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Mobile Trends 2020

5G Technology
Since the initial introduction of the technology to the public, telecommunication companies worldwide have been planning for the launch of 5 G wireless services. We should expect major improvements in how mobile applications are developed once 5G technology is out on the market especially while using streaming apps.
Internet of Things (IoT)
It seems like technology has made the impossible possible, from searching the internet for information to controlling an entire home through a network of smart gadgets. Popular IoT devices today include; Google Home Voice Controller, August Doorbell Cam, Kuri Mobile Robot and more.

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Tips on Buying Mobiles

Operating System
Before purchasing a smartphone it is best to research the operating system and examine differences between software versions. Most of us will probably not have the patience for that so perhaps speak to a salesperson to get some advice.
Size and Display
You should always consider a smartphone that is fitted with a monitor of at least 5.7 inches for those who want to receive news alerts or just get lost in the HD graphics of the latest Android games. A smaller screen would be more than adequate for those who use a smartphone solely for WhatsApp or to read Facebook messages.

Mobile phone Essential

Portable Chargers
Portable chargers or power banks are something that almost everyone buys these days and that’s because, no matter what the battery capacity your smartphone has, it’s never enough.
Most smartphones come with in-ear headphones that are just fine but nothing great. However, if you are a music aficionado, the first accessory that you will get is a decent pair of headphones.