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[PC] Heroes of the Three Kingdoms - Free (Was $1.50) @ Steam

[PC] Heroes of the Three Kingdoms – Free (Was $1.50) @ Steam


[PC] Heroes of the Three Kingdoms – Free (Was $1.50) @ Steam

Very good classic game, unfortunately it does not have English 🙁

8 is coming out later this month.

It’s out today

used to play 1-3 a lot growing up, didnt realise they are still making it!
might buy the 7 to try as it has much better reviews than 8

Just watched the gameplay of the 8… must say it’s below my expectation.

time to learn some chinese

Lets add it to my library of Steam, Amazon, and Epic store games that I don’t play.

Sadly, I don’t thin my PC is going to be able to run this game, so i’ll just skip this offer

It is a good but quite old game. Just added it to my Steam account. Thanks, OP

Looks like a rip-off version of Koei’s ROTK3 from the pre-2000 era…But, free is free.

ROTK3 is in English and can be found online if you looked hard enough.

Wrong, they’re completely different things. Have a look at the gameplay and you’ll know.

You’re right! Had a quick squiz – This one focusses more on soldier battles rather than strategy? I’ll have to have a go at playing!

Due to my lack of knowledge of the Chinese language I would doubt I could get pass the main menu comfortably so will have to politely pass on this offer.

it looks great but how am I gonna understand Chinese

Use Google Translate? Its translations are quite poor though but better than nothing.

If only google can translate inside programs 🙁

Also, I think the text is graphical (sprites)

Just take a snap every time there is a talking bubble/text (heaps) and let Google translate it. Very tedious process I know 🙁

Google translate app can translate real time camera stream and overlay the translation. But it can only handle black characters and not say white characters on a coloured background

I’ve used Google Translate on white characters with brown coloured background before and it did pick up all the characters but the translation still suck.

Holyshit, my favourite game in my childhood.

It’s a 22 year old game… Played it when i was a kid, but the graphic and the game play is…

Steam has a free game lol. Its against everything they stand for.

surely for a 22 year old game someone’s made an english translation patch?



Lol those graphics, man things have come a long way in 20 years. I wonder if in 2040 I will think the graphics in 2020 were trash.

No different…. when you see how popular of Minecraft even in 2020

我没听说过这个游戏。我是中文初学者,我会和pleco APP一起玩这个游戏。谢谢!

Would there be any images of a naked lady in this game?

sorry, not there as far as I know

Yeah nah

This is my chilhood memory ! Anyone know which version is the best?

According to the age of empires deal logic, this game is worth at least $30

R110 F110

english not supported

Classic and legend game.


Why is an old Chinese game at the top of OzBargain? Not even mad, just curious. Lol.

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