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Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse $119.20 Free C&C/In-Store @ Big W

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse $119.20 Free C&C/In-Store @ Big W


Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse $119.20 Free C&C/In-Store @ Big W

Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse. Cheapest I’ve seen so far without coupons.

Free local pickup or $7.90 for Delivery

Sold out online. Still available in store.

price beat @ OW

Seems OW did a dodgy mark up. Pretty sure I have seen it for $149 as well, with most other retailers selling it for $149.

$169.95 is the RRP that set by Logitech

Fair enough. Pretty sure it was still under RRP at the $148 price like all other retailers at one point.

Just did the price match at Officeworks – no fuss. Thanks OP.

Solid find

Must resist. I do not need another mouse.

It’s a great mouse.

Must resist. I do not need another GREAT mouse.

But you do need a great mouse that is better than your good mouse?

I know. I have been using the full size MX mouse since 2008. Currently the desktop I am typing this on is still using the MX Master 2S.

I find MX Master 2S better in terms of size. I sold my MX Master 3 due to that.

@j0235: 2S also has a better wheel. Old tech but tried and true. The magnetic wheel in the 3 drives me nuts.

@Penpinch: What’s so bad about the magnetic wheel?

I’m considering upgrading from my MX Master 1, I thought the new wheel was supposed to be an upgrade to the old rachet wheel.

@Hellcrusher2903: if you use a bit more force with the scroll in hope of speeding it up (as advertised as its main selling point!), it simply doesn’t scroll. Or it goes a few lines and stops.

I got the 3 at home and the 2S in the office and I deal with the frustration at home. Everytime I go back to the office I’m glad of the 2S.

@Penpinch: Sounds like you may have a faulty unit.

I have a MX Master 3 as well and it’s amazing, certainly no issues like what you said. You know that the small button on top of the mouse switches between smooth vs step scrolling right?

@b2dz: I have the first version, scrolling fast does the same thing as the using the button to enable smooth scrolling, but then automatically returns to ratchet mode when stopped. Does version 3 behave differently? I find I never need to use the button.

@Penpinch: You’re right, seems to be a widespread issue.

Guess I wont be upgrading anytime soon then…. Hope they fix it in the MX M4

im using the mx master 1 as well. im looking at it now, its working fine. must… resist…

@lawyerz: My Performance MX is still doing well for an older computer. Given the high price of this mouse, it works out rather cheap when you consider you can get an easy five-six years of service.

@t25: It depends. I’ve had two MX Master mouses die and have replaced them with 2S’s. They get heavy use and they’re a tax write-off so I’m not too concerned, but they don’t last forever.

using the 2S as well. great mouse.

I have the 2S and the 3 and I am much happier with the 3.

My thoughts, FWIW:
* The forward/back buttons are much better placed
* The horizontal scroll is both larger in size and much more fluid.
* The vertical scroll wheel is better quality, as the rubber on the 2S wears down.
* The 3 is a fraction smaller in physical size, so if you found the 2S a bit too large, the 3 will be perfect for you.
* For those that find the scroll wheel on the 3 to not be scrolling as much as it should, check your settings in both Logi Options, MacOS/Windows settings as well as in your browser. You can customise it to scroll however you like, so I can’t see why this would be an issue. If you want scroll fast, just press the button and go nuts!

I also bought the Mac version MX Keys at the same time after a $169 price match at HN and am finding that these two products combined are a force to be reckoned with. I’m still adjusting to typing on the keyboard after using the Logitech K750 solar for nearly a decade (the keys on the MX are ever so slightly closer than the K750) but being able to seamlessly switch over to typing something on my phone using the keyboard is super productive.

@KangaDrew: Curious what app are you typing into on your phone? I’m constantly using iMessage on my iMac using my phone.

Great mice are dangerous

Shame they don’t have the grey version, looks more premium imo

I have the grey Master MX2S and while it matches all other desk items it is now very grubby and stained despite cleaning regularly. White scroll buttons get very dirty too. I love the mouse but wouldn’t get white/grey again unless they changed materials

That’s one of the thing I’m worried about, but looks like MX3 comes with darker grey and might use a different finish material? hope some one can clarify

Can’t confirm as an owner. But the colour is significantly darker on the new one. Materials look the same to me so it would hide the staining better but not immune. I have not seen the grey version in Australia anywhere

The default is for ‘Side Scrolling’.

You can use it for:
– Horizontal Scrolling (for excel and such)
– Changing Chrome Tabs
– Changing Windows Desktops if you use multiple desktops

I’m sure there’s plenty of other stuff people use it for.

like closing ozbargain forum tabs on work computers

I think you can bind it to different things. One popular usage is scrubbing video when video editing.

If I have the original MX Master is it worth upgrading to this?

I prefer the ergonomic on the old mouse. But that magnetic scrolling and USB-C is great. As is the noticeably longer battery life.

Most of the older MX Master has issue with wobbly scroll wheels. Amongst many other quality issues….

Is it worth the upgrade (if your MX Master is perfectly functioning)? At the right price sure.

$120? Probably not. Isn’t this what the old mouse usually sells at (street price) before it is replaced by this newest version?

I am still using the original brown one…

I think I will wait until it breaks because it’s been so good to me.

Me too, had this thing for about 10-12 years. I have the MX2 at work, but the original is just so much more solid feeling and premium. Just wish there was a way of USB-Cing it.

I watched a YouTube video about this question recently:

I’ve been looking for a new wireless mouse for work and gaming. I mainly only play World of Warcraft and Dota2, no twitchy games. Does anyone have experience using it for games? What are your thoughts?


