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Huawei P30 Pro (Aurora) $799.20 Shipped @ Mobileciti

Huawei P30 Pro (Aurora) $799.20 Shipped @ Mobileciti


Huawei P30 Pro (Aurora) $799.20 Shipped @ Mobileciti

Not as cheap as previous deal only 20c difference. A decent deal.

Original Coupon Deal

Noticed this is VF branded. Anyone know what that means? Logos? Bloatware? I know it is network unlocked.

One of the most amazing phones of recent times

Definitly is, pity banned by Google, otherwise I will swtich all my managed phones to Huawei.

No Google’s issues with p30 I’ve used with Google Play

I will stick with official support, it’s not just 1 or 2 phones, not worth the time.

@leetec: What are you talking about? The p30 pro was the last officially supported gms phone from huawei

@superroach: P30 Pro here, best phone I’ve owned. Everything works.

The only reason I haven’t upgraded to a newer model is the google ban 🙁

@Click_It: I have a P30 Pro and I dont see the need to upgrade for another 2 years.

@John Doh: Oh yeah don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with the P30 Pro. No plans to change phones. The only temptation would have been a newer Huawei.

@superroach: I was after the newer model as P30 is old. I know P30 work fine, two pro two none pro around me.

@leetec: As above, P30 Pro is not blocked from Google services.

@jondgls: Incorrect, it won’t work with Google GM’s, avoid this Chinese junk like the wuhan plague

@Flykiwiguy: P30 pro support Google Mobile service (GMS)

@Flykiwiguy: You should have known that the ‘Spanish Flu’ does not originate in Spain. Stop talking shit and learn something PLEASE, anything.

@leetec: The P30 Pro is officially supported.

I have had the P30 for a year and it has no problems with Google Services and I am still getting regular updates. It is on the Huawei site as receiving Android 11. Cheers

Not as cheap as bf but still a damn good phone.

How long until this is $399?


This will probably stay on longer as its thier last google services supported phone. Not sure whats gonna happen now that Trumps going down.

It was $399 on Huawei ebay store yesterday until they took down the ad today. Apparently due to a price error.

Something to think about when considering products from such companies… 996 Culture , I’m sure I’ve bought stuff from such companies but something to consider going forward.

i just read that too today…

Yeah nah no one cares about that. Even with the Foxconn suicides in 2010, Apple is still making a killing

Apple also knew of child labour and did nothing about it for 3 years.

Premium pricing yet much loved on ozb. Youfoodz though? Evil company that used to get downvoted to oblivion. Really interesting.

It’s even worse with Foxconn, unless you want to pay $3000 for a phone that made in Oz if that ever happens

Yeh unfortunately it’s the down side of accepting that corporations need to make billions in profits and can only do that by either charging consumers exorbitant amounts of money for a product or take advantage of less fortunate workers.

They do both!

@MrChum: Lol well they charge whatever consumers are willing to pay I guess … so that’s on us as well as the companies

Even if its manufactured in China or India, people still dont have to work 9 to 9 and the companies can still make a very good profit. 9 to 9 is suicidal. If I work 9 to 9 for couple of days, I will probably leave early the next day.

And by leave early you mean out the twelfth story window.

Wish Biden removes the ban on huawei. Samsung became monopoly and making their devices more expensive and less powerful and less quality. They need serious competition in the race

Yep I much prefer Huawei phones. Shame this is the end of the line for most. Very happy P30 Pro owner here but I’d love to upgrade to the P40 Pro Plus… I’m giving thought to just ditching Google and doing it, will see what the P50 Pro brings to the table. I’m already ditching Google Photos so I’m slowly detaching myself from the Google addiction.

Yeah, hard to ditch Gmail since I use SSO a lot 😔

You can use CCPmail 😉

@freedom89: Give me Chinese stolen IP phones any day of the week!

There are heaps of android phones.

Pixel, sony, lg etc

Their yearly sales are not even close to what samsung monthly records

Heads up this is the single SIM variant, which was $838 when the coupon got posted, and the dual sim was $858.

Now this is bumped up to $888 and the dual sim is nowhere to be found. Kinda dodgy imo.

Thank you, almost ordered

Yep, don’t understand why this is a deal. Mobileciti have price jacked.

Amazon have the dual sim for $899 FYI. Standard price. This isn’t a huge deal then

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

Same here

EDIT: appears to be working now

Cheers. Page still hangs when adding to cart

I am just amaze at the rate people here down vote the CCP comment. This one will suffer the same fate no doubt.

Apparently many OZB are willing to trade cheaper products (or so call competition) for our country.

When will people wake up and realize CCP is dumping products to the world? Look at the pricing of MI11, how can a SD888 phone be that cheap? Its not healthy!!

Smartphone market had always been monopoly market with only one or two company, an I am all for Apple and Samsung!!

Also let me remind you that Huawei is actually not really that good, I have a P30 (my last china phone). The camera is so inconsistent. The same issue with the newer phones and they cost more less the same as Samsung and Apple equivalent. I will happily pay that little more to not support a company that is own by a brutal government.

