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eVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra 8GB GDDR6 $949 Pickup /+ Delivery @ PLE Computers

eVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra 8GB GDDR6 $949 Pickup /+ Delivery @ PLE Computers


eVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra 8GB GDDR6 $949 Pickup /+ Delivery @ PLE Computers

eVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra 8GB GDDR6 is back in stock in their Melbourne store for $949.00

Limit 1 RTX 3000 series card per household

Any reviews on this card?…

You can Google the reviews but it’s one of the better cards out there.

This is a good video comparing all the 3070 cards

I’d rather but a black edition EVGA 3080 xc3

For less than $200 more, who wouldn’t. Unfortunately that price is just a dream 😢

Just a dream indeed 🙁 Holding out for a few more months and hoping a mixture of increased stock, less demand due to better cards (3090, 3080ti and some from the AMD camp) means I’ll be actually able to get one…

3060 is announced. It may help the demand if Aus price is low enough as some people would opt for a cheaper card and thus leave 3070 alone. Current 3060 Ti is too close in price to 3070 yet has a significant enough performance hit.

@g1: Ah we’re talking about the 3080! Though I agree with the points you made.

Quite tempted to grab the 3070, but I want more longevity and performance so it’s worth the jump in price provided there’s a future where I can actually get one.

@Thomasta3: Yeah, I think it may ease the pressure on all of the lineup. May be better for prices and for stock. It’s pretty congested at the top right now (aside from 3090) with prices of 3070 and 3080 models being close such as this example. And 3080 is significant enough performance boost over 3070 that with $200 price increase its a reasonable option.

@g1: Yep. The 3090 is an insane card for an insane price, I haven’t really looked at it to be honest. Though I do see it is in stock, so I guess our best hope is the 3080ti skims the demand off the top of the 3080. There’s a lot of buzz about it launching soon™.

Wow would love this at that price, no wonder it’s OOS

lol I got one of those, I never thought that buying early would get me the best price rofl

Bought this exact card for the same price last week & definitely well worth it & quiet. Running most games at max 60°C


This is absolutely the best VALUE triple fan 3070 money can buy right now. I have the same one mining Eth when I’m not gaming and it gives me 62 MH/s @ 140 W. Even better, it stays at a nice cool 57 degrees with the fans lightly spinning. (Settings are -300 core, +1250 memory and 60% power limit in afterburner)

What are the returns like?

Hard to say exactly as I don’t leave it mining 24/7 but I believe it’s around $5-6 a day at current Eth prices? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

@dsiritz: Not bad. So the card is paying for itself then.

@Caped Baldy: Absolutely. I’m looking to upgrade to a 3080 once it’s made me enough to pay for the jump. I think 3080’s are around 100 MH.

@dsiritz: I was thinking of waiting for the GPU’s but didn’t think about the benefits of mining. Might have to pull the trigger.

@Caped Baldy: Get on board sooner rather than later in my opinion. I believe Eth prices will steadily rise throughout this year. Consider buying a card now as an investment.

@dsiritz: which mining software are you using?

@dsiritz: Is this factoring in electricity costs?

@cupnooodle: Yes

@cupnooodle: Yes, that’s how much you make. You can use calculators like this:…

@dsiritz: Is that as part of a pool or solo?

@g1: Pool. I don’t think the returns are very good mining solo unless you have a lot of hardware.

@g1: You only mine solo if you have special mining gear. With standard GPUs you would always be mining in a pool. Unless it’s a very new crypto and you are one of the first miners.

@dsiritz: If you’re not going to be running it 24/7 your profits will decrease quickly and you won’t be making much as the difficulty factor increases constantly.

Thanks for the numbers. Was 50mhs now 58mhs at 130W with +1250 memory on nicehash. I cannot adjust core voltage though (enabled in settings).

Prices still seem inflated. Surely supply will pick up soon and we’ll be getting 3060ti cards at $650 price points.. right.. right guys?

