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Lenovo Duet Chromebook (128GB) $368 ($312.80 with Prime) Delivered @ Amazon AU

Lenovo Duet Chromebook (128GB) $368 ($312.80 with Prime) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lenovo Duet Chromebook (128GB) $368 ($312.80 with Prime) Delivered @ Amazon AU

15% discount at checkout for prime members

Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook, Chrome OS, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 10.1″ CT-X636F, Ice Blue + Iron Grey, ZA6F0017AU, AU Version

Also at Officeworks for $368…

For the price, you can’t beat it. I have been very happy with the duet. I do however find that it is freezing at times during Google Keep whilst drawing with the USI pen. Other than that, I can’t fault it.

Second this. Bought it for the MIL and it’s been a great piece of kit! For less intensive users it’s a solid buy


Mother in law??


@Fabio08: MILILF?

Media Integration Layer?

128GB eMCP

I wonder what Amazon staff will say if we complain device we get doesn’t match with the specs advertised?

Is this better than having a tablet?

Edit: I’ll wait for it to hit $329 again

It’s the complete package.

Tablet for consumption.

Keyboard for work.

How is the app selection on Chromebook?

99% of android apps work on it.
Everything else has a web interface usually.

@BluBoy: Can an we use Adobe products ??

@Joyi27: flash 🙁

I bought and returned for a galaxy tab A7. My use case was mainly as a tablet device, love the thought of it but no HD Netflix via the app is noticeable, but main killer was constant connectivity issues with the apps as well (apps would return an error after 10 minutes or so saying can’t connect to internet despite chrome and others being connected), only fix was to reboot device. This wasn’t just on some more obscure ones either, constant across Netflix, YouTube, Prime VIdeo etc

How is Amazon’s return policy in terms of this? This would be a deal breaker but normally for intermittent issues like the one you mentioned, it is hard to demonstrate and therefore sometimes get refused by most retailers.

A Chromebook is significantly better than a tablet if you need to access a work / student account that works in a browser, but won’t let you connect with an Android device without installing a ‘Work’ account.

Heads up it’s $312.80 on Amazon now

It just broke that price

Good deal for those looking for a nice simple Chromebook.

Does it do a VPN and remote desktop?

Possibly. It depends on the VPN.

Yes and yes.
I’ve used pptp, IPsec, OpenVPN and wireguard (android app)

$374 at JB hifi —-

Just sold my iPad pro 2018. Looking for a compact tablet 🥸

The performance downgrade is definitely noticeable but manageable if you keep the price difference in mind.

ipad mini 2021 version out in March, won’t be cheap but a nicer piece of work and will not freeze the way duet freezes – this was whip out from the kitchen , if a lot of research and thought went into it it would not be 1. mediatek chip 2. eMMC 3. only 4 gigs ram 4. no LTE option
sadly not much thought went into it when they whip this out from the kitchen.

Yeah, will wait for mini

Great for the price although the 2021 chromebooks sound good in the pipeline with even better processors.

Do you have any information on this or just guessing?

Chrome unboxed great news site.…

JB have them for $374 –… – with discount gift card would be around $359. If you can price match maybe as low as $353

Noticed this price this morning. Amazon auto-price-matched Officeworks’ $368 price:…

OW also have the 64GB Samsung Galaxy A7 for $347, cheaper than the 32GB:…
…and Amazon price-match:…

OW also reduced the price of the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab 10.1 to $297:…
Not in stock at Amazon so no auto-price-match.

This evening, JB Hi-Fi almost price-matched OW/Amazon on these tabs, but will probably price-match/beat in-store:
Lenovo Duet for $374:…
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab 10.1 for $299:…
Samsung Galaxy A7 for $349:…

JB also have the Galaxy A7 32GB at $299…

I have been weighing these options. Netflix HD and Minecraft are necessities. A7 does these out of the box.

The Lenovo Yoga Tab does Minecraft but not Netflix HD, without a workaround (to uninstall the semi-locked Netflix install and re-install from a different .apk).

