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Marinated Split Chicken $4.99 Per kg (Was $6.99) @ ALDI

Marinated Split Chicken $4.99 Per kg (Was $6.99) @ ALDI


Marinated Split Chicken $4.99 Per kg (Was $6.99) @ ALDI

Brannan’s butchery marinated split chicken reduced by $2 per kg.

Available in California BBQ or Portuguese Style Peri Peri

Totally eetswa

They also have another version of these that are completely deboned. Hickory smoked bbq or Greek style are the 2 flavours. Normally $8.99 or $9.99 on special. I prefer these ones without any bones but the $4.99 ones are great too if you want to fiddle with the bones.

So the normal price is $8.99, but its $9.99 when on special?

No from memory they are $10.99 or $11.99 normal price but are often on special either at $8.99 or $9.99.

Looks like they were $9 a 3 years ago.

“Butterfly that has been chickened” Gave me a good chuckle.

The bones are where the chicken gets its flavour from. You gotta leave them in

The flavour comes from California and Portugal

What’s the California flavour?

@first in line: Taste of democracy

@resubaehtgnolhcs: or taste of expensive taxes lol

@first in line: Clean air and 0 pollution.

Bones add flavor to the final product.

We just had the greek flavoured one for dinner – delicious on the barbie! And $9.99 I think at the moment..

I prefer the Greek one too, and not because I am of Greek heritage. The spice they get on it is delicious

After trying both I’ve been won over by the laziness of not having to deal with the bones when cooking or throwing out later. I can live without the “bone flavour” given I’m buying it cos it’s marinated already … kinda the point of picking the flavour 😛

I convince myself the price difference is less because you still pay for bone weight in the cheaper one lol

i weighed 1.05kg of whole cooked prawns after shelling them. 533grams of meat.

Would be interested in the same for chicken.

Agree. Also easier to use the meat for sandwiches the next day when you don’t need to worry about picking bones.

So are these sponsored posts or are people that excited by discounted chicken?

I got so excited that I just came… Here to post the deal

Enough said …

it’s a kg of meat at $5 what’s not to be excited by

Whole chicken at Aldi is $3:60-ish

Assume 60% is meat and the rest 40% is carcass, gives a kilo price of $6 for whole chicken meat.

So if the marinated spilt chicken is without anybones, is indeed a ok-to-good price.

Some would say the whole chicken with bones taste better, and you can make broth/stock from the carcass… but comm ci, comme sa

Spam is pork. This is poultry.

Poultry SPAM

Yes. Hell yes.

Obviously you’ve never seen a KFC post on Ozb.
Chicken is already the cheapest thing around so when it becomes even cheaper that’s awesome!

Why else you would come on OZB? Discounts… unless you are a vegetarian or vegan. In that case scroll on to next post…

I normally don’t like buying marinated meat… Change my mind


You’re not worth the effort. Edit spelling

Rather strange you went to all that trouble for someone who isn’t worth the effort.

i wouldnt call typing a few key strokes effort…. akin to breathing

@chriskq: Must be some kind of special ability if one can sleep and use a keyboard simultaneously

Cut up a pile of potato, carrot, onion and green apple, lay in a pan with seasoning of choice, put meat on top, cook for an hour (if meat will take less time, cook veggies alone for a bit)

Stuff underneath cooks in the fat and marinade and becomes delicious. Not crispy potatoes but very delicious, and the most ridiculously easy meal (and not hard on the wallet either), only 10 minutes prep. Throw in a pan of broccoli in the last 10 minutes if you want.

it’s relatively salty.

the peri peri one is quite nice, serve with a spicy rice salad and some cucumber and yoghurt sides, nearly, i say nearly, as nice as nandos, just dont overcook

Yeah the peri peri is great I’ve been having it for over a year now

Wow, that’s some shelf life!

What’s the sodium level?

That will depend on how much you eat.

per 100g I mean sorry.

Will try to check tomorrow if I go to Aldi.

My guess is a lot…

Not sure about the exact value, but I have have them quite a few times and do find them on the salty side

How much weight are these, thus price?


so your implying they are exactly 1KG?

A “normal” whole chuck is 1.6 kg on top of my head in straya, but whats the point of measuring the chucks weight when kilo-price is the easiest way to compare prices and deals?

@Edog: I just wanted an understanding of an average weight of these units from anyone that has bought one.

You can buy a cooked chook form Woolies or Coles for $10, so to make a meaningful comparison ‘an estimated avg. weight’ would allow someone to compare the prices of an uncooked (from Aldi) to a cooked chook.

The cooked units from Coles/Woolies do come with stuffing and some imply ‘injected water’ (to deceptively increase weight and moisture content).

The Coles one I bought today feels at least 2KG but had horrid stuffing, but also was cooked and ‘ready to eat’ and I didn’t have to use any energy to cook.

@Bold Eagle: Ok, I understand your comparison. It is interesting, but you have to compare apples to apples.
Coles one is cooked, stuffed, spice- and brine marinated and raw weight is unknown,

In honesty, if we would crack the kiloprice for colesworth-Aldi chuck, it think it is a matter of splitting hairs and they are all equally low quality, tasty but low quality.

@Edog: Why do you keep calling it chuck? Is this a cooking term? I’ve only heard of chuck being a cut of beef before.

