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Hantek DSO5102P 100MHz Oscilloscope $299.86 + Shipping @ Banggood

Hantek DSO5102P 100MHz Oscilloscope $299.86 + Shipping @ Banggood


Hantek DSO5102P 100MHz Oscilloscope $299.86 + Shipping @ Banggood

Banggood is doing this with 35% off, originally $459.87. Apparently, it can be software modded to 200Mhz if you are interested.

Hantek DSO5102P USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope 2Channels 100MHz 1GSa/s


I personally took a gamble on Hantek DSO2C10 for $248.79, which is on pre-order, and I cannot find a review out there yet for it but it appears to be the eventual replacement model.…

100mhz, can mod to 200mhz!? That’s 100 overclock.

Better put some heat sinks to stop it from frying .

Not sure if joking or not 😀

For anyone not in the know the 100MHz refers to the usable bandwidth of the scope.
The samples per second is more like clock speed (in this case 1GS/s or 1 gigasamples per second)

I’m not incredibly experienced with scopes, if someone can word this better please do.

1GS/s should equate to around 450MHz bandwidth.

No, there is no direct relationship between sample rate and bandwidth.

The sample rate is literally how quickly the A/D convertor can take each sample. The bandwidth is effectively the frequency response of the analogue signal path.

@pjetson: Why bother sampling a 100MHz bandwidth signal at 1Gs/s then? That makes little sense:…

@RedHab: I think you’re OK in terms of audio ADC and reproduction etc..etc.. but this instrument isn’t specifically for that purpose.
This isn’t an ADC in terms of audio sense and the ability to reproduce a good approximation of a wave form digitally.
This is ADC in terms of actually seeing the wave visually for diagnostic purposes.
The representation / fidelity of the wave shape is important for diagnostic reasons.

@RedHab: Couple of reasons. Firstly to save on costs a single ADC is often shared (interleaved) between all of the active channels, so the 1GSa/s quoted may be only 500MSa/s per channel. More generally though it comes down to the requirements of the analogue filtering. The sort of linear-phase filters used in scope front-ends have really wide transition bands requiring much higher sample rate than what Nyquist suggests – 10x the quoted -3dB bandwidth is common. Oversampling can also be used to improve the SNR.

@RedHab: With an oscilloscope you need the sampling rate to be at least 4-5 times the signal you’re trying to measure, and the bandwidth to be at least three times the signal frequency, or you won’t be getting an accurate view of all the characteristics of the signal.

Google for articles on oscilloscope bandwidth and sample rate if you want the technical details.

What are you going to use it for?

I’ll be using mine for general audio/hifi repair.

If you don’t have one, maybe you should?…

Lol. That list is kinda funny because i can’t relate to it at all.

I think this is the kind of device that if you don’t already know you need it, then you don’t need it.

That’s not the ozbargain way.

Repeat 10 times.

Thanks, ordered but done need it.

Reminds me of when I wanted to get started with Arduino and I found a list of allegedly “cool” projects. I think I’m very apathetic in my adult years since I’m not impressed by any device that doesn’t solve a legitimate problem. Typically projects where a wife might say something like “that’s pretty cool hun…was the plumber meant to come at 2?”

@peterpeterpumpkin: … but that’s exactly the moment you should don your tools and fix the plumbing problem yourself! Major points bonus follows soon after 🙂

@peterpeterpumpkin: What?! With my thousands of dollars of tools I’ve fixed several $10 to $30 electronic items.

@FabMan: … but hold onto those items for 20+ years and they’ll be worth 5 times as much 🙂

@peterpeterpumpkin: The only useful project I have done so far – the garden irrigation system from the water tank, with a few different segments, water metering in litres, and remote triggering with HomeAssistant integration. Wanted to add an indication of the amount of water left in the tank with the suitable pressure sensor, but never finished.

I use it to monitor my AF

Sweet AF.

I use the Glucometer for that.

Seems alright…
Personally I just use the Hantek USB DSO, not as fast but saves space and lets me use a PC…
Fast enough for most bus communication etc

Could you please link me to this?

This guy I think [AU$95.98 43% OFF]Hantek 6022BE PC-Based USB Digital Storag Oscilloscope 2Channels 20MHz 48MSa/s With Original Box Measurement & Analysis Instruments from Tools on banggood

Any good and cheap bench power supply recommendations, which are on sale?

Create your own bench power supply with a spare PC power supply? It is a fun electronics hack, and uses up those old PC power supplies laying around.……

I’m dodgy, I have various plugs from old devices with their ends cut off.

I DIY a digital power supply with RIDEN dps5005

seems a good deal, remember the Rigol 100 MHz hack 😀

I have the 50Mhz Rigol with the hacked 100Mhz firmware. Cost me around $400 back in the day, if I recall correctly. Not sure what I would have been able to do if I had to make a warranty claim, since I’d hacked it.

This unit seems to be better value, and looks like it has a better screen.

yeah! this is a good deal. Are you using it for hobby purposes ?

I work in the electronics industry, but it’s one of my hobbies as well.

