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iPhone XR 64GB/128GB $699/$779 + Postage All Colours @ JB Hi-Fi

iPhone XR 64GB/128GB $699/$779 + Postage All Colours @ JB Hi-Fi


iPhone XR 64GB/128GB $699/$779 + Postage All Colours @ JB Hi-Fi

Delivery Only,
Delivery from $4.99
Must be closest to cheapest ever

Just bought this for a friend who didnt want to spend $1000+ for a phone
For some reason some colours had delivery times of month, but the colour they chose had delivery ETA of Jan 6th… (BLACK)… (WHITE)… (RED)… (YELLOW)… (BLACK)… (RED)… (WHITE)… (BLUE)… (CORAL)… (YELLOW)

Limited to one per person

Can I be your friend?

Can I be your friend’s friend?

You need to have a sex change first. Only friends with benefit get free iPhone(s).

hey its me ur friend

You just call out my name
And you know wherever I am
I’ll come running
To see you again
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I’ll be there
You’ve got a friend

and for that call, you definitely need an Iphone Xr.

Me too please… 🙏

Hmmm.. not sure why it was marked as expired.

Revision history for the original deal indicates someone helpfully added 1-January-2021 as the expiry date and no-one fixed it.
No action was taken on duplicate reports for this post until it had over 100 positive votes so it replaces the original deal post.…

Yeah, I don’t understand so many upvotes for a repeated / extended / same deal/s…

It’s still a good deal, but there’s nothing new here, just a re-advertisement.

Any1 who got this and can vouch for it as an upgrade from 6s plus ?

Definitely an upgrade from the 6s plus. the battery life is pretty good, the size of XR is quite nice. I have had it for 2 years still very fast

Ahan thanks … Seems pretty nice at this price …

Definitely, its a significant upgrade over 6s plus in terms of performance too. The only thing is if you put on casing, it gets a little bulky though.

iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone XR specs:…
Phone size comparison:,1078

Touch ID is gone, you have to use Face ID. iPhone 11 cases will also fit iPhone XR, just double check the sizes before purchase.
JB HiFi delivery was pretty quick for us as well.

Moved from SE 1st Gen which has the same internals as the 6s and can vouch its a much better phone

i went from a 6s to the xr. the 6s, even after 4 yrs, was still a very capable phone, i just got a really good deal on the xr, so i bought it and gave the 6s to mum, its still going strong.

just be careful of the rear camera lens on the xr, it sticks out, and can crack easily if dropped or put on a surface, highly recommend getting a case which protrudes and caters for the lens sticking out.

Camera isn’t the best…. that’s about it

XR is like the new 6s plus of the 10 and up series. Good value and reliable work horse.

I had a 6s plus, XR and only just recently upgraded to a 12. Main reasons for upgrade was for a lighter/narrower build and a better/ultrawide lens otherwise I could imagine using it another 2+ years

I upgraded from a 6s plus to an Xr and I looooooooved the Xr. So much better than the 6s plus.
I’ve since upgraded to iphone 12. Which I also love. But its not as drastic an improvement from Xr to 12 as 6s plus to Xr was…

Hi friend, long time no see

how come iphone 7 plus got 2 back camera but this one only 1 ???

Because this is a “scaled down” version of the XS series at the time of the release, just like Samsung S10e vs the S10 series.

This was the reason I didn’t upgrade from 7 plus until 11 pro was released.
The xs max had similar cameras and the 8 had the same.
It was a tough wait as the batteries were almost gone. Lol.

What a bargain! I paid $1400 for a 255gb when it came out just over 2 years ago.

You got ripped off mate, charged full price for 1 less gb.

How heavy is this, compared to a Pixel 4a? Does the size make it unweildy?


Yes, i signed up to a gym solely so i can wield my iphone xr, i can recommend you some good protein shakes to help bulk up for this beast of a phone.

You don’t even need a gym membership when you’re lugging around the beast that is an XR!

Would officeworks price match this for instore or delivery?

as per my research so far, it is only available on apple official store and JB Hifi. None of the retailers like OW, TGG, HN have the XR model stocked anymore.

Also, if you try price match with Apple, they can only do 10% maximum regardless. So I’d suggest to grab from JBs if I were you, if you want one that is.

paid via 5% discounted gift cards.

Old model so they wouldn’t stock this crap.

How would this compares to the iPhone 8+?

Is it worth the upgrade?

I don’t know from 8+ but my husband moved from a 7+ to xr and he loves it. He loves it’s smaller but has a bigger screen and Face ID. He doesn’t notice the worse screen quality, as it’s still a very decent lcd panel on the xr

Not a particularly substantial one, no.