@Edog: I pulled apart a Wollies chicken last week and the meat weighed in at 620 grams (without the stuffing). If the chicken was $10 (cant remember) this works out about $16.50 per kg

@Ozimodo: You would have to strip the Adli one after cooking and weight it as well to make a meaningful comparison but that is awesome you did that. Kudos.

@Bold Eagle: Costco cooked chickens are $7, pretty big. But not many Costcos around and you need a membership / friend with one.

The deboned ones are about 800g – 1.2 kg

Does anyone have any suggestions/recipes for cooking these?

Step 1: preheat oven
Step 2: heat up the bird
Step 3: nom nom nom

But just heat up and serve with chips. Great easy meal. Very tasty and juicy chicken. I can recommend this brand

Thank you Rimzi.

I would;
– pre-heat oven and a large baking dish to 200C,
– after 10-15mins pull out the tray add some olive oil (enough to coat the base) and place chook on it and cook for 5-10mins at 200C to seal the unit,
– turn down to 180C and cook for another 25-35mins and you should be able to ‘smell’ that it is cooked enough.

If you have a modern, fan forced oven take off 5-10C from those noted temps. Also, because it is a butterfly chicken you may want to take off another 5-10mins. Smell and a skewer under the drumstick will help to tell when it is cooked.

The other method is to flame grill on a BBQ;
– preheat BBQ grill (the slotted bars) and then turn down to 50-75%,
– melt some butter (1-2 tblsp.) in microwave and add 1 teaspoon of olive and some crushed garlic (this is the baste),
– baste 1 side of the chook before placing ‘that side onto’ the BBQ,
– after 5-10mins baste the top side and turn over, and then baste the other side again,
– cook for another 5-10mins and rotate 90 degrees whilst turning over again and basting that side, rotate 90 degrees whilst turning over again and basting.

If it starts charring to quickly reduce heat and or turn more frequently.

Thank you Bold Eagle.

Also as it is a butterfly cut chook, if you had a decent sized cast iron frypan you would pre-heat that toss in 2tlbsp of butter and just as it finishes melting a splash or 2 of olive oil (stop the butter burning) and then in goes the chook for 3-4mins, toss over for another 3-4mins and then transfer (that frypan) to a pre-heated 175-180C oven for another 10mins, pull out and flip over and another 10mins.

Lazy and effortless method: Alternative to the traditional BBQ chicken method.
1. Completely wrap the chicken in Aluminium foil and place in a tray (I use Ozbargain’s favourite Lodge cast iron pan)
2. Put on Fan-forced 180degrees Celsius, leave it in for 40 mins with the belly up (Temp/time are variables depending on your oven)
3. Flip over the chicken and cook for another 20 mins.
4. Remove the foil and drain the liquid.
5. Use the “Grill” function for 10 mins (or however crisp you want your skin to be)
The meat will be tender and juicy, they slide-off the bones. Try this if you are tired of the dry and usually unevenly cooked BBQ chicken.

Thank you ruthlesskid, sounds good :-).

You are welcome.
These marinade chicken makes cooking easy.
Another GOLD from Aldi.
Hurricanes rib Aldi cheat
1.Take out the pork ribs from plastic package, fork stab it with holes and place it back into the package.
2.Make your own marinade from BBQ sauce, honey, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, salt and pepper. 30sec microwave and mix.
3. Pour the marinade into the package and massage the rib, leave for 2 hours.
4. Follow exactly the same step as my lazy BBQ split chicken steps 1-4. Extra: cover the rib with BBQ sauce during step 4.

TLDR: my groups of friends all said this rivals Hurricanes grill ribs,tender and succulent meat off the bone.

@ruthlesskid: If they’re not fall off the bone (and that’s what you want), you normally just need to cook it more. There’s some tests you can do, like the bend test, etc to check

I chuck these on the barbie and the family love them. Just make sure flame is not too high so you don’t burn them

Thank you Rocket.

For anyone curious about this chicken.. I can say that they are quite tasty!
I have far less nandos now that the peri peri has been a great replacement (not to mention affordable)

A few people have mentioned this now, will need to try.

Same brand beef burgers are also fantastic!

had some for lunch… tender juicy chicken when cooked, which is also it’s downfall.
it tastes like it has been brined (?) then marinated – leading to being way too salty.

would not buy again.

@dasher86: Interesting, I guess if your primary objective is controlling your sodium intake then of course you should steer clear of these kind of things. Just make everything from scratch so you can control exactly what goes into it. That should be obvious.

@harthagan: It’s not the sodium intake. for me it just tastes too salty.

I bought a Cali one earlier today. Didn’t see price but it’s delicious either way!

This is really good and tasty

You can buy it cooked from COSTCO for $6.99

Top chook, juicy and full of flavour

The dogs LUV them

They need to bring back the mango chili chicken, that was just the right amount of spice and sweet for a family.

Peri Peri ftw. The Cali has too much sugar for my liking. They tend to run about 1-1.2kg per bird for who was asking up there.

As mentioned by others before, get em on the bbq for flavourtown. Use the leftover marinade to baste, and they should take about 30-35 mins to cook just right.

Aldi chicken i had a year ago and it was all loaded with fat, if you are health conscious then would seriously avoid it.

Excellent for my keto.

Overly salted I reckon.

wait so i thought these were like wings but its a full chicken?

how is it split exactly?

down the middle

Are these cooked already?

No – that was discussed above and numerous cooking methods presented.

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