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[PC] Free - Overwatch Origins Edition and 200 Tokens @ Vancouver Titans

[PC] Free – Overwatch Origins Edition and 200 Tokens @ Vancouver Titans

[PC] Free – Overwatch Origins Edition and 200 Tokens @ Vancouver Titans

Edit – site is being smashed by Pepper and US users.

Canadian post code required. I used a Vancouver post code – V5H 3Z7. Doesn’t need a valid email address as code will be displayed immediately as a scratchy.

Just use and here’s a working postal code V5J 1A1. Also will need to change the country to Canada on the redeem page.

what’s ‘Pepper’ user?

gettin hammered, and unable to scratch it seems

Same, I got to the scratch page, clicked on the scratchie then it just took me to the “Thank you page” – rip to that code

That “thank you page” had the scratchy at the bottom of the page (at least for me).

well sh*t

Sweet. Worked

Was a little bit confusing, but worked out in the end:

step 1)
step 2) take ‘code’ from scratchy
step 3)

as above, looks good (but likely isn’t required as email isn’t checked?). Postcode worked well.


Daily hive link didn’t work for me

It worked OK for me 🙁

Not working for me. Where do I get a unique 6 digit code

Code comes from here:

Fill in details, scratch the thingo, take code.

Worked. Thanks OP

Couldn’t even get the page to load for a while, but keep trying every minute or 2 and it’ll work eventually.

Finally worked, maybe 30 attempts 🙂

It keeps saying error in processing. Do I have to keep trying bcoz the site is busy?

The link seems to have been taken down now 🙁

Yeah think you’re right, missed it by 10 mins -_-

Yeah I keep either getting the ‘Nothing to see here’ page (instead of the site), and the loading icon has not yet resulted in anything, have tried multiple times, waited 5 mins (so long that the captcha expired twice, saying I needed to click it again. =P hope this works eventually.

Takes a while! Definitely comes through if you keep trying 🙂

edit: just got one.

Is it just me that has an itch I can’t scratch?

What browser are people using? Used Chrome and looks as though a lot of the things didn’t load (prob flash at a guess).
Tried Edge and the page seemed to load properly. Filled in the details and clicked Submit and just get a spinning icon and eventually the captcha area says time expired…

Yeah, am getting the same thing on chrome. Their webpage might be getting ravaged.

Most likely. In IE I get as far as it trying to load the scratch card.

Only getting a blank scratch after about 30 attempts. Anyone manage to get a spare they’d be willing to DM me?

Yeah, same. Two different computers, two different browsers. All extensions turned off. Just get a blank green panel after the scratch. :/

Still no luck here, the websites mostly working again but I’m getting nothing but blank scratches still.

Think it might be dead in a new way, or expired. Shame, but that’s the way it goes.

Ditto. scratched it and it was nothing (green background) and then links to the redeem code area.

Samee and I used all of my emails and now I have no more unique addresses to use 🙁

Just worked for me (eventually). Chrome on mobile.

by eventually, do you mean letting the page stay open? or by attempting the page repeatedly?

I refreshed the page if the captcha expired. I actually got through to the scratchie on chrome on PC, but it went straight to the error page after I started scratching the coupon.

Probably took 30 mins of trying, page is just getting smashed.

Got to the scratch part on Chrome mobile but then didn’t appear to let me scratch it.

@whatisk: Long press your finger on it, the scratching motion doesn’t work. It’s weird.

@Mattapie: Cheers for the tip. Will try again as closed the page 🙁

Got to the scratch page. Long held to ‘scratch’ then when about half way through the box disappeared. Tapped it and went to a redeem page. Had no idea what the code was but a code filled in when tapping that section but when submitted got an invalid code error…

It worked for me, then when I scratched it the website shit itself again.

I managed to go to my history and get it there.
the URI ends in /DailyHive/thankyou

I tried that and it doesnt show the scratch code. It just says now go to the blizzard link.

Is it dead? Fml just as i went to get the code!

Oops, Nothing to see here.


How is the game these days?

Played at launch and it was fun but then it seemed the same just saving ultimates at choke points or corners then pushing again/defending.

Ending up going back to siege

Game is still very playable and recently got a resurgence of players.
Honestly depends what hero you play, if it’s just stand and shoot DPS you’ll find it’s probably going to end up like you were at launch.

Play one of the new heroes that’ll keep you on your toes a bit more.

I think the server is getting smashed – looking in developer tools the POST for the data gets an error occasionally which I suspect causes the site to stuff up.