Why the downvotes? Ozb ppl think 8GB vRAM is suffices 2021?

Downvotes because you have no idea what equates to performance in your pc.

Yes I do. Current games require vRAM of about 6GB for 1080p, 8GB for 1440p, and 10GB for 4K.
But as Cyberpunk 2077 and Microsoft Flight Simulator and other more recent games are showing, that requirement is only going to increase, and pretty rapidly too.
Not to mention 8K screens and 4K ultrawides starting to go on sale in the coming years.

@Gamer Dad Reviews: The fact that upgraded your SYSTEM RAM from 16GB to 64GB automatically null and voids any qualification you thought you had about understanding what equates to performance in a PC.

@CrushJelly: Even given how cheap RAM has been the last 6 months?
You don’t know this guys use scenario either, maybe 64GB is justified?
Maybe not, doesn’t matter, there is no harm in it.
I got a 32GB kit of 3200MHz for $165, and given that price right now why not buy a second kit?
Buying around the same time also eases sourcing a matching set.

Damn this p[lace can be harsh.

@Gamer Dad Reviews: In all seriousness, this card was never meant to do anything more than 1440p. Yes, it suffers a bit vs RTX 2080 Ti which has 11GB VRAM on Cyberpunk in 1440p but 8% is not a large margins or anything.…

You would be dreaming when you want 4K or 8K with this card. Also NVIDIA already announced RTX 3060 with 12GB VRAM. The first batch was more of a dollars squeeze but at the right price this is still a decent upgrade from previous gen. Your RTX 2080 costed more in 2018 and is 25% slower.

I got an MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 3070 from Kogan mostly because after credits & points I paid $841 for it, and it will be a decent upgrade from my GTX 1080 until next gen when we don’t have shortage of GPU (hopefully!).

Downvotes because that is a shitty reason to downvote.
Really, what’s so wrong with this guys PC?

the screen resolution alone doesn’t increase vram usage much but the texture size (you may argue you need high res texture for high resolution)
When 95% people have 8GB vram or less, don’t think game developers will soon start to use much higher resolution texture
games are designed to fetch texture from ram in advance. You don’t need to put everything in vram at once

There already are games that can’t fit their highest quality textures into 8gb Vram. If someone wants to future proof their system they won’t be buying an 8gb card, the 3060ti and 3070 should have come out with 10, and now that the 3060 has 12gb I would guess all the 8gb cards will be replaced with more ram

@bobvegas: Which game?

even you have a 12GB card, it is still not enough to store all textures. Fetching from RAM in advance is always happening and is something developers need to consider
unless there is a scene in a game that requires so many texture files that can’t fit in 8GB VRAM, otherwise, it is fine. If such a scene exists, it means someone develops a game (or an ultra-ultra-ultra-high video setting) which is only playable on 5% of PC. It will likely be a super high resolution using ultra high res texture that would work on 3090 only, not a mid-range 3070

With HLOD and so many other methods, it’s unlikely to happen

@spad: The games that are often brought up are
doom eternal
watch dogs legion
flight simulator
The problem is 1440P with the highest quality textures and a 8GB card. The game is slower throughout or in certain areas of game play where the textures must be swapped out


So why 2080ti isn’t faster than 3070?

edited: you can install gpu ram drive to reduce the amonut of vram available to game and compare the FPS…
the notorious game requiring a lot of vram

I agree – dumpin 1k for 8 gb card is dumb
when 6800 xt is $100 more this card is only being able to get price due to artificial shortage nvidia is creating to keep prices up
after their 20x card rip off Im moving to team red

They just released a 3060 with 12GB VRAM, now I want my money back on the RTX 3070 I just bought.

Been on the waiting list for a 3080 since September, still not at the front of the queue.
Ended up canceling that order in favor of this, hopefully, I didn’t make a horrible mistake.

Still would be a month or two at best but if it were me waiting since September… I’d have held on.

Only mistake you made is that you didn’t cancel your 3080 order earlier and get 3070 instead.

