 10th gen i7 and actually performs worse. It was rushed to market.

Keep in mind that he says that the CPU is reaching 100 c (even with the better dell cooler) and throttling in only 19.5 c ambient temps!
That means it it would be well into meltdown land in summer temps in most of Australia.

Dawid originally had the non-K variant with the dinky little cooler like the stock intel one. Even the Dell K cooler is a million times better than that, but yes it throttles.

Buy a Noctua U9S if you get this. Get it direct from Noctua on Newegg for $70.…

I also replaced the rear fan with a Noctua NF-A9 PWM

I have the 10th Gen and the ram that came with it is Dual Channel…

No different model to the 3070 one

If you want the 3060 Ti model you’re better off purchasing this deal and stacking with 5% Cashback –

Better off purchasing eBay deal and stacking with $1500 worth (eBay transaction max limit) of Celebration Swap gift cards with 5% cashback at Shopback.

Dell: 1882 – (1882 / 11 * 10 / 100 * 5) = $1796.45

eBay: 1859 – (1500 / 100 * 5) = $1784

That and not worrying about Dell denying cashback

wait for EOFY, everything will go down

might not be the case this year due to: chip shortage aka not enough stock or price increases + more people purchase electrical gadgets aka sellers don’t have to lower their prices at all


What year? 2025?

Does 8940 model come with only 5Gbps ports now? I know it’s not that important but the 8920 (2017 model) I’m using has a 10Gbps Type-C port in the back.

Same as how they cut back from 6 audio ports to 3. Not inclined to spend extra for a separate sound card for something on their mobos.

Yeah to me that’s a bit weird. Dell provided 10Gbps on 128/256G SSD and now 5Gbps on 1T SSD…

yeah that’s pretty lame really..

Still miss the “G5 Gaming Desktop Intel® Core™ i7-10700F 16GB RAM 1TB SSD RTX 3070” deal…

To put it in perspective, this was a much better deal, would wait:

Wait until… when? I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the topic and I just can’t see price points improving until multiple (unlikely) significant events occur.

But, you do you.

If you need a PC now.. just buy the damn thing and don’t look at prices again haha. Life’s too short.

these guys agree with your sentiment @Merlict

So what are your findings after doing the readings?

That’s the older 10th gen Intel CPU model. It might eventually go to that price again

This or the Alienware with a 3080 at $3200?

The appeal of a pre-built is to buy an get a gpu in a reasonable timeframe, but the timeframe here could be up to June, so why the deal

Offers May not last
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