The Duet (as a Chromebook) does Netflix HD, but not Minecraft without a Linux installed version. Apparently other options may be available (now or soon).

Anything with pen support? Like for digital drawing

This Duet.

Can you link me what works? Cant find anything


This was made for the chromebook.

I have it and it works great. If you have education access, it is like $40 or something.

Although, I will say it is hypersensitive on one drawing app I tried it on (Like, I only get near the screen, don’t press on it and it starts to draw). This isn’t an issue outside that app though

@BarginGrabber: Do you have any feedback on palm rejection? I’ve read elsewhere that it’s not great (say compared to iPad or Samsung S6/7 tablets with S pen).

@Shamwow01: I honestly can’t remember. I don’t have it on me right now, I can find out tomorrow though if you like

Absolutely fantastic device, very happy with it.

Apologies for the silly question but would OneDrive “work” – ie: sync seamlessly and allow “local copies” to be available offline on this machine? I’ve currently got windows laptop and all files on OneDrive so prefer not to have to switch everything to Google Drive.


OneDrive on Chromebook is Android app (the same as for your Android phone) – i.e. you can make file available offline, and the copy will be kept on the device. I’m not sure if it will be synced automatically in case you edit the local copy of the file, but it should work like that.

Hello OzB. Can someone please explain to me why Netflix doesn’t play in HD?

Does this also occur in the assumed Chrome browser it will be running?

They won’t pay the codec licence fee for HD & so it can’t decrypt the stream. It’s a hardware security problem at the firmware level

Samsung’s & Apple’s do

But Chinese like to be the ones doing the extortion & not the other way around

The Widevine license is free. As I understand, Lenovo just need to go through the process to have their tabs certified.

Certified meaning implementing widevine on prototypes, sending to get the certified and paying for it?

On the Duet, just use the browser and play Netflix in HD. I think there may be issues with the Netflix app for Chromebooks, but someone with a Chromebook should chime in.

On Lenovo tablets there is a problem – they seem to only be Widevine L3 licensed. That limits playback to poor quality (480p). Widevine L1 allows 4k, L2 allows 720p.. Lenovo blames Netflix, Netflix blames Lenovo. See… for a discussion about the new Lenovo tab.

The Duet, as a Chromebook, is not really a typical “tablet”. It does not have full access to the Play store, but nor is it limited in the same way as a tablet limited to store apps.

312.80 on amazon

Thanks updated title

I could be in at that price…. Hesitating
Cheapest ever?

Cheapest I’ve seen ever

Got one for the wife a while ago. It’s bloody fantastic. Definitely a great buy.

Also CR/SB have 0 cash back for electronics

At the new price – great deal.
I bought it at the original price.
I contacted Amazon to see if I could get a credit as I’d only bought just a few hours earlier.
I explained I could buy again at the lower price, then return the original – or they could just issue a credit.
They issued me a credit for the difference no probs.
Well done Amazon.

Dam I got it from JB last year , still good lightweight device for things

Don’t forget 3 months free Youtube Premium . (Not that you need it to avoid adverts in ChromeOS )

Does anyone know where to get the accessories? e.g. screen protector

Mine has no system sound’s or notification sound’s.

I can see the sound files but they don’t work.

Can’t see anyone else having the same problem so mine could be a dud.

Always seems to have fingerprints smudges on it.

I had a Samsung Tab S so am having fun with learning Chrome OS tricks and stuff

you can watch netflix on HD thru Browser if you want.

Not prime but still got 15% off I don’t know why, and got old $5 voucher end up $307.80 standard delivery 19 January

Total before GST:$340.00
Promotion Applied:-$66.19
Order total $307.80

Oh well impulse buying as usual, hopefully can resell for around $300 in 4 months time.

Does it have a headphone jack ?

No, only USB-C, but it has a USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter.


Are these too slow for Citrix Workspace?

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