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Men's Dry Pique Polo Shirt $9.90 (Was $29.90) + Delivery (Free with $60 Spend) @ Uniqlo

Men’s Dry Pique Polo Shirt $9.90 (Was $29.90) + Delivery (Free with $60 Spend) @ Uniqlo


Men’s Dry Pique Polo Shirt $9.90 (Was $29.90) + Delivery (Free with $60 Spend) @ Uniqlo

Was in Uniqlo Queen St today and saw a wall of polo shirts for $9.90. Checked online and it seems its there too.

Gray, Black, Red, Yellow and Navy available at time of posting. Check in store if you can’t find your size or colour because Queen St had heaps.

Awesome polo shirt that holds up really well. For 10 bucks, couldnt say no.

Most of the other colours and sizes seem to be out of stock.

looks like they’re unique low prices.

Bought 4 colours thanks.

Must be XS then.

Those who have purchased these, how does it fit?
There isn’t a store where I live but I’ve purchased a few items of clothing from them in the past and they all seem to fit me differently.

I’m naturally a size L but at times, their clothes are either too big or too small.

Same for me, naturally size M. Their size M is too tight, but size L is too long

Perhaps they just aren’t the right brand for us.

Bought 1 for click and collect. Thanks OP.

As usual sh*t all sizes available

Someone’s salty about missing out..

Nah, someone’s too fat to actually fit in these.

i am sorry but that is one ugly cheap [email protected] looking polo. would only wear it to mow the lawns. you should buy something like this…


bigger discount….

I would expect the collars to be pre-popped for the cliental of those polos

I’ll wait for the 5G version. Got to be faster

Wow, investment grade polo tops! Now I can diversify my portfolio of sportscars. I wonder how quickly these shirts will appreciate in value and if they’ll outperform the many crypto ‘deals’ that have been posted here lately.

What a waste of time – only sizes XS & S

I was so happy until I saw “out of stock” .

How do these sizings compare to Ben Sherman Romfords

No COVID friendly sizes (XL+) 😉

only XS remaining

Pretty much XS was the only size available at the time of posting.

Always best to go in store for these Uniqlo sales, unfortunately I don’t live near a store 🙁

Thanks OP, bought some in store, not many left.

Even if orange was available, it’s not quite the right shade to dress like Uncle Roger.


For online, you need an account to buy? No checkout as guest? No checkout with Paypal?

These shirts are great. Note that they shrink after a few washes.

Plenty of grey, black and blue are available in Parramatta, NSW.

± username checks out

Hardly any sizes left online!

Wow. So many sizes available!

Saw this and looks great

Only XS size left, and in limited colours.

Anyone older than 6yo you’ve missed out. Only XS left.

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