You feel the weight after an hour or two playing those games.

In terms of lag, I hardly noticed any if you are pro last hit then this isn’t the mouse for you lol.

Get a Logitech G604. Best mouse for those 2 games.

Currently, I am using MX master2, should I change to this new mouse?

Some reviewers have said no, you shouldn’t:

Thanks, I will wait for master 4 lol.

thanks. I went from Master 1 to 2S. I can skip this one and wait for 4 then.

No you’ll hate it as MX Master3 is smaller.

Been a few deals on his lately which are all so tempting, wonder if a version 4 on the horizon with so many discounts

There have always been good deals popping up on these mice in past, so as this was released less than a year ago I’d doubt it is being replaced yet. I can’t find a link for Logitech at CES 2021 but if it was being replaced we’d probably see it there as MX3 was last year

They tend to change these up every 3 or so years so doubt an MX Master 4 will be out anytime soon.

Thanks both, I recently got the MX keyboard and am in love. Thought this guy would accompany perfectly (currently using another Logitech wireless mouse I picked up super cheap from HN deal last year – works totally fine but nothing on premium feel of MX Master)

Word of warning : Dont buy this if you have a high refresh rate monitor like ozb fav Dell S2721DGF or Xiaomi 34inch.

Its because polling rate (rate that mouse reports its location to pc) is low on these so mouse movement will be choppy. Polling rate of this mouse is 125hz which is less than those 2 monitors refresh rate

Getting negs for honest advice 🙂

Try posting the opposite and see if you get upvotes instead?

I actually really appreciated this. Is there anyway around it?

What if I dropped my refresh rate to 120hz?

You dont have to do that. If you dont game this mouse is fine. If you want the optimum experience and erganomic, get something like Razer Basilisk

@InternetExplorer: (the G502 clone)

Typical keyboard warriors, it’s a shame the moderators don’t remove the votes. +v from me

Because 125hz isn’t “choppy”.

@macrocephalic: 125hz mouse movement on a 165hz monitor is smooth?

@InternetExplorer: Why wouldn’t it be? It’s still updating the cursor position every 1/125s – which is much faster/smoother than most monitors.

Too much $$ considering the MX Master 2 was at around the $50 mark a couple of months ago…

Where did you find MX Master 2S for $50? – $47.90 + delivery…

I’m waiting for another price drop. Can’t stomach paying that much for a mouse..

10 months doesn’t mean “a couple months”

Good price though

Get the 2S and be happy with it. The 3 is overrated with tons of issues with the scroll wheel. (I own both.)

I would’ve returned the 3 if it weren’t a gift.

Really? Thanks for that.

I guess I’ll wait for the MX Master 2 to go on sale again..

I got mine for about $50. wait for a sale.

Good price on a great mouse, I have been using it since March last year.

You must be tired.


got it for $113 at officewoks pb

Just did this.

For some reason though they had a little difficulty finding it on the Big W website. Turns out a Google search fails to uncover it. It also doesn’t show if you navigate to the computer accessories > keyboards & mice > computer mice section.

Put “MX Master 3” in the search box and it locates it….weird!

They had difficulty finding it? If so, its probably because they didn’t want to find it haha

I just opened, searched for Mx master 3 and was the first pick.

If you are an Ebay Plus member, you can buy this for $125.10.

You can then request an Ebay Best Price Guarantee –…

They will provide you $25.76 ebay voucher to use in the next 3 months. Net cost $99.34 (net of voucher). Slightly cheaper if you pay using the discounted gift cards.

Yeah but then you have an eBay voucher…Ew.

Agree not for everyone. Good if you have spare Ebay gift cards to use.

Edit: I didn’t neg you!

hahaha all good. Part and parcel with engaging in OzBargain. I’m surprised there are still eBay defenders.

how did you get the $25, they a 5%

$139 less $119.20 + 5% of $119.20 = $25.76

lol, your calculation have ptoblem, the base part is calculated from $125 not $139.
Or think it the other way you will get a 5% overall maximum. However, it can be worth while if you want free express shipping

@yfxsmike: Maybe. I am just reporting what I have received from Ebay. Maybe they made a mistake in my case lol.

@moony: hahaha wow they made a big mistake, can you pm me your chat ref so i can match it. Thank you

Nice, can stack with Big W eGift cards!

is it much better than M720?

Like gourmet parmasean vs kraft sliced cheese. Having said that, some people do like sliced cheese, including me. I own a M720 which I handed down to the daughter but I still enjoy using it from time to time. I like how it’s less slanted compared to the MXs.

I bought this mouse to use with mspaint thanks OP

Time to have a car accident, and you’ll be all set

that’s OK with this

I only play League of Legends, currently using $20 Microsoft mouse been wanting to upgrade. Would this mouse be good for Leagee players?

Better than a microsoft mouse but you are better of getting an actual gaming mouse – I use the mx master exclusively as a productivity mouse. You might find its a bit heavy for gaming.

How does this go for photo editing and so you need a decent mousepad? I’ve been annoyed with the track pad on my new laptop so tempted to go to a mouse.

It doesn’t need a good mouse pad – although it might be your preference to use one. It works perfectly well on pretty much all solid surfaces. This is a mouse that you palm which makes it comfortable – but it might not be the best if you’re trying to make drawing movements with the mouse – otherwise it will work perfectly well.

Is this a vertical mouse? It kinda looks like a vertical mouse from the angle of the photo

Not a vertical mouse. It is a somewhat tall ergonomic shape that fits into the cup of your hand

Logitech MX Vertical mouse

OOS? Can’t add to cart.

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