Dell XPS 8940 Desktop PC with Intel Core i7 11700, RTX 3060 Ti, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD $1882 Delivered @ Dell AU

Now: $1,882.00
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11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-11700 processor(8-Core, 16M Cache, 2.5GHz to 4.9GHz)

Windows 10 Home English

NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 3060 Ti™ 8GB GDDR6

16GB, 8Gx2, DDR4, 2933MHz


500W Black Chassis

Don’t forget the cashback!!

That’s a massive laptop

dont forget cashback from cashrewards

Probably the only way to get a reasonably priced 3060Ti at the moment, would love to see the 3070 version for not much more though!

last time I looked 3060ti was 1k on its own

so I would say yeah

If you can find one. I’ve not seen one 3060ti for sale, and the placeholders have been a decent amount more than $1000 anyway.

The 3070 version (xps8940) comes on sale all the time

The 3060ti is a good card unlike the 3060, that’s considering MSRP though which I guess is pretty redundant

“ Ships in 23–26 business days”

Definitely a deal for patient people. Those timelines place it as arriving well into June.

I ordered the 10700f one with the 3070 and got it in 2 weeks despite saying early may and this was over the Easter break.

This what the deal

I have to say this is pretty decent but the pcie slots are way too close, tried to add a sound blaster pcie and it was getting interference being like 2mm from the 3070

Apart from that it’s damn fast after a clean install.

sound blaster

90s flashbacks

Bro, the onboard audio is mostly shit, proper sound card required! My ears are tortured now

So less than half the wait of techfast

There have been numerous deals with the 10700K (better than 11700 as it has better tower CPU cooler and OC capability) and RTX 3070 for a similar price, so I wouldn’t say this is a great deal

Do you mean from Dell? Because Dell will be using a custom cooler either way…

non K version comes with a stock cooler. K version comes with an advance cooler

I can back this up, I bought the K version and it comes with the big cooler.

Yep, with the non ‘K’ Intel CPUs Dell uses a smaller, much worse CPU cooler which causes the whole system to throttle quite significantly even when gaming. The ‘K’ CPUs get a much taller tower cooler which has much better thermals.

There is no way a company like Dell would push a product out that throttles under load

@Chaffix: Man no-one got the joke….

@Chaffix: What’s the reason for your negative vote?

@Lorindor: wtf I absolutely never negged I must’ve misclicked or something whoops

Nope.The non K 11700 has a tiny stock Intel type cooler while the K has their special tower cooler from their business line.

Yes, this was a better deal

Ah, how did I not see that one?
Yeah its a good deal in normal circumstance, but in today’s climate, that is a very competitive deal. I’m certain some people pulled the trigger on that one, then sold the RTX 3070 separately on eBay, probably fetching for around AUD $1,600 or more. Not that I need a Gaming PC, nor do I want to participate in the scalping.

…but that Eminem lyrics really killed me

One just sold on OCAU for $1300 with very strong interest (and probably a low instant bid amount)

by numerous do you mean just one? Link

Happened quite a few times actually:

Definitely a better option if you can wait

Username checks out.

I nearly pulled the trigger but gave up by the advise of “K” version. There is no 11700K deal in the dell web site. Waiting is my option this time. Thanks for your advise. If I take this deal my room could be warmer though.

Yes, but you’ll be strung up here for even asking

Down here, salt is a way of life.

Mate if you want to mine, you need to be also smart at calculating the usage of electricity.

Not for long

@bloopzorm9: This made me chuckle

With NiceHash I get $6-7 per day with my 3070 (excluding elec costs), you might be able to get a bit more mining Ethereum with a pool and tinkering more with overclocks.

Excluding electricity costs of maybe $2 a day but much higher environmental costs.

Crypto mining is a huge environmental problem.

So is banking, and renewables aren’t that expensive. Just pay the 5-10% extra. Bam, guilt free.

@Zorlin: You aren’t actually paying for renewable energy when you purchase “green” electricity in Australia. You’re just paying for your electricity supplier to pay someone else for their carbon offsets. Your electricity itself is likely fossil fuel generated.

Electricity costs of $0.35 a day for me. $6 revenue. So $5.65 profit per day.