Update: Order was dispatched.
Ironic that I waited 4 months for my 3080 and yet it took less than 6 hours for my 3070 to ship

At least you saved yourself from waiting another 6 months and still end up getting a 3070!

oh god again. this is the normal price and it has been available in large pockets last few weeks.

why is it on ozb?

dont get me wrong it is a good card at a decent price but its the normal price and have been readily available…

sidenote if you are on a queue for 3080, ple will allow you to buy this in addition to that. ple’s in stock is truly in stock, mine came in 1 day after paying extra for express.

Because, given the current circumstances, deals on graphics cards don’t exist right now. So, people search for the best price/stock options. I don’t understand the need for people to comment this useless shit when we’re not living in a regular situation in regards to PC parts.

Yeah well first of all thats not how currency conversion works it’s not like for like and varies between countries and various trade agreements.
Secondly GST is added after currency conversion and import taxes not before, and you also forgot duty/import taxes.

Well this dude lawyerz just posts negative comments on any RTX 3000 card posts.

4 same deals in less than a month 18th dec, 29th dec, 4th Jan and now this one on 13th jan.

is this how it is now? posting the same full priced item again and again from the same store, 4 times in a month is considered a deal? might actually squeeze in a 5th time if someone posts this again in 5 days time.

I’ll post something positive when I actually see a deal, like 3090, you know, things that are actually less than the normal price? If it was anything else posting stuff at full price, the deal would be downvoted to smithereens, but just because its a graphics card, it’ll get upvotes for just being in stock.

Fun fact, I have this card, bought from PLE. I paid full price, don’t consider this a deal. sue me. /shrug

@lawyerz: Chill bro. Find another hobby.

@fidelio: ozbargain is my hobby 😉

This price is EVGA’s published RRP pricing for the 3070 XC3 Ultra. At least in this case, price difference vs RRP is not by the retailer, but by EVGA themselves. It’s odd as EVGA did price their 3080 XC3 Ultra very close to RRP, in fact their 3080 XC3 Black is the same price as the FE RRP

Nvidia 3080 FE RRP: AU$1139
EVGA 3080 XC3 Black RRP: AU$1139
Retailer price: AU$1259 – 1499 (staticice)

Nvidia 3070 FE RRP: AU$809
EVGA 3070 XC3 Black RRP: AU$899
Retailer price:AU$899 – 1029 (staticice)…

Board power limit
Target: 240.0 W
Limit: 270.0 W
Adj. Range: -58%, +12%

Which is quite decent. The FTW3 is 300W, but that seems to be overkill for a 3070.

Highly recommend this card and purchase from PLE.
I live in SA and the card was delivered from VIC the next day.

i ordered 10 for a mining rig. thanks

Your power bill is gonna look good

I have 25 solar panels into a home made Power wall

Your home is gonna look good

Glad those eneloops deal weren’t for nothing.

Can you share any details?

I’m torn over getting one of these vs a 3060 Ti for 1440p. Do you reckon it’s worth the fairly small jump in performance for the price? I get the feeling that most people don’t given that 3070s are readily available where the 3080 and 3060 Ti… arent.

For 1440p either is fine but if you can try and get your hands on the 6800. The AMD cards are king’s if 1440p. The 6800 easily beats the 3070 and 6800XT beats even the 3090 at that resolution. The AMD cards fall about 5% behind in 4K compared to their NVIDIA counterparts.

Cheers, I reckon the 6800 is good card too, I’m a bit boned in that regard though as a lot of the non-gaming software I’m using leverages CUDA only pretty hard. I suspect that in the longer term Nvidia are probably in a better place for VR too which makes me a little hesitant to drop big dollars on an AMD card.

It is a tough call with prices mate. I use to build mining rigs in 2017. The same situation arose back then. The rx480 and 580 went from $350 to $1000. It was ludicrous. A rx580 for $1000 if you could find it.

I am in the same boat as you. I need the cuda cores. I actually managed to get a 6800xt but I might swap or sell it to get an NVIDIA. For gaming they are great but for some productivity applications you are stuck with NVIDIA.

