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Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball $101.15 Delivered @ digiDIRECT ($96 PB @ Officeworks)

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball $101.15 Delivered @ digiDIRECT ($96 PB @ Officeworks)


Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball $101.15 Delivered @ digiDIRECT ($96 PB @ Officeworks)

Not the lowest its ever been, but its a decent price. Got one at Officeworks via Pricebeat for $96. I had the lower model before this, and can vouch for the comfort and ergonomic benefit. Getting used to the trackball takes a few days, but its worth the long term benefits.

The Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse is Logitech’s most advanced trackball for trackball enthusiasts and consumers searching for alternatives to mice and touchpads. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball features the latest tracking, scrolling and power management technology. Logitech Flow enables effortless cross computer control. Wireless + Bluetooth, so good for your newer Macs if you don’t like dongles.

Key Features of the Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse –

Any issues getting OW to price match? I am planning to do the same thing.

No dramas. They just checked the shipping (which was $0) and approved the price match

In store or over the phone?

Could you please upload the receipt?

My M570 died about a year ago and I’ve kinda been waiting for this to be cheap enough. How I wish I got it for $69.50..!

edit: Lol Ozbargain posts for this have only gotten more expensive…

My M570 is still going strong but got this one so I can use one at home too. I doubt it will ever go as cheap as $69.50 again, doesn’t seem to go on sale very often.

Same, I agree. But one can hope. Supposed it’s like hoping stocks will be as cheap as they were in 2018.

Moral of the story: Invest in MX Ergo. Now. Before it’s too late. LOL.

MX Ergo Plus has come out so there is hope of a better price 🙂

@bajirao: Had no idea about the MX Ergo Plus

Just googled and found this. Sounds like it’s not overly different

And from this comment, I just discovered there’s also a Logitech M575?! Interesting..

edit: The M575 is an entry level device, so keep that in mind.

I use an MX Ergo now. I really miss the shape of my dead M570, it was more comfortable. The Ergo has sharp ridges that create pressure points on my palm. Particularly the subtle ridge at the base of the thumb.

Anyone know of good deals on the M570? 🙂

@andresampras: There’s some on eBay.

Cheapest new in box $66 or best offer:…

@BigAntz: Thanks, Mr. Antz

FYI, the m570 apparently has a problem with the contacts. Mine died a couple of years ago too, but I threw it in a cupboard. This thread made me think of it, did some google and found a reddit post on cleaning the on/off switch contacts.

Just did that, put it back together and it works fine. Only issue is I think I didn’t line it up too well, left mouse click isn’t great anymore.

I got this from JB HiFi for $85 in 2017

Good price!

I have used the M570 before and found the ball is actually hurting my thumb making it worst….. 🙁

I found the same. I ended up buying Logitech MX Ergo Advanced mouse that uses a laser instead of a thumbwheel

Which one?

Can you be more specific? Google doesn’t know any other Logitech MX Ergo Advanced. With lasers.

Yeah. Which one?

That’s unfortunate 🙁 The M570 has eliminated wrist + pinky finger pain for me, so I definitely prefer them to mice. Just make sure you pull the ball out every few months and keep it clean so you’re not applying too much pressure with your thumb to keep it rolling.

For my case – once I moved to M570, I cannot use a regular mouse. This is so easy.

Same, got the M570 and use it every day after I got wrist pain. Haven’t had issues since. I paid $27USD – shame the new model is so expensive.

I have this, the m570 and the elecom.…

Am using the elecom at the moment. It’s pretty good. I seem to favour it over the m570 but I reckon in a blind test, I wouldnt be able to tell.

And it’s relatively cheaper at $54.49

@calcium: Looks pretty solid. If my M570 dies, I may give this a look.

@Make it so: I usually keep a stash… cos the microclicker on the m570 dies on me at around the 18 month mark… I have 2 m570s in the “parts” box now.

@calcium: Found a cheaper one at $49.62…

@calcium: not sure why you got downvoted…which do you prefer, M570 or Ergo?

this cheaper one has a red ball instead of the grey in the first link….anyone know the diff?

@calcium: Got 2x m570 (thought my kid tossed one in the bin when he was little turns out he just hid it really well) and a Kensington expert (I think, the weird flat one with a red ball) and the old Logitech one with the red ball, and this one lol. The ergo is the best out of all of them. Old Logitech kind of sucks. The M570 I would have sworn by until I got the ergo, but they do seem a bit hit or miss the older they get with how smooth they roll.

The kensington is pretty decent, I prefer it in some cases, it’s scroll is really nice, (twist the ball) but can be a real pain to keep the dust out of the sensors.

Reminds me of the early days of the internet, when coin operated internet kiosks and libraries would have computers with giant trackballs. I guess having the big balls proved pointless because you never see them anymore.

It was to stop people nicking the mice, but now that they’re ubiquitous and cheap it costs more to install a custom trackball than to replace a $2 mouse.