@dualcore: Lol you live with your parents

@dualcore: A mining rig would use at least 500 watts continuously at the wall plug.

So at a generous low 20 cents a KWH tariff and generous 10KWH a day usage that is $2 a day.

@SamR: How are you calculating that?! Most cards burn under 250w and most CPUs under 35w idle…

@SamR: Why would you put it under load, and why would the PSU have a 20% loss? Most PSUs have a 6-10% loss…

Mining doesn’t use more than a couple of % of CPU unless you’re CPU mining which isn’t usually even worth it.

@SamR: Actually the 3060 TI is one of the most efficient cards for mining eth – that’s one of the reasons it’s so highly sought after. If you undervolt, the card shouldn’t draw more than 120W which is realistically around 140W from the wall.

Max PC load would probably be ~250W from the wall if CPU usage is low.

Current coal, gas, and oil usage are a huge environmental problem. Turn to better fuel sources and human electricity utilisation stops being a big concern for the environment.

But of course it’s easier to throw mud at end users rather than fix the source of the problem.

@g1: Glad I live in a state where power is hydro or wind.

@Clear: Just need the other states to join in with cleaner power!

Yeah but these types will always turn around and blame the boomers for climate change.

Can you upgrade/increase the ram in this?

Yep and by a lot, four slots. Same with storage.

You just can’t upgrade the 500w power supply but it is platinum.

Be mindful of any hidden opt in warranty here –

I had a look and it is off by default. I would say Australian consumer laws protect against this tactic.

Dell doesn’t honour ACL so be prepared to take them to court to enforce anything.

How can anyone not honour ACL, it’s law…presumably, they just put up a fight and expect people not to bother pursuing claims

Thanks for checking. I don’t care about the deal, but wanted to flag it for others just in case.

Can I stack with student discount?

If you apply the student code it overrides the 25% off making it cost $2,008.05.

Any true ozbargainer worth their salt would have bought (possibly several) 3060ti or 3070 systems when they’ve been offered at sub 1500 prices.

Surprised these Dell prebuilts are even getting to the top page haha.

Any true ozbargainer would have just buy 3070 as they have been restocking every week for the past months or 2 , with price starts from $1150

Interesting… The Alienware R12 I was thinking about getting is quite similar to this but with 1000w psu, liquid cooled and with the 11700F .. but it was $2707 after discounts…

Guess I’d be paying for the pretty case…

Re-evaluates his purchase

Not gonna run well under load. Can’t see that ever running cool….

I’m interested in whether all these people biting at these deals were around over the last few months when 3060ti, 3070 and 6700xt systems could all be had for under $1500. :s

It’s a completely different market from a few months ago. 3060tis would be going for not much less than this on ebay. I sold my used 3070 for $1850 last night.

nice thats a huge win, well done.

Just did a quick google on a 1650 low profile.

Its going for $489!! wtf? is this a joke? What is going on??…

Yeah, it’s pretty strange. I sold a 1050 4GB low profile (so can’t even be used for mining) for $200 a few weeks ago. I think I purchased it for $170 in early 2017 so I could use an old PC with HDMI 2.0.

@ComfortablyNumb: I sold my 1050ti for $210 3 months ago. PC byte is now $389…

The market is bad but 1850 for a 3070 must a rich man without patience. There brand new units quite often for the rip-off amount $1699. Never seen this card being sold for so high

Where did you sell your 3070? Gumtree?

Wow, these still include optical drives

So does this have the stock/ crap/ overheating CPU cooler vs the custom tower?

Would this be a good desktop for gaming? I havent used Dell in many years as they were always crap fir high end games?

I don’t think the stock cooler on the CPU is that big an issue as the CPU will max out at 50w
The bigger problem is shedding the heat from the GPU – 200W in a RTX3060ti or 250W in a RTX3070.
Dell by default don’t put intake fans, and the extract fan is a 80mm – and there is mesh in weird places around it so no flow through…
The biggest problem is getting cool air into the case and warm air out.

Same problem with the HP Pavilion with 3700x sold recently. Gaming puts the 3700x at 82degrees LOL. Need to Jerry rig an intake fan onto side panel

Offers May not last
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