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Holman Portable Hose Reel with 15m Hose $19.90 @Bunnings in Store C&C

Holman Portable Hose Reel with 15m Hose $19.90 @Bunnings in Store C&C


Holman Portable Hose Reel with 15m Hose $19.90 @Bunnings in Store C&C

Must be price beating the Aldi special buys.

Have C&C option.

Might want to check the reviews before buying

I was about to say you need to be realistic at this price point, but geeze you weren’t kidding. Pass for me, and I was looking for a cheap house reel.

What’s going to be a fair product/brand then?

It seems that the alternatives are crazy expensive.

All of my hoses are Gardena Flex – it’s not crazy expensive (15m for $30), and the quality/longevity is great for that price.

How long is your house?

Used a few Holman garden stuff. Always broke within 6 mth. Almost like it’s not for Aussie sun.

Just don’t leave it in the sun. Inconvenient I know, but no plastic is perfectly UV proof so worth doing even if you buy the expensive hoses and accessories.

Same here. This time i am going to try kmart one. Read some good reviews about it.

These are the worst hose reels you can buy.

I can guarantee you the one OP posted is better than this one…

At least it has a little rubber foot so the metal doesn’t scrape against the concrete, exposing itself to water and leaving rust stains

Depends what you need it for. I had the previous equivalent for about 10 years, and it sits on grass, so no extra wear, nor any rust stains. The rubber bit would add no benefit. Recently purchased the one you linked as it will do the same job at best value.

Just got to get the right tool for the job, but there’s nothing wrong with it if it suits its purpose.

My ~4 months old 30m holman just bursted for its 3rd time. It’s a nice soft hose but you cannot leave the water tape on as the hose will burst like time bomb.

Ironically, I picked up a soft hose from kerbside ~10 years ago and it’s still going strong. Really same something about today’s product quality.

don’t buy this is terrible, hard to wind up reel – need 3 hands. inner connector was kinked on mine restricting waterflow, unaware to get back on properly after. hose is ridiculously hard and doesn’t go back on reel or unravel easy.

Why is Bunnings still selling this crap considering there must be a high rate of returns (judging by the sheer volume of negative reviews)?

Because anything that is returned Bunnings just throws on a pallet and sends back to the supplier. It has very little impact on their business model

Best to avoid any plastic wind up reels- their all rubbish and fall apart or jam up

Whats the original price of it? Is it a good buy at 19.90 price?

it is what it is, its a hose and a reel, i bought it and it does what its supposed to do

recently jacked up to $26.90 according to price hipsters. In 2/2019 was $21.99

I’ve got this little hose reel. It’s really not cut out for regular use. The fitting leaks on the inside of the reel that joins the hose you need to purchase separately to attach to a tap. The reel is to close to the ground to wind without rubbing your hand on the ground a few times each time you wind it up. The handle is flimsy plastic. Considering it’s $20 might be worth it for some.

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