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[PC] Free - Little Nightmares @ Bandai Namco

[PC] Free – Little Nightmares @ Bandai Namco

[PC] Free – Little Nightmares @ Bandai Namco

Update 3:

Update 2: Free offer has changed to a waiting list.

Update 1: Europe have just woken up and are most likely smashing the server.

Currently costs $28.95 on Steam. I was able to redeem the key successfully through Steam.

Thanks, worked like a charm.

Guess it isn’t working for us folks in the US. Wish it was, I need the distraction right now….

Gotta love free games! Thanks again Dealbot!

Thanks, worked instantly.

Working, asks for address and other personal details, but is not verified. Game code will appear in account.

Cheers! I got confused when they mentioned EPIC, not realising their club is called EP!C…

Just if anyone needs any convincing, two little fan songs for the game <3

Dan Bull


Thanks worked


Forgot I purchased it last time it was on sale. Here’s a code to save someone the hassle of creating a new account:


Thanks! Claimed

Thanks, worked perfectly! 😀

If anyone else has trouble creating an account for checkout, it turns out that the grey “Create your account” text is actually a button, not a heading. The username and password fields below it are for people who already have an existing account, it’s not for creating a new account. Had me confused for a few minutes.

Clicking “Create your account” takes you to a new page where you can enter your new details.

[Update] If you continually get a “Form contains errors” message when trying to create an account and it gives you no details, most likely your password is too long. Try 20 characters max. This form was beyond frustrating.

Create account “save personal informations”

worked for me

Don’t be like me and accidentally check out two free codes.


Replace * with the letter eeeee

I am not taking it but I think you gave out your first code.

I get “Invalid Product Code” message for YXQY-I2LT9-H0WK. What do you mean by replace *?

I clearly pasted wrong or my comment was edited earlier, my bad Dinjay. They tend to go quickly any keys pasted here, very quickly.


Replace the # with the letter eeee.

If you use a star (*) it hides in the comment, my bad.

“Duplicate product code” – looks like someone else is lightening fast and got it first!

Thanks OP!

Here’s a code (I already had the game)


Thanks. Unfortunately, someone else has already claimed it 🙁

Hate it when people claim and not mention it, not even a thanks.

It’s because people claim the code without needing to create an account for Ozbargain.

@brotherfranciz: Oh you mean the lurkers… Nothing wrong with that in itself, but at least OP gets a sense of appreciation and no one has to waste time trying out used codes.

very convoluted process….

Fairly straight-forward actually, just a regular store checkout for a free item and then redeem the key sent to your email.

Way less hoops than some other free game giveaways.

Plus all the other info to be filled in etc

Free on Xbox.. (Games with Gold)..

*Currently included with this months games with gold, it’s wrong to claim that it’s free.

More of an FYI.. Not a forum post like so much of the crap on OzB -> Ala Borderland keys and other misc crap that you get already when you’ve paid for a service..
Well its free if you’re paying for the sub.. Which is why I wrote (Games with Gold)…

Free truly is a bargain

Cheers OP

In case you want to activate your newly received key via browser, use this link:

Saves having to do it via steam client, if you’re on a work PC 😉

Thanks! watched it on Tiktok before, looks like an awesome game

Thank you, successfully redeemed! One of my friends used to love this game. I’m finally gonna give it a try.

Thank you. I have played a bit of it at PAX, and it’s since been on my wish list.

Spare key 40J#H-4NB5D-GDIIB – replace # with R

think someone else got it. atleast drop a comment if did

I had to create a Bandai Namco account to get the key. Anyone know if I can delete my Bandai Namco account now I have the key and still be an active key on Steam?

Thanks! Looks like a good game and its free!

Thank you!

Legend thanks.

cheers. worked no probs

I’ve already got this game. here’s a free key

Claimed, thanks 🙂

brilliant. thanks poster!

thanks OP!

Free is the best!

