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Loacker Classic Wafer 175g (Chocolate or Hazelnut) $1 @ Woolworths

Loacker Classic Wafer 175g (Chocolate or Hazelnut) $1 @ Woolworths


Loacker Classic Wafer 175g (Chocolate or Hazelnut) $1 @ Woolworths

This is the 175g variety, better deal by weight than $1 for 125g. And even brings it down to the same price as the Woolies home brand wafers.

Hazelnut also available for same price.

Seems like $1 is the normal price for these. They are $1 on special regularly. I only buy them when they are $1.

Don’t know why they are always on sale. I would happily paid double for it.

shhh don’t say that… they are listening

has listened

shhh they could take your ozbargain badge for that sort of talk

In beginning to wonder what’s wrong with them since they are %66 reduced most of the time

They taste fine to me. I think the question for me is more around how much products are marked up by supermarkets. If they can offer half price or better on their weekly catalogues, then someone is making a lot of money on the product.

Corporate greed…the damnation of humanity. Instead of a fair profit people want exorbitant profits year in year out.

Lets not forget ACCC fined coles and woolies for charging companies to put items on clearance only 3-4 years ago.
e.g If you bought a milk for 50% off as it had 2 days left, the milk company paid a fine for every bottle at 50%

The hazelnut one was quite dense and therefore a little dry imo.

Expiry date.
The ones I got expires in 2 months.

Edit: “best before” dates.

True and they are made in Austria – where wages are high and you have to ship it to Australia first by truck/train to the coast of Europe and then by boat.

I will bet their profit margins are wafer thin.

Yet somehow sweet and tasty?

The quadratini version (small blocks) taste better as there are more layers

They are on special too…

There is a coffee version in the blocks, is that also on sale?

Yes. All 4 flavours – chocolate, vanilla, coffee and hazelnut…

These are on the sell out shelf at Woolworth Moorooka for 0.27c each.

I eat these too quickly, not buying again. Need to lose weight. Delicious stuff.

Weight smeight… you only live once! Now roll me over so I can order over the telemaphone device and get me some of that sweet sweet goodness.

They’re like crack to me, always end up eating half the packet at once. The bite sized ones are a bit better, more satisfying for some reason and doesn’t leave you craving more.

Half the packet? Loser

These are yummy and not super sweet, which I prefer. Some of the other ones e.g. Aldi’s are super sweet (aka shit) and it’s like eating raw sugar.

I rate Napolitanke so much better than these, not as sickly sweet

How much?

Same price

All short dated, some are best before 21 Jan

No worries. They don’t last long around here.

Flavored Sugar Blocks

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