[PS4, XB1] Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Selected PS4 and Xbox One Games @ EB Games
[PS4, XB1] Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Selected PS4 and Xbox One Games @ EB Games

[PS4, XB1] Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Selected PS4 and Xbox One Games @ EB Games

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Offers May not last
Note: This offer was found 3 months ago
on ozbargain.com.au sales page. Offer can expire at anytime.

Looks like most of the games recently discounted by EB Games are now Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

For those with an Xbox One: https://www.ebgames.com.au/search?sort=price&order=asc&platf…

Haha they really want to clear their shelves of that stock

we really do!

I’m grabbing 3 copies of Rocket Arena for all my mates to play with me lol

I am pretty sure it is free to play now.

@fredk1000: Rocket Arena is different to Rocket League – mistaken identity???

@Lysander: Yeah your right, my bad.

Finally PS4 games are affordqble for everyone.

All the good stuff is already cleared out

Most of their stock has been bought out by now. I at least did my part when the sales started last year.

Unless they allow for delivery from their regional stores, this sale is a bit of a non-starter.

most of the good stuff is gone but I suppose this could be good for those games left over that are just like “well if it’s only $5 it might be worth a try”

Most of the stuff that was on the website for $.95, $5.95, $9.95, at my local store were still trying to sell for $40 and you couldn’t click and collect them.

At the very start of the Christmas sale, they had these <$5 games available for C&C. Then they switched over to Purchase in store only a few days later.

Lol they would have scanned at the discounted price.

They didn’t

If the website price was $9.95 (or whatever else) it would have. Otherwise you were lied to

most of them are oos for hundreds of KM’s from sydney…

Sorry to all who are finding everything to be OOS, I didn’t mean to waste your time. I’m in South Australia and I used stock around me to gauge whether it was worth posting this sale.

As it is, I managed to get Borderlands 3, Borderlands Handsome Collection, Kingdoms of Amular Re-Reckoning, Dishonored 2, Desperados 3, and Shadow of Mordor for $25 C&C locally.

Not your fault, there were quite number of copies RE3 last night, today was all gone.
I do envy you able to get so many good deals! I should move to SA, lol.

Melb still had a bit of stock out in the West, there were a few games I put in the cart for click and collect for $9.95 like Rage 2 which I never got around to trying and even for $9.95 with another game I was like nah! lol

dont be sorry mate, it’s good that you posted it to help someone who might have stock around them 🙂
I was just jelly that you guys get stock lol

You shouldn’t ever have to apologise for posting deals. That’s more than what most lurkers on this site will ever contribute.

How dare you apologise! Should be ashamed of yourself!

He should apologise for apologising immediately!

They should call this Buy none get none.

check for some, get none

Thanks, got resident evil 3 and borderlands 3 for total $10. Hopefully they are worth $5 each

grabbed the same!! good deal

seems like they come in 3’s for you.. How about Desperados III or Shenmue III?

Cheers mate, grabbed 4 games for $15.

Desperados III
Borderlands 3
Shenmue III Day One Edition
Blacksad: Under The Skin

Why on earth is Evolve $14.00. The game is dead and got relaunched as a free to play game and now thats dead too.

Just wait till it becomes as cheap as Anthem haha

Its been dead for over 2 years

Some of the game prices are stupid, like Shadow of The Tomb Raider is $28.00… I remember when that game went down to $29 like 4 months after release as it flopped hard. And now its free on PS+ this month. But $28 in EB lol

But it’s $19.95? https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/ps4/243835-shadow-of-the-…

No that’s not the buy 1 get 1 free listed one..

Look at this link..


@Justin9mm: Ah I see, although that one is preowned, so if you just want the one copy, brand new is cheaper.

@CompulsiveOzB: Yeah i get that but the point is its buy 1 get one free so I’m complaining that the preowned one is $28 under that buy 1 gwt 1 free deal which is ridiculous. Even at $19.95 who wants to buy it. Its free on PS+ this month. Seems stupid either way.

Great deal! Might get some.

Borderlands 3 and Amalur for $10 is a win.

Drone championship league is a good game for 0.95

Thanks op. I’ve got about 12 titles I didnt pickup during that initial sale, now that the 9.95 are 2 for 1 its a perfect time to pickup. Cheers

I managed to get,

Darksiders genesis, commandos 2, boarderlands handsome collection, contra rogue corps, immortal realms, warhammer mechanocus, ary, HUNT, thw sojourn, desperados, azure strikers gunvolt, another world. Manage to pickup from 2 of my local EB games.

Do you live regional?

No way you could’ve gotten all that at a metro store.

Nah not regional. Between 3 of my closest eb stores I’ve managed to get some cracker titles during this summer sale. Most I paid for a single title was 14.95
Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland.

Wait, I didn’t read your comment properly. You got everythiung during the initial sale. Yeah, makes sense. I posted up the Christmas sale on Ozbargain after I bought all the titles I wanted.

Should probably return a few and buy them again sigh

Yeah I didnt buy many of the 9.95 in the previous sales, glad I didn’t now as I managed to pick up the ones I wanted during this 2 for 1.

Only if bought within 7 days, as their xmas return date was 10th Jan.

It’s a very simple process, they just scan the games in and refund the difference to your card.

i purchased them again, going to gift them now so don’t feel so bad anymore


I am getting to pick up some at Mudgee today on holiday there at the moment

I just bought 116 copies of FIFA on PS4, cheers OP!

I’m very excited.

Did it cost you $5?

Good for you giving all those old FIFAs a home.

hang on for 90 minutes, ordering that many would be foul! Wouldn’t want a red card now, would we?

But why…? and don’t say “Why not”.. ????


Plenty of stock in Vic, also delivery available for most. Good deal, thanks for posting

Most of the good stuff is gone on Sydney.

Fuxx I just paid 10$ for Borderland 3 yesterday!! Grr..

What.. would you have paid $20 and bought two instead…… Just kidding.

DFO Bris Airport has a heap of ps4 xbone and pc games. Picked up a pokemon 2ds cover and ps4 Fifa20 for $2.50ea.

[PS4, XB1] Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Selected PS4 and Xbox One Games @ EB Games

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