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Half Price: Woolworths Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml $2 @ Woolworths

Half Price: Woolworths Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml $2 @ Woolworths


Half Price: Woolworths Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml $2 @ Woolworths

Not sure about the quality but for this price… happy to give it a go

Made from 100% Spanish olives, this bottle of Extra Virgin Spanish Olive Oil is made from cold-pressed olives, resulting in a rich and aromatic flavour.

I wouldn’t expect much at that price.

I’ll hand in my Ozbargain membership card on my way out….

100% spanish mate

it’s okay.

Yeah nah

Was $4.00

For those who don’t know what half price means

Haha how did I miss that!


It’s fine for cooking and dressings

So no good for the car?

Its not VW504.00/507.00 approved so i can’t use it in mine

Rust prevention

What’s it made out of?

For what it is worth other varieties of Woolworths olive oil 500ml are also $2, ie Woolworths Olive Oil Spanish Classic 500ml, Woolworths Olive Oil Spanish Mellow 500ml etc

I prefer this oil as well…

8.1% Spanish farm labourer.

You mean Spanish sweat?

Wrong! The best Olive Oil is Aussie!

And it’s name is Cobram Estate!

The best value EVOO in Australia is Cobram Estate. If you want to pay silly money you can get much better from Europe, but it’s eye wateringly expensive here.

Really good stuff.

California Ranch Olive Oil if you’re ever in the US.

Europe has excellent olive oil if you can figure out which of them are unadulterated / run by the mafia.

The best oil is the freshest oil. People should think of olive oil in the same way as orange juice. Freshly squeezed is much better than stored on a shelf for months/years. I like Cobram because they put the actual harvest date on the bottle and you really want to be within a year of that date at the latest. Best before or expiry date means nothing.

Buy Australian. They need our support. Pay the extra

There are many poorer countries that “need our support” more than some big EVOO producer in Australia. Buy whatever you want. Support whoever you want, but nobody is entitled to our support.

Our farmers are being screwed over by, shall we say, a super power. Buy Australian and only Australian where possible. We have excellent health standards in place to protect AUSTRALIANS health. I stopped buying anything from that poxy super power years ago. My views are off subject but I’m an Aussie and proud

don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

@ltwo: Either make a relevant comment or buy out if it. A cliché amounts to zip

@binatang: you said our farmers are being screwed over. how can they be screwed over if they don’t need to sell their products?

I also hope the device you’re reading this on and the components within it are all Australian made. otherwise your protest amounts to zip.

@ltwo: China could learn well from this statement.

@Deseret: it’s a two way relationship

@ltwo: And it’s demand and supply

most food that is “made in…” has 90% overseas sourced product

Wait a minute……

Noice, an upvote from me

problem is, is that really olive oil?

given the rampant faking of olive oil everywhere, happy to pay the “AU tax” to get something made here as it was shown to be more reliable

The best thing about Cobram is that it is local*, relatively cheap and bloody good for the $$$$. There’s no AU tax given it’s superior quality for it’s price.

*It’s environmentally better to buy local. Flag waving is never good.

yes, I meant “AU tax” as a tongue – in-cheek way of saying “more expensive that most other places”. It’s not really flag waving, but wanting to pay more for a better quality product. Not everything made here is better but olive oil sure is.

Agree 100% At the supermarket level, at least.

Yes, always OZ Olive oil for piece of mind and quality..

What’s wrong with this oil? I used it before and it cooks alright…

Australian olive oil is the real deal. A great deal of EU olive oil is regularly tainted with cheap filler oils, agricultural industry is heavily mob influenced. This has been a running scam since ancient times. Source : I read a book about the history of olive oil.

Seems cheap, is it possible that ozbargain collective could have it tested somehow to prove it’s Extra Virgin Olive oil and not pomace olive oil or something else. Would be interesting.

We’re far too cheap to pay for that!

Palestinian olive is sooo good – just ask the Israelis.

ruco is the best olive i never tasted – but that was in barcelona 2014 – unsure where to but it here

You never tasted ? How did you know it’s the best then ? :/

I generally buy Spanish EVOO in the 4l cans – on special that comes down to 20 smackers so $2 for .5l is a good deal. Spanish olive oil has great taste (mate).

Mate (!) the stuff you buy us crap. Cobram is better (mate.)

ok mate i should give it another try for the sake of buying local…

Is there something wrong with the oil itself that you are all complaining about?
I mean it’s still Extra Virgin Olive oil just like any other Extra Virgin Olive oil be a lot cheaper.
I would assume if you are making a dish like rice/chicken/curries/pasta it will taste the same

too true, when you are dipping with bread and salt then you would appreciate the flavour and quality, and then it’s like comparing and appreciating the provenance.

true I usually get Cobram Estate for salads and stuff but for cooking I find the cheapest Extra Virgin Olive oil is no different than the most expensive

Only if you don’t have taste buds…

@jv: ????

@michael9865: If you can’t taste the difference, you might as well just use vegetable oil…

I only use the best EVOO for cooking and for salads, unless of course I’m deep frying, then I never use olive oil at all…

@jv: Extra Virgin Olive oil is the best oil to use for cooking.
vegetable oil is one of the worst oils you can use for cooking.
I am very surprised you can taste the difference between different Extra Virgin Olive oils in pasta and so on. Do you just cook it in oil or something and not add anything else


Not for deep frying…

@jv: why deep fry when you can air fry


Because air frying doesn’t taste as good.

@jv: lol
it tastes almost as good depending on how you cook it but it is significantly more healthier

@jv: @michael9865:

I dunno – I saw this well researched video by Adam Ragusea a few months back.

I’ve been using EVOO for all cooking ever since….

@serapax: The research does show it is healtier overall but EVOO impacts a unique taste to the food at high heat. You probably dont wanna a mild taste of bitter grass in your stir fry. The other refined oils are more neutral in that sense. I have multiple types of oil for different cooking methods.If you ever tried using EVOO for frying an egg, the taste is kinda funky…

Not sure about this Woolies spanish EVOO, but I typically buy Cobram or Woolworths Extra Virgin Olive Oil (…) whichever one is cheaper per 100ml.

Top tasting oils
The top five oils in our show judging were all produced in Australia, with Cobram Estate Classic Flavour scoring 85%, a result worthy of gold medal status. Tasters commented on its “intense fruity nose”, “long pepper pungency” and notes of “citrus, artichoke, green corn, green banana and herbs”.

Fellow Australian oils Red Island (79%), Maggie Beer (77%), Rosto Mellow and Woolworths Select Australian (both 76%), and Spanish oil Always Fresh (75%) all achieved silver medal status (75–84%).

A further four oils, also from Spain – Macro Organic Spanish and Moro El Primero (both 67%), La Espanola (66%) and Woolworths Select Spanish (65%) – achieved bronze medal status (65–74%).


For an extra 50c/L, I’ll leave this link here…

La Espanola Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 3.78L for $17.00 ($4.50/L)…

They’ve stopped online purchases but they’re still available in store – picked one up yesterday.

Nice evoo, the one I always get 🙂

The best olive oil for salads you can buy is the product of Turkey and sold here is Marmara Birlik brand Extra Virgin at $9 in litre bottles

If you want to come close to the heavenly light, drink half a bottle of olive oil by itself. And wait…. I have seen flashes of my life go by and also saw that sound can actually go faster than light 😅😅

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