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LG 86" 4K 86UN8100PTB TV $2995.00 + Delivery/Free C&C @ The Good Guys, JB-Hi-Fi, Betta, Retravision & Harvey Norman

LG 86″ 4K 86UN8100PTB TV $2995.00 + Delivery/Free C&C @ The Good Guys, JB-Hi-Fi, Betta, Retravision & Harvey Norman


LG 86″ 4K 86UN8100PTB TV $2995.00 + Delivery/Free C&C @ The Good Guys, JB-Hi-Fi, Betta, Retravision & Harvey Norman

The 3rd TV deal so far today… one of the biggest 4k ones you can obtain at a reasonable price unless you want to spend $10,000 for 100″.

The Good Guys (which ‘Go To Deal’ will take you to)




Harvey Norman (but will have to contact store for stock and delivery)…

$500 delivery to Victoria and the TV isn’t that good. Upscaling is shit and it blooms

Can price match with JB for $59 delivery which is what I did.

I am actually quite impressed with the TV for the past 2 weeks I have had it, has two HDMI 2.1 ports that are capable of 4K @ 120fps and ALLM. Only non next gen gaming feature is there is no VRR

It’s decent if you don’t watch TV in the dark or watch movies. Being a IPS screen it has no dimming in it and I notice too much glow with the ones I’ve seen

@Dezeption: I haven’t found it that bad in the dark or watching movies, I put this in my Threate room which is pitch black and it’s been great. I have the 75 inch X9000H as well and it’s hard to fault the difference in my opinion.

@Thunder-Wombat: You got lucky. IPS is draw luck

@Thunder-Wombat: I am going to side with you. There is an IPS glow but it’s not that bad because it depends on the content playing and the area/room/lighting surrounding the TV. Mine’s doing just fine although I do notice the glow sometimes but it’s not that bad. It is what it is. I found the colours (including dark room performance) amazing with 4K Dolby Vision but disappointed that I couldn’t find much content out there.

@bigbadboogieman: Total novice here…what do you mean by IPS glow? And what effect does it have on the picture etc?

@sillywalks: If you’re sitting in a dark room to watch TV, scenes that are black would look rather dark greyish (not perfectly black) and the corners will be slightly more greyish in comparison to the inner part of the screen. It would feel like the TV is giving off a slight glow in a dark room during dark scenes.

@bigbadboogieman: Ah cool. Thanks for the explanation.

The specs say HDMI 2.0. If it really has HDMI 2.1, it’s a steal!

@proteus119: Its 2.1, hdmi 3 and 4. If you dont trust my word you can talk to their support and they will confirm it for you, cause for some strange reason the Australian specs like to just write 4k @ 120fps.

In case concerned you can see it here

@proteus119: at the bottom it shows 75UN81 is HDMI 2.0 .. i think the 86UN81 may be hdmi 2.1 i saw a few refering to it having hdmi 2.1

Au specs also list – High Frame Rate (HFR) Yes (HDMI/USB: [email protected])³

@scud70: Yea the 75 inch doesn’t have hdmi 2.1

It’s a perfect example of quantity over quality

Retravision $2404 delivery fee 🙂

No shit

You forgot to include “Sherlock”

Heads up if you’re in WA you can get $150 off if you’re a RAC member at Retravision, you can use your membership number online and get 5% off. Bringing the total to $2845.25.

Insane TV size!

Yes EPIC size but that IPS glow will suck ass. Even if the gaming and latency is low on this. It could be like a OLED burn in that will never go away at night if you get a slightly bad panel… And HDMI 2.1 is great but everyone is incredibly overhyping 120 Hz on a television. The quality of content always degrades when you are trying to push 120 Hz.

So it comes down to this, if you get a good screen without IPS glow then you’ve got this, otherwise you can be in a lot of trouble.

Sorry mate just curious, do you have one of these ? I’ve been reading reviews but haven’t come across the ips glow issue yet.


No but IPS glow is something that every IPS panel has. The bigger the more noticeable.

Ah I see thanks for that.

Saw this earlier today for the same price at multiple stores. Also the same price at JB HiFi, HN and TGG eBay (which you can get 5% off with gift cards).

Cheers have updated!

I have one… It’s a good TV.

IPS glow in a dark room is definitely a problem though but it can be tweaked plus it depends on the content that is playing plus it’s an entry level big screen TV so can’t complain much.

I keep the outside room lit so the TV area is barely lit and it looks perfectly fine (as long as the area around the TV is not pitch black it looks perfectly fine).

The IPS glow significantly diminishes on Dolby Vision 4K content but you don’t find much out there.

Just FYI – I had to wait for a month before I got my delivery but this was 6 months or so ago. I am getting a feeling that if they have stock, it won’t remain so for too long at this price.

It’s a month wait according to JB

You don’t buy the biggest TV cheap and expect premium visual quality. Saying that, a TV no matter how sh*t it is will still have better picture quality than a $50k projector. 86″ is getting mighty close to cinematic big screen projector style experience at home.

It is quite big and covers a massive piece of wall. We have it wall mounted. It looks awesome. Sound is also good even without the soundbar.

For the curious out there, here are some photos taken (with phone) now to give an idea of the picture quality of this LG 86″ model.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Pic 6

Boo…No banana for scale

Lolz… This isn’t 4chan/9gag

Looks like 32” or even 24” to me.

What do people think of this vs Samsung 82TU8000 for a budget 80+ inch option in a very bright room? Predominantly used for casual TV amd sport viewing (have a separate theatre room for movies).

This. The crystal displays from Samsung are poop. Better off with thr TCL options with oled

Bought one. Will think about the consequences later.

are these RGB or RGBW?

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