Max order qty for this is 2 not 1 so you can grab a copy for a friend/partner while you are it 🙂

This game was included in Humble Monthly for Sep. 2018 if anyone doesn’t bother entering all their codes each month.

Thanks for sharing bro.

A spare code for a fellow OzB addict: 8DEJN-L2AQJ-LT8LI

Not valid 🙁

Sorry, that’s 2LAQJ not L2AQJ, try again. 🙂

Claimed, thanks a lot.

Getting 500 sever internal errors all the time. cant check out

Here’s a spare code: P8XHG-2B9YF-H9V58

Thank you! I couldn’t get through the errors so I took this one 🙂

I unfortunately keep getting Error 500, thanks anyway.

played for an hour so far, immersive and tense, pretty amazing game, sequel coming out this year so a bit of free promotion goes a long way i’ll be buying the sequel

Anyone have a spare key? having trouble trying to make an account . Error 500, keep coming up

Anyone able to PM me a spare key if they don’t wish to redeem please? Keep getting error 500

I’d be very grateful for a PM of a code if anyone has spare. Getting 500 too,
Thanks DB for posting!!


Definitely keep trying. Just managed to get on, confirm account and ordered 2 copies.
One spare, let know if taken pls:

Thanks. Already activated by someone else.

Here’s a spare key: GPXKN-9KY74-I9APK

finally got through to checkout and it had two copies of the game in my basket

Geeze, I missed out again – gone in 30sec!!

Thanks OP nice find!!

Keep getting the silly error 🙁

IF anyone has a spare, please PM as I would love to get it


If you have a spare key, could you please PM me. Much appreciated. I have been having internal server error

Can’t get through any of the errors to create an account for this. If anyone can PM a spare key much appreciated!

All good, took quite a few goes but finally got it.

How long they are giving away? I am seeing error to get a code…maybe try after sometime..but how long they are giving?

Just get server errors. Cannot sign up for an account. 🙁


I’d say so. Getting non-stop server errors. Can’t create an account, login or anything.

Took about 30mins to get through and create an account but finally got it done and a key. Thanks

I have a better chance pre-ordering a PS5 than this 😀

“Oops! An Error Occurred
The server returned a “500 Internal Server Error”.
Something is broken. Please let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

Oh well, not the end of the world, wasn’t gonna play there.

Countless error 500 and 502 tbh

Tried so hard to ultimately get it but it was already on my steam account.


Thanks champ! Your key worked for me. I’ve also been trying for ages and it hadn’t occurred to me to check my back catalogue.

Ok so after being unsuccesful earlier, I waited a few hours and tried again and it’s still not working..
It won’t even let me log into my pre-existing account.

Just a heads up::

Unable to process the cart or create an account or even login to an existing account “Internal Errors ….” “5xx” errors.

Internal Error 500 now. I got in early though and got/activated the steam code.. 🙃

I only realised now that you can include 2 copies in cart for free and get 2 keys. So help your fellow OzB if you get through by getting a spare to share here.

If anyone has a spare key, I would really appreciate it. Can’t seem to checkout.

Took about 5 mins of refreshing to get through the login prompt. Here’s my spare key: JQTGE-3WQ29-R9MKE

Please reply when it has been taken.


Site is getting hammered, kept getting 502 bad gateway. Got through to checkout but gave up when I had to go back two steps. Hopefully it’s just the OzBargain effect and there’s no bots collecting keys. Good find anyway OP!

took about 15mins to get into the site, got a few 502 errors which trying to create an account but a few refreshes did the trick. cheers

I got in on first try and completed the purchase process, and it mentioned following the prompts in the email. Then the site crashed, and I didn’t receive the email for a bit and got nervous (so started writing this post). However, I got the email and have activated it! I’m pumped, I’ve been wanting this. Thanks OP!

Awesome find dealbot! It’s one of my favourite games. I don’t know if this works for everyone else but I used my mobile device to sign in and get the game (as I kept getting errors on Desktop). I learnt this trick for a few other game suppliers in the past but it’s worth a try. It only took me five minutes.

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