Most people are vocal and all, but at the end of the day will vote with their wallet.

People won’t pay extra(it is Oz bargain after all) as they want to pay lowest possible for maximum bang for buck.

It’s hard for electronics, but you’ll noticed most are slowly becoming made in Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.

Its about educating our fellow citizens.

Dont just buy without thinking where your product is from, how its made, etc.

If people know that they are getting a cheap phone because of slave labour? If they know & still buy its up to them. All we want is the consumer to know the facts before buying.

We want a smart consumer.

ah you remind me of the guy with the megaphone at townhall station in sydney bellowing “the end is near”

NOBODY CARES, this is ozbargain so we’re all here looking to save money wherever we can, there’s no reason to pay Apple prices if you don’t have to, and trying to boycott China will put us back 100 years

no you want to win america’s war on china like a good fox viewer…

Pay less to be spied on or pay more to be spied on. Your choice I guess?

I, for one, welcome our chinese overlords.

I’m with ya mate.



Simpsons reference (whoosh)

that what benedict arnold said…

“Longing,” “rusted,” “furnace,” “daybreak,” “seventeen,” “benign,” “nine,” “homecoming,” “one,” “freight car”

Your country needs you comrade

We just don’t accept the lie or no-sense suspection, as simple as that.

enjoying my new Mate 20 more well-rounded than this hehe

Same My Mate 20Pro is amazing, almost 2 day battery life and fast charging made it an awesome buy

Yup still have my mate 20x. Still no 7.2″ phone on the market to replace this.

It probably needs to be replaced though, due to no security patches…plus I’m itching for a 120hz screen

EMUI 11 is rolling out soon, perhaps it will include sec.Patches

Yeah a 90hz or 120 would be the next step for me, but not for a while as I just got it brand new 😀

This phone just has everything else!!
(HPjack, IR blaster, FM radio, big 4000mah batt / Fast-charge, DualSIM / Expandable storage, stereo speakers, LED notifcation, B28, IP53, came with pre-installed Scr protector & gello case;
just missing Wireless charging, 3D face unlock, 5G, IP68, OLED/AOD)

This doesn’t run Android anymore right? How’s the usability?

Still runs plain old Android, will still get Android updates, still works (and will continue to work) with all Google services. It’s only newer models (released after the P30 Pro) that don’t have access to Google Mobile Services.


my dad did 997 here in australia, so what?

In Australia you get overtime, annual leave etc etc, unless your dad is a idiot lol

nah that’s just immigrant mentality when you own your own business lol

@s1Lence: We talking about employees not the owner. Owners usually works 24/7/365 😜

Heard of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs? And big4 accounting firms?

Yes, i’ve been there for a few years.
Hours was tough but pay was amazing.

I doubt pay is amazing for the factor workers in China & they are just a cog. Most of the money goes back to the state.

Got nothing to do with state/not. Money always goes up the chain. Last time I checked, big4 was at slave rates.

Pay would be amazing there. You don’t get executed

Was around $750 yesterday @MC

Got this phone on day one. Will be 2 yrs in a few months. No plans to upgrade to anything else. Camera and battery are solid. At this price, if my current one breaks with what is currently on the market, I would be keen on getting the same model again.

Once we are talking more about Huawei than the post.. I love my 20 pro mate (even after 2 years) and a broken screen. I’d love to switch to p40 but the Google thing, makes thing harder. So now, I’m considering a note 20 ultra.. Might be the closer that I’d get. Any suggestions?

Just sideload the google apps, according to youtube it’s not that hard and most apps seem to work fine

I had just the P30

‘Upgraded’ to the Samsung FE 5G which was a lemon so then returned it for a pixel 5.

Much preferred the P30 to both, it’s a much better phone. The P30 Pro would still be better than most newer options imo.

Shame about the while Google ban

P30 has a shitty camera. The colours are off all the time.

Probably you don’t know how to use it.

Yeah, my camera is awesome. Only colour problems are with food photos where the AI gets a bit carried away.

Point and shoot – just like I did with my old Samsung. Where Samsung excelled P30 lacks colours. Partner’s Pixel 4 takes much better photos than P30 as well.

Going through my photos of Christmas and the New Year taken with my P30 Pro, the one comment everyone made was how awesome the camera is and on that alone, two people have now just purchased one via this deal after I pointed it out to them.

The thing is, although the camera is awesome, it’s not even the best thing about it. Had the phone for a while now and I don’t feel the need to upgrade as it’s going to be a long time before it lags behind.

Another happy P30 pro customer here. A solid phone that’s still running smoothly. It’s a pity that new Huawei phones cannot get gws.

Tis an interesting ethics that seem interchangeable with certain companies and their operations as opposed to others. I’m glad there’s still people reminding others about stuff that the general Joe may not be aware of.

It’s a great deal and a great phone but would consider the general punter to have a bit of a read and judge for themselves.

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