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[iOS] Free - HappyCow (Vegan Food Near You) (Was $5.99) @ Apple App Store

[iOS] Free – HappyCow (Vegan Food Near You) (Was $5.99) @ Apple App Store

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Something for our vegan/vegetarian friends. This app is free for the first time on the Apple app store.

Yeah sure, why not?

It’s worth the $5.99. I’ve used it when travelling overseas. Has come in handy.

I have used it plenty for just travelling to new places in Australia and it is such a handy app to have.

I’ve always just used the website for free.

I find when I’m overseas, my diet changes drastically and normally lacks vegetables and fruit so this will be quite helpful.

How do you know someone is a sook?

Don’t worry, they’ll make this joke every time the concept of eating less meat comes up.

He uses MS Paint so he’s probably stuck in the 90s.

How do you spot a vegan who is a petal and lost their sense of humor?

Lol blame everything on sense of humour.



I’m not sure repeating a canned joke for the fifteen millionth time qualifies as humour, MS Paint, but hey – keep on doing you!

Hard to believe that they would charge for the app, especially since it looks like it’s community content, but just downloaded it anyway.

Not sure how it works for iPhone, but on Android there’s a free version and a full version.

I thought that the free version was fine to use, but it does display ads and only shows the first three reviews. The full version has offline viewing (you can save favorites), an “open now” filter, all reviews, and no ads.

You can always use the website for free in the browser, so the app is just for convenience.

Sure the source of the information is crowdsourced, but should someone spend hours developing and maintaining the app and host it out of pocket so people can use it for free? This is a niche app with not that many users and therefore sales so $5.99 is a reasonable price given there is a free adsupported version.

I agree. Development takes a lot of time and should be rewarded accordingly.


I’m not seeing a price change for Android. But these are the links:

Free version (ad supported)….

Paid version ($3.99)…

Clicked on your paid link and it shows $5.49.. is the $3.99 US pricing?

Yeah he must be on the US store, some apps are only on the US store so I used to be there too. However, they only let you change region once a year and many Australian apps are only on Aus store.

Thanks you so much! Didn’t know this existed. My daughter has dairy allergies and I have already found a few good stores near me that will cater for her needs. Will also use this when on holidays for takeaway food.

This is also a vegan dating app. Use it to find food locations of vegans to find hot vegans.

good idea. similar to how I used “we chat” a chinese messaging and social media app to find my asian wife lol.

It exists, it’s called literally any other restaurant finding app

I wonder why they haven’t made the Android app free as well

I’m not sure either but I ended up shooting them an email as I was curious and asked if they were planning to make the Android add-on free ($5.49) as I know their Android app is already free but is operating essentially as a ‘lite’ version.

I’m not vego or vegan, but I am trying to make healthier and more sustainable eating choices. This will be great to have. Without it, 90% of times I consider grabbing a vegan feed, I have no idea where to go to find something half decent, so I just default to ‘the usual’ of subway / sushi etc.

You can ask any place to do something vegan. If they have a half decent chef / cook they’ll look after you. Plus you are sending a signal of what you want which may shape their future considerations.

Cheers, appreciate the deal!

I’m lucky as I live inner city so finding vegan places is very very easy but this will surely be of help when I’m out and about.

If I had to guess, I’d say the restaurant app that used a cow for its logo either specialised in dairy products or hamburgers.
I suppose cows are themselves vegans, maybe that’s the rationale.

They could have started vegetarian dairy and then specialised in vegan after. The apps version history might give some clues, unless the app was resubmitted with the same name or just based on the domain name if the website used to be the only way to access the service.

Logo reminds me of a cross between Laughing Cow cheese and Milka chocolate.

The owner of happy cow is vegan and has been for a long while – I have conversed with him personally.

The site has been around a long time, while veganism was much less known about and often seen as a form of stricter vegetarianism. This relic has sadly stuck around but is slowly disappearing. I expect in another 20 years it should be gone.

Ten years ago happy cow had predominantly vegetarian members – these days vegans outnumber the vegetarians there (based on reviewers) for sure.

Only because they’re really poor hunters.

Don’t kid yourself, Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about!…

That’s awesome. Better than Google Maps for finding quality & niche options around. Been very helpful for travelling in unfamiliar destinations for many many years.

Good app, has been useful even overseas

How come the cow is purple? Is this for kids?

In, um… some ways, YES. ;-D

Wow don’t make vegan jokes on ozbargain

Self censorship? ????

Yayyyy. Another happy vegan here lol

ahaha how sensitive these vegans in the thread but yeah, they keep justifying their food choices to meat eaters. Can I get a t-bone please medium rare no salad thank you.

Yeah but you came in here to specifically mention that so I think its you who’s the sensitive one… nice projection!

[iOS] Free – HappyCow (Vegan Food Near You) (Was $5.99) @ Apple App Store

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