@Homobargainien: And the graphics cards are only half the story, I’m building a new machine and there’s also a gaping hole where I want a Ryzen 3 5600x to be….

I think I’m going to give up and plug it with a 3100 until I can pre-order a 5600 non X or something.

@Guessologist: I know your frustration mate. Took me two months to build my system. I normally take 10mins to pick up the parts and 30 minutes to build. I think your plan is a good one. But there should be stock coming for the 5000 CPUs end of this month.


Exactly what I did. I’ve had the 3100 while waiting for my 5600x (and I don’t seem to be moving up the 5600x queue!!)

So far the 3100 is chugging along OK at 1080p.

Only thing stopping me from AMD 6800XT is NVIDIA proprietary game tech like DLSS 🙁

Even then where can you find 6800 XT now?

Issue with 6800 is also of availability. The only ones I have seen that are available are $1400+ cards.
Which puts them in line with the 3080.
It also puts them in line with the 6800 XT variant, but those cards (like the XFX Merc) are $1550 and at that territory, you’re likely better off with the GDDR6X in the 3080, as well as better RT support and DLSS (since the 3080 and 6800XT cards will likely be used for 4K gaming). So we’re back to square one with 3080 cards.

It’s a clusterf*** of a situation currently.

that is true but you can pre order at rrp still – $1069 for xt – just have to wait till Feb/March but Id rather do that then pay $400 more for a card now

6800XT beats 3090? I thought I saw in testing the 6800XT trading blows with the 3080.

At 1440p it beats both. Not in 4k.

3090 is NOT a gaming card….extra performance vs 3080 is minimal but price is double….

6800 costs as much as 3080 in most places, why you comparing apples to oranges

I bought a 6800xt two days ago for $1360. Given the 3080 is even harder to get it makes sense to keep it in mind.

And, isn’t the 6800XT marketed as a direct competitor to the RX3080? That makes your apples to oranges comparison very inappropriate.

@Homobargainien: i’m talking about comparing a 3070 to a 6800 which you yourself brought up in response to the OP, they are not direct competitors at all, there is a price difference and in australia its a very significant price difference in most stores.

@Freestyle: 6800’s are pretty regularly available at $949-999. A large round of every brand just dropped last week @ PCCG.

3060ti was had for 709 which i grabbed
3070 was had for 879

not near historic lows yet.

these two cards model doesnt matter. you are not pushing power or heat on these. 80/90 models sure be picky.

Managed to sell my 5700 XT Red Devil to some dude in Italy for $700. Then found a brand new Galax 3070 off gumtree for $800. Benchmarked my PC yesterday and I’ve gotten almost a 30% increase! So stoked with the 3070.

why would they sell for 800?

Judging by the bloke when I picked it up he was a fairly well off Korean kid. Reckons he got 2 for Christmas but sold them because he bought a 3080 lol

GPU prices are crazy. Yes, a RTX 3070 is faster than a next-gen console on paper. But this GPU alone costs $200 more than a console. And in reality, console games are better optimised (most of the time) and these differences aren’t as pronounced.

I honestly don’t understand why all newer GPUs have been out of stock for months now.

This may be pretty hard to understand, but please read carefully. People may want a higher end GPU for more than just gaming, that also includes wanting a pc to do more than just gaming

For sure, but those other non-gaming tasks would benefit from extra VRAM even more than gaming tasks would. 8GB is just way to low.

If you don’t understand why there is a shortage of GPU, you must be living in a covid19 free world.

a 3060 is faster than the next-gen consoles

consoles arent ‘optimised’ they lock themselves to specific graphical settings and use dynamic render scaling to achieve those results

Not true. Looks at Sony’s exclusives. It’s downright amazing what they managed to do with the PS4’s modest hardware configuration.

You cant just look at exclusives that they literally design for one type of hardware….

and it is true a 3060 would be faster, people already did benchmarking

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