Nice Fabman! Was going to wait until I actually needed one in a few months time but at these prices who cares 😉 Took your lead and went for the DSO2C10 too. No-brainer prices nowadays. Awesome!

Hopefully it all goes well, eBay cheapest on the DSO2C10 is $346 + delivery.

Me three, crazy cheap. Now we play the waiting game.

Regarding the scope that you pre-ordered (DSO2C10), there is some info here sounds like its been delayed for a while now.

Does it pick up the ABC?

Nah, it’s more for SBS

It has XY mode so it could display the logo –

Bought mine in 2019 and still works great

I thought it was a life support machine.

I don’t know much about heart rate monitors, but that does look like one.


any one actually manage to use the $20US coupon for new users? mentioned/pushed everywhere but good luck actually getting it to work??

Banggood’s website is possibly the worst ever. Its like they dont even want customers.

id agree with that, pretty much made me say stuff it i dont need it that bad…

They don’t actually have a $20 voucher, they have multiple small value vouchers for particular categories of items that you can’t stack. They do add up to $20 if you could use them all together, but you can’t.

ah that makes more sense pointless and miss leading!

Got a new credit card in 30 secs apply online duvalacky. Pulled the trigger. Now that I’m waiting for delivery, what is it and what can I do with it?


You sir are the definitive of ozbargain.

Only if I know how to use an oscilloscope 😀

I guess also need a serious rework station to repair the circuit after finding out what’s wrong.

Is it strange that i don’t know what this does but i still want to buy one?

No, not strange. It looks impressive just having one on a desk.

This is the way

Still got the “spare” CRT oscilloscope my dad rescued from work in the loft. I used to love playing with that as a kid; hooking it up to motors, microphones and whatever I could poke the probes into – until something went bang internally.

Very tempted to get this but don’t want to take away from my 3D printer fund.

I still love CROs, it is really nice to see the raw signal. Good old times without the auto trigger.

What a bunch of nerds 😜

I mean I want one, but have no use for it. The ozbargain life.

Agree – if only this was around a year ago when I had a need for an oscilloscope.

Feels like something I’ll think I’ll use but actually just sit in the garage gathering dust

Looks like the DSO2C10 has protocol decoding as well, very tempting for the price

Been reading in the past hours. Looks like there’s no real use in everyday household tasks, not even as a replacement for multiple meter.

Only useful if you want to troubleshoot electronic circuits (phone, motherboard, tv, etc.), but it will also require sound knowledge in electronics to actually understand wtf is going on 😀 probing at random locations on a board is not going to achieve anything. And then the components, equipment, and skill to repair.

I think starting by building an electronic kit is a good way to learn how to use an o-scope. But still a long way from being able to repair circuitries.

Having said all that, I want one to troubleshoot a blank multi functional display, and I’m sure it can be useful, but it will be a steep learning curve. Will be cheaper to replace, though the sense of achievement if repaired successfully will be hard to beat.

In terms of usefulness, it’s behind multimeters, soldering irons, multi-headed screwdrivers, magnifying glasses, and even the little helping hands in electronics. It is fantastic for gaining a better understanding of and troubleshooting how certain electronic components work, especially those using analog circuits such as speakers and servomotors.

I agree with what you said. If you don’t already comfortably use a soldering iron, read simple circuit diagrams, then this might be overkill. Not your first piece of kit.

I recently bought a Siglent 4 Channel DSO for 800$. This Hantek deal is very good I think.

I was having trouble with a semi-homemade 3d printer I was souping up, and couldn’t figure out what was going on. The DSO saved the day. The signal being output from the arduino wasn’t what I had expected, and without the oscilloscope, I couldn’t see what was going on. An absolute lifesaver. I joke to nerd mates that I was blind, and now I can see..

These are incredibly smart and powerful gadgets for their price. I used to love analog CRT oscilloscopes, but these devices are soooo much easier to use and can save soooo much time..

btw: I have no affiliation at all, but have had good experience with Bangood. Slow shipping sometimes. Haven’t ever tried a return tho..


Thanks OP

Someone tell buildzoid to buy this

I been using a MUSTOOL MT8206 which pretty finding proble with car and normal electrical.

Just watched oscilloscope music and it was interesting.

This one was in my short list back in June. I ended up grabbing the OWON SDS7102EV for $459

does this machine go ping?

Been wanting a cheapie scope in the shop, will be interesting to see how this goes.

Damn, Dave from EEVblog hasnt reviewed it

I also searched the same in his videos yesterday

Not disappointed someone else mentioned Dave, I was about to comment saying someone should send him one for mailbag.

Can you play Tennis for Two on it?

came on oz bargain looking for food delivery codes and nearly bought this item…I can find discount retail therapy discouragement

Thanks OP, I ended up ordering the DSO2C10 too.

Just after ordering, I did notice that a seller on AliExpress appears to be selling the same scope for ~$289 shipped (using Select coupon + seller coupon), which is a little more expensive but would probably arrive faster. Oh well…

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