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iPhone 11 64GB|128GB $895.50|$967.50 / iPhone SE 2020 $609.30 (Sold Out) / iPhone 12 Pro Max $1816.20 (Sold Out) @ Mobileciti

iPhone 11 64GB|128GB $895.50|$967.50 / iPhone SE 2020 $609.30 (Sold Out) / iPhone 12 Pro Max $1816.20 (Sold Out) @ Mobileciti


iPhone 11 64GB|128GB $895.50|$967.50 / iPhone SE 2020 $609.30 (Sold Out) / iPhone 12 Pro Max $1816.20 (Sold Out) @ Mobileciti

With the latest coupon from Mobileciti, the planned iPhone upgrade for my parents to the SE 2020 looks pretty good. Have to stick to the smallest profile you can get because “phones are just getting too big these days”.

Other iPhones that suit people other than my parents are also looking pretty good.

iPhone 11 64GB Black – $895.5 (also available in white)
iPhone 11 128GB Black – $967.5

iPhone SE 2020 64GB Black – $609.30 Sold Out

iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB – $1816.20 Courtesy of RogueWolf Sold Out

Not locked to Vodafone, unlike the other OW deal; seems like a good price-match candidate.

edit: sold out of the iPhone SE and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Original Coupon Deal

I think you posted the wrong link for the 11 64gb, its taking me to the SE

I did, thanks for pointing it out!

iphone 12 pro max 256GB $1816.20

Also a great deal, will add on

Normally A$2,019.00
So its a good saving

Reasonable prices for iPhone world.

Why buy new when you can get slightly used (1-3 months) for hundreds less?
Usually nothing goes wrong with used iPhones, and if it does you have your 2 year warranty from date of purchase.

where do you buy from?

Gumtree (always cash only), eBay.
You can support local business but as a true Bargain Hunter…

Fb marketplace not good ?

@georgev: Probably safer than than gumtree since you’ll see their name, photos and friends to know if they’re trustworthy. But very limited ads and the search algorithm is fcked. Shows 10% of actual ads out there, mostly the ones sellers paid Facebook for publicity

@Mr Bargain Hunter: How do you ensure it’s not locked to previous owner or worst case stolen?

@dtrinh: You perform 2 tests.
1- Bring a SIM Pin and insert SIM card. Activate mobile data. If it’s stolen, locked or lost, it will go into “lost mode”.
2 – check that iPhone doesn’t have an iCloud account logged in at the top of the Settings. If it doesn’t have anyone logged in, means it’s clean and no one can remote lock it even if they go on their knees and beg police.

Can’t say how I know all this about iPhones, but feel free to check online to validate my info like the Wookie Monster did

@Mr Bargain Hunter: It can still be IMEI locked by the carrier if it was purchased through a Telco at any time if the phone was originally purchased on a contract.

As new iPhone from gumtree is full of insurance scam. Stay away.

My hobby is buying and flipping iPhones from gumtree, latest was a new sealed 12 128gb for $900 before Xmas, sold on eBay same day for $1325 free fees.
Paid for a few Xmas presents lol.

@Bobsam: Careful with those sealed ones – heard one guy opened one and he saw a potato inside. Always open them in front of the seller.

@Bobsam: Not even PayPal fees?

2-year warranty? I only purchased mine in Dec 2019 and it says it’s Out of warranty on the apple website.

You have consumer law warranty at Apple for 2 years from date of purchase
If you bought it on dec 19 your actual warranty is until dec 2021.
Call them up and confirm if you want

An iPhone’s manufacturer’s warranty only lasts for 1 year, even if it was originally purchased in Australia. When you enter your device’s details on the Apple website, it only checks whether the manufacturer’s warranty has lapsed, hence the “out of warranty” message. The website does not check the status of your consumer law coverage (which is provided in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty), because Australian consumer law only states that a product must be durable for a “reasonable period” (i.e. no set time period).

Apple state on their website:

I go into this in more detail in another comment if you’re interested.

Because people touch their pee-pees and then touch the phone screen, which my fingers will also touch. I also don’t want skin and grit casing the small gaps on the edges and receiver area.

True, but what if someone dropped the phone and it looks fine but the glass is in a weakened state ready to crack at a second much smaller drop? You’re right usually nothing goes wrong and the price of an official battery replacement is now crazy cheap compared to what it used to be, Apple did a complete 180 on their prices after all the fuss about making it harder for 3rd party batteries to be used…

Glass has a “stress limit”. Only deforms when it reaches that limit by a compressive force. Any forces below that don’t affect the structure in a deforming manner.
I’ve bought and tested around 500 used phones. The weakest was an iPhone 6s Plus I used. Cracked it, took it to a cheap repair shop in town hall, and it cracked again with a 40cm drop.
You can tell if an iPhone screen had a shoddy replacement by testing the 3D Touch or Haptic Touch. If it takes a lot more force to activate it and if the screen looks to be thicker or coming out of the phone a bit more than normal means the screen’s been replaced cheaply.

What’s happens if it’s stolen and IMEI is blocked after you get it?

iphone 12 pro max deal gone

It’s still showing a couple pieces of stock for me.

edit: now it’s gone

can officeworks match the price?

It’s AU stock, and previous deals have discussed OW matching Mobileciti, so they should be willing to.

they don’t match the price after coupon.


Same with JB-HI, they won’t match the price after a discount code.

I agree with your parents on this one. After years on the original SE I upgraded to the 2020 SE, which is already too big for me (I’m a big guy but I don’t like to use 2 hands for a phone). Will definitely go for the 12 mini somewhere later this year, have your parents considered that model?

@mobileciti rep: Just a question about no purple stock: is it because it’s popular (sold out) or because it’s unpopular (so you would rather restock with black/white)?

HI guys, is this a used phone/second hand or brand new? Tia

Brand new

Did anyone happen to capture a screenshot of the iPhone 12 Pro Max price? Thank you


Dammit people. Leave it in stock so one can price match at OW

OW wont price match the coupon code price, cheaper to buy it through mobileciti

Wow this mobile site is a hot mess. I don’t want to see every colour, skew, refurb/open box/brand new listing you put up without a filter option.

Damn would of got that pro max, got AirPods max for $808. Code HAPPY2021.

Will they get more stock of the SE ? Not a bad deal.

if you buy 2nd hand from facebook or gumtree and you need to claim warranty a few months after (i.e. battery went down to 50%)

Yes….if it’s still under warranty which you can easily check online

Apple expert here – you only need purchase date, obtainable by calling Apple support if you can’t find it on the website. They’ll just ask for serial number.
Add 2 years to that serial number. That’s how much warranty you have in Australia. Fellow Apple Geniuses will repair it no even if it was resold 1000 times.

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