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Drillpro 99Pcs M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set 1.5-10mm US$39.85 (~A$51.65) Delivered @ Banggood

Drillpro 99Pcs M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set 1.5-10mm US$39.85 (~A$51.65) Delivered @ Banggood


Drillpro 99Pcs M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set 1.5-10mm US$39.85 (~A$51.65) Delivered @ Banggood

These are great quality cobalt drill bits. There’s several YouTube reviews of these outperforming much pricier sets (links below). If you’re not familiar with cobalt drill bits, they’re made from steel alloy with 5-8% cobalt added and are basically designed for drilling very hard abrasive materials such as stainless steel and cast iron, although they can also be used for softer materials. They can also be sharpened without losing their heat resistance, an advantage over titanium drill bits as the titanium coating wears off when sharpened. Cobalt drill bits can withstand very high drilling temperatures, which results in less damage to the drill bit, so although they may cost more initially they should last longer than titanium drill bits.

YouTube Review Links Testing some M35 COBALT drill bits & Drillpro M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set from Banggood

To get price in title

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Looks exactly the same as this, what’s the difference?

Cobalt bits are far harder than Titanium coated – per the description.

Something like this is a fairer comparison…

Oh fair enough, I didn’t notice that.

Don’t worry I was rushing to do the same thing until I reread the cobalt part in the description

The craftright are titanium coated, not cobalt. Notice the difference in colour, cobalt is infused into the alloy and is a dull gold colour while the titanium bits have a bright gold coating.

Look up the difference between HSS (M2) Steel vs HSS M35 Steel. If the manufacturer doesn’t advertise what type of HSS Steel it is, then it’s likely M2. With M35 Steel, addition of cobalt makes it much better to drill through harder materials, but it does make the bit a bit more fragile and you can snap it a little bit easier too if you aren’t careful.

HSS M2 Steel: cheaper, lower heat resistence, less brittle: works fine for woods, plastics, plasterboard
HSS M35 Steel: more expensive than M2, higher heat resistance, more brittle: better for use with metals, also works fine for woods, plastics, plasterboard but price might not justify it if you have to do a lot of drilling through less hard materials with the slightly higher risk of snapping the bit

Still a good price what you list though,
this seems to be the same kit just in a different box…

not the same, bunnings bits are cheap Titanium-coated crap

I’d rather save $31 and get the Bunnings kit again. It’s lasted me over a year of good use, sure a small bit might break from time to time but it’s only $19.99. It’s a personal preference whether you trust/think it’s worth it for you and your use.

The Bunnings kit is really not comparable unless you’re only drilling timber.
As soon as you start drilling hard steel, these will do the job faster and easier and will last longer.

Depending on your use case the Bunnings kit has no chance of working.

I was trying to drill holes in Stainless steel to mount a racing seat to my GT Omega cockpit. Broke 7 titanium and managed to drill one pilot hole.

Bought two Cobalt bits (one small bit for pilot hole and one 11mm for the bolt) and drilled all four for my mount in no time.

I don’t know that the risk of snapping with cobalt mentioned above is accurate in my experience. You can drill with a lot less pressure with the cobalt bit so I found myself less likely to break them.

Bunnings don’t make a Cobalt set that saves you $31…

Seems like a decent kit, however as usual they include heaps of the smaller sizes and only a few of the mid-size, exactly opposite to what the average DIYer needs

Yeah seriously 15×1.5mm are they serious? Most people would only need 5-10mm for most applications

Small bits are more prone to breakage.
All of my bit sets are missing the small bits as a result.

Out of genuine curiosity, how often do the bigger bits break? Or is the issue of not many large ones a different issue (e.g. losing / having more is just convenient)?
I’ve snapped far too many tiny ones but I’ve only worked on pretty small scale woodwork-y projects and not so much DIY reno stuff.

From my own experience trying to drill out some broken/rusted screw heads with some not so good quality titanium drill bits does not work (aldi/hss bandgood/frost). The drill bits won’t even cut into the screw. I finally managed to buy some Dewalt drill bits recommended from this $27 from ebay. The dewalts bits were very good and drilled out the screw heads without issues.
So hopefully these will be the same quality or better.

Had a similar experience. The cheap ALDI bits I had on hand couldn’t get through a single screw head, went to Bunnings and paid the $4 or whatever it was for a single Sutton piece and had all 12 screws out in about 10 minutes. I now just have a full set of Suttons that I can replace individually if they break. It’s not worth the frustration messing around with cheap bits.

That is a bloody awesome price for that many pieces.. i love hard sharp knives and definitely love hard sharp drill bits… cobalt is the way to go especially with step drill bits… “titanium coated” is not a comparable product.

Anyways, thanks OP. .gonna get a set

Ah nuts.. only in 2mm-10mm.. would be awesome for a trade though for sure

Thanks OP!

Would anyone know of a smaller comparable set, half the number of bits for say around half the price?

Anyone want to split half the drill bits in Sydney? Would have loved to have a wider range but the 12-14mms would cost a bomb.

thanks, looks good.

Willing to split with someone in Melbourne.

Pm me

There’s a series on YouTube called China Tools if anyone is interested. He gets a lot of this Drillpro stuff from Banggood and gives pretty detailed reviews, it’s a great series of episodes to get lost in.

Paypal checkout seems to have no way to enter the code so it seems you need to sign up to get the discount.
Goods ship from China so expect slow delivery and GST (another $5.17 unless I missed something).

I got “This coupon can only be used 50 times.” am I missing something?

Expired – “This coupon can only be used 50 times.”

Last year I had to drill through cast iron in several places which was about 4mm thick. It was hell until I went out and bought a cobalt drill bit kit from Bunnings which happened to be on the bargain table for $6 down from $30 odd. Unsure what % of cobalt they had (Bosch brand) but it cut through that iron like butter. I couldn’t believe the difference it makes!

I would have got this kit if I was quicker.

On AliExpress for AUD$55.54 + GST + AUD$1.85 shipping. Looks like the same kit but in a different case.

Can still get that price as a group buy, not sure how that works

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