Never got the hang of the humble trackball despite my best efforts…

Kensington wired/wireless expert mouse is reasonably sized and still readily available. It is at similar $100 price point which makes a better deal than this IMO.

I have the wired expert (and a bunch of other trackballs) it’s a nice mouse, but can be a pain to keep dust out of the sensors.

Average deal(got mine $78.48 Sep [email protected] JB ),great track ball/mouse, terrible battery life(less than 3 days after 2 yrs)

I use mine lightly (used to be daily) and I think I’ve charged it twice in 2 years lol

I’m using one of these right now and they are a great mouse for anyone who has some RSI pains.

It works well when angled to the “ergo” position, and is USB rechargable, so no batteries!

Do you find that the trackball sometimes gets stuck? Like it becomes harder to move around in certain positions?

You have to pop the ball out regularly to give it a bit of a clean, and clean inside the ball cavity as well. A lot of gunk builds up in there.

Agreed, but I notice my with one that every so often it just stops rolling properly for a little bit, so I have to force it around and then it works fine again. Even after cleaning all the gunk out. It’s like it’s intermittent. Sorry if it’s not clear, it seems a bit difficult to explain.

@BigAntz: What you’re describing sounds exactly like it’s gunked up a bit.

@johnno07: I know it sounds like that, that’s why I say it’s hard to explain. As I said, I’ve already cleaned it up. The thing is that it’s intermittent. It rolls smoothly and then all of a sudden becomes harder to roll for a little while, so if I move it with my palm for a little bit or put pressure on it, it works well again. When I say intermittent, it can be once a day or once a week. I’ve noticed this since new. I was never able to find the cause and since a few people have said that they have one, I thought I would ask. Thanks 🙂

@BigAntz: This is going to sound icky but remove the ball and rub it on your forehead/face. Helps with the rolling.

@calcium: Grease it up a bit hey? How did you know my face was greasy? Did my nickname give it away? :p

I’ve just massaged my forehead with the trackball, hopefully this helps. Thanks for the suggestion.

I only noticed this with my M570, upgrading to the MX Ergo was a huge difference for me. I can’t go back to the M570 now ever.

Those mouse gave me rsi. I still use it now and again but can’t use it for long.

MX Vertical

I found a vertical mouse was a lot worse for my Rsi/pains. Depends on how you use a mouse I suppose. I tried a few different ergo mice before finding trackballs are what works for me.

Same. I just couldn’t get my precision to improve with practice on a vertical mouse vs MX Ergo ball.

I’ve got this mouse, have used it for over a year. Can say with some degree of confidence that it’s pretty great. I even use it for games- can play Cyberpunk and Red Dead Redemption 2 without any issues with this thing now that I’ve got a degree of agility using it. Can highly recommend for anyone that uses a mouse a lot.

I play video games with it too. I’m no worse than I am with a normal mouse lol.

This definitely might be part of it, can’t get much worse than I am already!

I couldn’t imagine using this for games, and so have a G703 for that. For work though, this mouse is great.

How does it compare to master 2s or 3?

This one has a ball. Similar price.

Apples to oranges.

Is this a good deal? I got it for $96 from Officeworks in Dec 2019 which was the normal price.

The price has been going up over the years. At the moment a lot of other stores (JB etc) are selling this mouse for ~$150

One of the great things about this mouse is the switch from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth. I use the Wi-Fi for my PC, and the Bluetooth to control my Android phone. I can switch to controlling my phone within seconds, without even lifting my hand.

You most probably call the “Logitech unified receiver”, so the usb dongle, wifi. It’s not wifi.

Moreover, it’s a standard solution, at least for Logitech. Their other devices can even switch between different BT devices instantly. Not sure about this one.

lol, yes I just meant wireless, not actual Wi-Fi.

Haha oh thanks for the clarification. I was genuinely momentarily confused and trying to think of how it works over WiFi exactly…

Anyone know when the m575 is going to be released in Australia?

Been wanting an ergo MX but think the m575 will suit me better. Plus micro USB puts me off.

Thanks for making this comment as this made me learn that there’s a new model…!

edit: And I’ve just learnt that it’s an entry-level compared to the MX Ergo. Review

It’s more I like the eneloop powered idea (no ports to go wrong) and don’t need the extras of the ergo, as I use a wired trackman at the moment and it’s so old! (but still working!). Australia always seems slower in getting new stuff! plus BT connectivity and better internals closer to the ergo than the M570 sounds good!

Called OW and no longer able to price beat due to pre order at digiDirect 🙁

I was lucky enough to pick this up for $69.50 back in 2018.
Still use it to this day, every day. Love it. Very comfortable to use, use it as my daily driver.
I do have an mx570 as well on my desktop. But prefer this as it is easily way more comfy to use.

I came from an mx570 as well. This one does feel more premium, I like the adjustable tilt and rubber finish. Also the trackball seems to move smoother (although this maybe because its new)

Lucky. Nice.

I just googled mx570… I assume you mean M570 right?

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