XR processor is one generation better (likely unnoticeable in most circumstances), has FaceID and it’s slightly smaller, but you’d be giving up the dual cameras and TouchID (miss that with masks!).

My husband likes the Face ID, mind you his old iPhone Touch ID wouldn’t work most of the time.

Mandatory masks now makes me miss touchid.

@slowmo: Yea! This is why I still love my iPhone 8+ 🙂

I loved FaceID right up until masks, it’s fast and reliable.

Was disappointed Apple didn’t add TouchID to the power button like they did with the new iPad Air. I’m a masked world it would have been a sweet addition.

I never had issues with TouchID all the way back to the iPhone 5S, always worked well for me.

I’m no aficionado, but $699 for a minor upgrade doesn’t seem worth it.…

However, renewed warranty, a fresh battery and no button may entice some people.

The only difference I have was, based on my personal experience, iPhone XR has “edge to edge” display whereas iPhone 8+ has huge bezels (top and bottom), feels kinda like an outdated design compared to iPhone XR. They both have same LCD technology btw.

iPhone 8+ has a battery pixel density though

What is battery pixel density? I assume you meant better pixel density.

@BuddySaysHi: Yes sorry meant better lol

XR does portrait mode with single camera

No if you on 8 like me, wait for 11 deals lol

Camera is a lot better on 8+ but I prefer features on xr so it’s a hard choice but no way would I get xr if I had an 8+

Thanks for the gift

Got a iPhone 7 plus, roughly 3 year old. Battery is wearing out, can’t last a day now with moderate to heavy use. Will this be good upgrade?

With these criteria, YES!

Yes, husband had a forced upgrade (my 2 years old iPhone XR) and he is extremely happy. Smaller form factor but bigger screen, excellent battery life (it’ll be better on a brand new one, but mine still had a 90% health). Wireless charging is also handy.
Esim could be also handy when travelling or for extra data (I had an esim and physical sim in it)

Apple will replace the battery (out of warranty) for $79 so that could be worth it, see here:…. The XR isn’t a massive upgrade apart from the design.

I just got this done and it’s only slightly reduced the drain.

Guessing CPU is utilised more with latest iOS plus have a watch which is always connected via Bluetooth whereas I used to turn it off unless needed. I suspect Apple will drop support for the 7 in iOS 15.

barely, remember XR is one of those budget models

an 11 would be a far bigger upgrade

Could upgrade battery at Apple store for less than 100

What if i ask jb for portin at Telstra deal for 800$ off any iphone ?
How much effectively i will be paying, if they agree ?

And can i use multiple GCs on jb like ebay ?

What is the original price? (how much off is this)?

$849/$929 at Apple, so $150 off RRP

for those with suncorp benefits, buy the JB gift cards 2 x $350 @$665 which will make this an even better deal.

2 cards can be stacked at jb site ?

Don’t see why not

Edit: tried it in store and no problem, however not sure if the website takes multiple gift cards

Placed a online order last month with 10 gift cards and did not have any problem placing the order

Yes I did it recently (online) .

Just did 4 no worries but as per other comment could be 10 or more

wait for iPhone 11 deal

Roger that.

idk why but this made me laugh

when its expected ? what will be price approx ?

Mobileciti $967.5 currently

Is iphone 11 worthy enough for $188 … Its A13 vs A12 and an extra camera on back i think.

iPhone 11 is a much better phone than iPhone XR IMHO. Much better dual rear cameras including extra-wide sensor, night mode, 4GB RAM vs 3GB on XR, 4K front camera vs 1080p on XR, a bit better battery life and A13 Bionic processor.

Op bought the iPhone for a friend using friend’s money. It’s not a gift from Op.

Could have been a friend with benefits. Might be a worthy situation for a phone gift 😉

i’m on an 8 and ultimately decided XR would be very moot ‘upgrade’, guessing not enough people bit at the ‘boxing day deal’ lol

hopefully 11 at 899 soon

My guy, it is already there. $895 for 64gb front page mobileciti

Just a warning (this comes from someone in software and product development)… the XR has taken over as the WORST most problematic iPhone for compliance.

what about iphone 7?

What sort of compliance issues does it have?

Just a warning (this comes from someone whos got real world experience of owning every iphone since the 3g)… my XR has had ZERO problems since day one.

What sort of problems are you talking about and how do they affect the ordinary consumer (as opposed to, say, app developers)?

Siri might know…

My wife has been using one for 1 1/2 years i got new off gumtree for $600. Still like new.

I’ve had a 6, 8, xr and now a 12 mini
If any specific questions – hit me

Would you recommend the XR to a light user?

How are battery life of these compared?

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