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[Pre Order] Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition Console $469 + Delivery/C&C @ EB Games

[Pre Order] Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition Console $469 + Delivery/C&C @ EB Games


[Pre Order] Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition Console $469 + Delivery/C&C @ EB Games

Something new and usually pretty popular
1 per customer

RRP but will be a deal to someone who wants to get onto it early before the scalpers get their grubby hands on them

I don’t believe that’s the blue colour for Mario from super Mario brothers.

That’s his colours from Donkey Kong.

Can also pass as Spiderman console

That’s what I initially thought as well.

They could of made the jog on joysticks yellow so it at least appears as buttons and more Mario like

I think you are right about the coloured buttons. That could have saved it. The opaque red with yellow buttons N64 control was great.

First impression was Papa Smurf console

Think these will sell just as well as the animal crossing ones?

I’m not the colour scheme of this one unlike the AC one

The animal crossing ones looked great. This one…… Debatable.

Ooooo you’re much earlier today than you were in Xbox Series X deal. On the ball today, you are!


It looks terrible.


I also agree with this magnificent 30 year old boomer. I can only hope to reach such Cool eventually.

looks like Spiderman edition lol

That was my first thought as well

As soon as I saw it, I thought of Spiderman.

Without the Joy-Con Grip, it’s all red. Sorry but this is a fail for me.

Blue joy cons would’ve looked better and the comfort grip should’ve been red to match the blue joy cons.

Where’s the moustache?


yuck, why now? they should have released this years ago.

Spot on. This is a bit late???

Nintendo never needs to be time sensitive cause their brand stays relevant no matter the time. The switch Pro can get announced tomorrow and this still will have a market.

Because towards the end of a new console or refresh they seem to do a lot of these edition consoles I find, it’s like their way of reinvigorating the console or just getting people talking about it again.

Was expecting the console back/dock to have some print on them (like previous special edition)


Switch pro or nothing.

Just a quick recolour to they can clear out all their excess stock to make way for the Pro? 😀

Pre order , dont see it as a deal 🙁


The colours are hurting my eyes. the last time someone tried this was on the LEGO Thor Ragnarok

Don’t like the colours of it. I prefer Luigi’s colour.

It will sell out FOMO time 🙂
Leave em for me boys .

Bake em away, toys.

At least it come with a free case

Yeah, initial reaction is, well, pretty underwhelming.

Surely they could have done a bit to tart it up. Its just red and blue?

Nintendo fans: The next console revision should fix the joy con drift or be more powerful.

Nintendo: It now comes in red and blue.

Nintendo fans: Better pay RRP in case I miss out!

Malibu Stacy with new hattttttttttttttttt

Thanks got 10


Weird – they’ve used their flagship character in Mario for a special edition Switch and yet don’t even bother with any mention of him on the console. Not even the back has any monograms or anything. I like the bright colour but this is a fail IMO.

Oh the other hand, I really like that. I love it when brands make their branding a little bit more minimalistic. My favourite little merchandise is a cartridge case that is yellow, with Pikachu’s tail as the marking. So simple yet so cute.

No one who knows about the switch is going to mistake this for the spiderman lol.

The trade deals for hardware towards this new Switch will make you want to leap in the air and shout “Issa Me!”

I could sell a switch on ebay and walk away with a better deal after fees and shipping costs than that trade in “deal”

What trade deals are there?

They could have at least put more effort into the box design.

At least animal crossing was nice to look at.

this just looks half assed.

I hope they release a Zelda edition Switch because I have been waiting for any Zelda limited edition stuff from Nintendo directly for a while now.

I imagine they will for Zelda’s 35th anniversary this year. I just hope they put a little more effort into it than they did with this.

Even if they dont release a Zelda themed Switch I would be happy with a Gold Switch pro controller like they did with Skyward Sword.

I’d prolly buy that. I love my Skyward Sword Wiimote.

@dano: Rumors are strong for a HD release of Skyward Sword.

@SpeedRunnerLink: Skyward Sword was great, I think it gets a little too much hate. I’d definitely rank a lot of Zelda games higher than it though.

@dano: It’s because of the stupid motion controls and that they made link right handed

leaks suggest that switch pro will come in the near future

Yeah. Looks like they just trying to squeeze every cent from this gen. Lets go Switch Pro!

to be completely fair, the mariko units have significantly more battery life. a 4k switch would have crap battery. id be down for a bigger screen, new gen processor and vastly improved joy cons

I’ve played my Switch out of dock mode for about 2 hours so battery life isn’t too concerning for me 😀

@MBix: sometimes i take it with me so that outside™ isnt so boring

@belongsinforums: What is this outside you speak of?

@MBix: long tutorial, main quest is crap, side quests are plenty. 10/10 graphics. characters are not balanced at all so choose wisely from your 3 starters

@belongsinforums: Any cheat codes?

@MBix: -gold 999999999

@belongsinforums: Replay-ability is poor due to perma-death, depending on culture/religion choice.

Judging from the rumors, the 4K might be for docked mode only, while handheld goes to 1080p or something (I think I remember seeing it will switch to an OLED screen as well?).

All taken with a grain of salt though, who knows how far off it will be either.

Yes, near future for the past few years….

Indeed. Didn’t the CEO just say that the switch is halfway through its life? And didn’t scires find some code?

Also mariko was mini pro and it refreshed the pricing

2 of these or 1 airpod max? what should i buy guys?

Why not both? That’s what i did.

I am going to scalp this.

Let’s add a bit of colour to our entertainment unit, shall we?

Hopefully this isn’t a special edition, doesn’t seem like they put too much effort into designing. Will be cheaper just get some skin decals from dbrand or the like

Wish they put more effort like they did with the 2DS/3DS units.

Wow these scalpers are quick haha.

Hope they barely break even on these considering how dogshit they look.

Report them. Seems presales are not allowed on eBay.

Dont think eBay will care.

Its money in their pockets at the end of the day.

They could have at least included the new mario game with it.

Very cool – first time the switch itself has a colour, right?

There will be so much stock, just like animal crossing console!! They should be making clear ones like the 64!!

This is a hideous design and takes me back to the 1990’s. I wouldn’t expect huge demand for this considering most who wanted a switch have a switch already and rumours of a switch pro. Scalpers playing their game are taking a risk but sure go for it.

I paid $50 gift card ( I’m not greedy 2 names lol) . It like a option to take it on Mid Feb and friendly for click and collect at ( no rip off postage ) your favourite store .

I have no idea what you’ve just said, but I like it.


What should I do with my games and saves on my old switch if I want to trade in. Should I transfer everything in store while pickup the switch and then trade in ?

Back up onto sd card.

Yeah I believe they let you transfer it in store if you do the trade-in.

Just ask them and they should let you (at least that’s what I’ve read online from other people’s experiences).

Thanks, I may think about it. Seems like the “pro” version won’t come anytime soon, and the battery of my og switch last 2.3hrs play Hades. Maybe I should trade-in for this.

I’d probably wait a little bit imo.

Nintendo released the New 3DS in time for Monster Hunter, so wouldn’t surprise me if it’s around the corner.

2-3 hours is a little low, but if you can bear with it it might be worth the wait for now.

Could have at least been translucent.

$399 on amazon and tagret was $349 with a ~$50 game on amazon and ebay

Just a different color that not even limited want me a hundred extra Id say Im not stupid

But you get a free carrying case !!

You need Console and games but may or may not need case by the way case worth~$10-$15 everywhere

You obviously dont have a sense of humor…

How about a free Frogurt?

The frogurt is also cursed

@Herbse: But you get your choice of toppings.

@SpeedRunnerLink: The toppings contain potassium benzoate

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