Been trying for about half an hour 50 or so attempts on 4 different browsers, I think it may be time to concede =P

*Origins edition

Just got it. Keep on trying. Don’t wait too long on the spinning icon. Resubmit the page if it’s too long (when the captcha expires).

They took the scratchy page offline so no idea how you got it

It’s there. Just refresh the main when you get the “Ooops” page.

thank you! i was hoping someone could say what’s normal and what’s not.. i will keep trying :,) !!

Just got it as well after plenty of tries. As mentioned, it you get the captcha timeout or Oops page just reload and try again.

I found Chrome incognito seemed to load everything more often than normal Chrome.

hope people arent just trying to sell free codes of a dying game

Dont think so.
The fact its redeemed through a 3rd party tends to lessen that.

You can’t just sell the code on ebay; the buyer would need to jump through hoops.

” Oops, Nothing to see here.”

I got this

See comment above. Just reload the main page.

Every time I scratch I get a blank code – is it just me?

happened to me twice as well

Edit: if you click on the blank area where the scratch it was, it’ll lead you to another site with the link to blizzard and your code!

i clicked the black scratchie and it just took me to a thank you page 🙁 i didn’t get any code?

i did this on my computer through incognito mode, maybe try it this way? found it was much faster to connect than my phone as well.

@Genishine: incognito definitley helps, i’ll keep trying 🙂

I can’t even scratch the code!

does not work.

I think we killed it. I had the form filled but the verification kept timing out. Now I can’t even get the form to load.

its still a great game, in Quick play the community is good to new players.

It did not work after I fill the form at first time.
I tried again after 10 min.
this time, it worked. I redeemed it.

waste my 30 mins for nothing

Might just wait until the North Americans are asleep. After an hour, still can’t get past the white spinning circle of doom.

limited quantities

Your comment made me persevere & I ended up getting it! Thank you

Keep refreshing… Took about 20 mins for me but got one in the end

Getting triggered, flashbacks to trying to buy a 3080 a few months ago.

Worked for me.
Use Microsoft Edge.
Load up about 5- 6 tabs at once.
Probably 1 in 5 tabs will get through to the form.
At the form, some forms don’t allow you to type email address. Discard those ones.
I probably filled in about 15 forms. I got through to scratch.
First scratch had nothing underneath it after scratching.
Second scratch had the code.
Both times the green background did not load.

Hope this helps others

How to you get pass spinning wheel after submit

Refresh page and try again if it takes more than a minute.

I just managed to get to the scratch code after ages refreshing and filling my details over and over. After scratching I could see the text code for 1 second and then got sent to the “oops nothing to see” page again ahhh. Wish I had screenshot it.

Took a while, but it worked. Thanks OP 👍

Worked for mẹ using Chrome. Also with VPN changed to Vancouver.

You log into Blizzard with your Blizzard account. But for everything else you can use the temp-mail.

Finally got it, thanks OP 👍

Worked fine for me just now, doesn’t appear to be expired.

I finally got it! Took me about 25 mins to get in.

Here’s the proof that it works though

it’s been around 1.5 hours.. success!

I keep getting blanks when I do finally get to the scratch 😟

Keep at the refreshing. Worked for me after a ton of refreshes. Also use Edge as recommended above.

All I get is blank under the scratchie

Umm getting blank codes

Ending up working for me too. Seems like site loads now so should be easier to get through

Also I think they block multiple attempts from the same IP as the form goes blank every time I try a second time.

I’ve gotten 4 blanks now and I’ve used chrome and edge, tried both incognito and normal

Just shooting blanks. GG?

had about 5 blanks in a row before it actually worked for me, (thats in the 30 retries all up) this was around 8am though, as soon as the CODE appeared, i print screened, as with previous tries about 2 seconds later it would vanish and goto an error screen.

So frustrated! 30mins in and nothing. Anyone got a spare and willing to DM me?

“Please enter the barcode from any eligible Brisk 710ml can (any flavour) or Jack Link’s 225g Snacksticks”??? Code?

Looks like it’s supposed to be a game of chance here because looking into the HTML, the code is being labelled with class ‘scratchnwin_image’. Probably just have to keep trying until you win?

Oh I already redeemed last time lol

Thanks OP

60 tries, 60 scratches, 60 blanks…

its easier to get the page up now but its all blanks, after hours of trying im giving up

I keep getting blank codes hmm

all of them are blanks now

agreed, I’ve tried 20+ times and still all blanks

Looks like the coding has been replaced as id=”scratchnwin_losing_image” so chances are they’re onto it

Burned all of my 4 email addresses on this, used multiple browsers. No code, just a green box.

Bummer but oh well.

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