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Free Sample: Sylk Personal Lubricant 3.5g @ Sylk

Free Sample: Sylk Personal Lubricant 3.5g @ Sylk

Free Sample: Sylk Personal Lubricant 3.5g @ Sylk

Australian residents only. 1 x 3.5g sachet sample per customer, subject to availability. We respect your privacy and will never share, sell or misuse your information.


Lifetime supply.

Not on mrs Palmer and her five daughters it’s not

I’m dating twins, Jill and Lily.

@Juiciness: Back then my twin experience was lefty and righty

Is water or silicone based best for cucumbers?

You don’t need one. Already have natural lube. Just peel the skin work well

F### yes!!!

cucu 95% wata

Thanks OP but I need grease rather than lube.

what a machine

Thanks OP, just in time. I missed this deal:

Thought I would slide into the comments…

careful, it’s slippery in here…


Better be careful in this discussion, you might slither on some arguments.

It’s only early days but so far a lot of the usernames check-out: Juiciness, jackinyourbox, Cucumber 123…

Might send some to Donald Trump as a going away present
Could come in handy in prison

heh i see what you did there!

He doesn’t deserve lube.

why the negs lol bunch of proudboys

maybe this is too dirty?

i thought it was quite clever

How much… um… area does that cover?

Don’t worry, you’ll get multiple uses out of it

Sounds like you’re speaking from experience!

Gotta be honest, I’m a bit disappointed by the OzBargain community here. A full hour after posting and the upvotes are dry and bare. Do your OzBargain duty and slide right into that upvote button. We’ve never had this sort of friction on these posts in the past, and we should not start now.

Ordered some. For the misses.

Sounds like you need something to help with your aim!

Lazer guidance?

Heat seeking

@queer dog geyfrog: @queer dog geyfrog: Bunker busting

What a waste, she’s never needed any before…

I didn’t realise Ben Shapiro was in these forums!

Valentine’s gift sorted.

Any good for noisy gearbox. The banana peels not doin the job

I’m not going to lie, the last time I ordered a sample of “lubricant” i thought it was just general purpose grease. So I ordered one to “lubricate” my mechanical keyboard. Boy was i wrong and decidedly so….

and what is this one? lol

Gonna lube the keyboard before I insert 😏

Just use saliva.

We call it spit…

hittem with that gawkgawk3000

Is this for machine or man? Or both?

This is for men who are machines

That narrows the target market down!
RoboCop, Mimetic poly-alloy-based beings, Borg, Kevin Warwick, Inspector Gadget, Steve Austin, Vader…

hmm… I’m on no fap guys…

Doesn’t appear to be available.

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