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Quest Nutrition Choc Protein Cookies 12pk $24 ($21.60 S&S), Cookies & Cream Protein Bar 12pk $24 + Post ($0 Prime/$39) @ Amazon

Quest Nutrition Choc Protein Cookies 12pk $24 ($21.60 S&S), Cookies & Cream Protein Bar 12pk $24 + Post ($0 Prime/$39) @ Amazon


Quest Nutrition Choc Protein Cookies 12pk $24 ($21.60 S&S), Cookies & Cream Protein Bar 12pk $24 + Post ($0 Prime/$39) @ Amazon

The cookies can be ordered as ‘Subscribe and Save’ to bring them down to $21.60, and cancelled at any time. S&S not available for the bars.

Lowest historical Amazon price according to 3camels.

I’ve tried the cookies and cream bars before and enjoyed them but haven’t given the cookies try.

Same price at Woolworths as too the bars.

EDIT – Need to list the S&S price of $21.60 thus beating Woolies! 🙂

Just this flavour, or others too?

All flavours bars and cookies are $2 in Woolies…
I brought a few of each the birthday cake one is pretty good has a strong raspberry taste, wouldn’t recommend the cookie dough one, was pretty dense, yet to try the rest.

Thanks op. Was running out of protein bars.

Thanks OP.

Guilt free cookies and cream?

the cookies are 32% carbs

the protein bars are 35% carbs


and now you know…

Knowledge is power.
Thanks jv.

Except you are wrong.

You don’t understand the Americans use a different caloric measurement.

They include fibre under carbohydrates.

They also include partially digestible carbohydrates and sugar alcohols.


I don’t think so…

Just because something is different, does not make it wrong…

@Telios: Just because we can’t process them doesn’t make them not carbs.

@deelaroo: Congrats, you’re technically correct in a narrow chemistry context that’s completely unrelated to how people talk about carbs in a dietary context.

In a post about food, natch.

Do “of course these cookies are organic, they contain carbon” next, that’s always hilarious.

@Telios: Interesting! But like others say, if our body does see it as carbs I’d say it’s a alarming high amount of carbs (for those trying to lean down on these cookies). Else for bulking it’s good

@FrozenFred: Not sure what you mean by “see it as carbs”, but if you mean “digest to extract calories, increase blood sugar levels, and trigger an insulin response”, then…no.

@FrozenFred: No. Fibre does not get metabolized because humans lack the digestive enzyme to cleave it.

The fibre in Quest foods will be variations of cellulose and poly compounded fibres.

Human organs cannot and do not digest cellulose.

Some gut bacteria will utilise them, but blood serum levels won’t see any significant changes from fibre.

The Earth’s atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen.

This isn’t a deal about the Earth’s atmosphere though…

Maybe create a forum topic about it???

This deal isn’t about carbohydrates either. If your argument is that the bar contains carbs then go for it. My argument is that the bar also contains Nitrogen.
Happy bargain hunting!

@Gravy Train:

Yes it is…

High protein products are targetted to people who either do weight training or people who are following low-carb diets… This is not low carb…

@jv: i hate it when i have to agree to jv

🤣 “create a forum topic”. One day Jim Carey will start in a biopic about you, jv!

total carbs not net carbs though

The cookies contain 19g of carbohydrate per serve, of which 9g is fibre and 6g is erythritol and less than 1g is sugar for 4g net carbs.

The cookies contain 21g of carbohydrate per serve, of which 15g is fibre and 2g is erythritol and 1g is sugar for 4g net carbs.


But Muppets be like that.

The second line should say bars, not cookies, but you get the point.

In case somebody is as into percentages as JV:

The cookies are (4g net carbs / 59g total weight) = 6.8 per cent net carbs by weight, and (4g net carbs * 4 calories per gram / 250 calories per serve) = 6.4 per cent net carbs by total calories.

The bars are (4g net carbs / 60g total weight) = 6.7 per cent net carbs by weight, and (4g net carbs * 4 calories per gram / 200 calories per serve) = 8 per cent net carbs by total calories.

For those curious, Erythritol looks to be fairly harmless besides the gastrointestinal distress.

Yeah its certainly better than maltitol as far as digestive distress goes.

The main concern with the sugar alcohols are metabolized by-products and the impact on satiety.

Several studies have shown people substituting sugar in drinks make up the calories in other areas, I would not be surprised if it is the same for foods.

The only other issue I have is too much of the Quest product line is corn derived, but that’s basically how they can offer proper low-carb/high protein products at the prices they do.

You’ll see other low carb/high protein, cold press manufacturers can barely get within $1-2 of Quest because they are sourcing the inulin from non-subsidized sources.

Calories in Calories out.

Do you even LYFT JV?!

i count carbs, not calories.

So only Uber then, got it.

@Jugganautx: JV is all about the macros. đź’Ş

If you count carbs, then you would be aware of the importance of counting ‘net’ carbs.


Not with the diet I’m following.

I count total carbs…

@jv: Terrible idea, but you do you.


Thanks Pete Evans…

Can I ask what benefits you gain from counting total carbs but not calories or net carbs?


It makes the diet more simple to follow.

@jv: Don’t mean to be rude but gaining a better understanding on fibre, carbs and calorie intake in general will help a lot more with long term fat loss and weight maintenance. But if it works for you it works for you I guess.


That’s the most important thing in a diet I believe.

Make it simple and easy to follow.

Just eat the ones with the AUS label, they are only 8% Carbs…


You realise they’re exactly the same product with a different nutrition label that deducts fibre from total carbohydrates, right?

So if I eat this I am eating 32% of my daily carbs per day

Reviews say the taste is bad for the cookies. Might be best to grab a single one at woolies to try first

Just ate through my last batch of 20. Eating 2 cookies a day guilt free. Soo good. Bought 5 more boxes at $21 a box, worth it.

Definitely wouldn’t say these are guilt free. They have quite a lot of fat in them. If you’re counting macros then these can kill your day if you’re not aware.

I’d feel a little guilty spending $1300 a year on cookies too.

@Sleuth: So would I haha. This is only the second batch I’ve ordered just so I can get through this diet for the next 2 months.

Regular choc chip flavour also available for the cookies:…

Thanks, added to the main link.

Everytime doing Keto their protein bars throw me out or stall weight loss. There’s a whole lot of shit in them. My 2 cents just steer clear go eat a steak or something instead. Not to mention the farts and stomach discomfort.

I only eat them to see my wifes face when i let rip

eat steak and see your cholesterol shoot up..…

only a 16 week study with 113

@stockastics: Better sources for you.…

I am doing keto, was about to order them until I saw your comment. Won’t buy them now. Can you suggest any alternative that does not affect your keto?

People have found the cookies will affect their ketosis but often not the bars.

Get some test strips like these and check for yourself, everyone has a different threshold depending on their age/sex/muscle mass/liver condition etc.

There is also a newer multi-factor test strip by GE or Philips but I can’t remember the name of it.

In my experience, the bars get me out of ketosis because of the sucralose

@youfkenserious: That’s weird.

It goes through your system virtually untouched. It’s not a sugar alcohol.

But I do remember seeing a study that average weight people see no increase in blood sugar but overweight individuals who don’t consume artificial sweeteners DO see an increase but it wasn’t much (20%?).

I’m the same, they seem like a win but they are so processed and a lot of shit in them
I used to have as a treat but honestly I feel so bad after eating

Body is craving actual food not frankenbars

Cheers Op grabbed a box!

The cookies are their best tasting product

Cookies & Cream bar is OOS

You can get the Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut for the same price

Thanks, updated the main link.

The bars were $2 at Coles last cycle. Bought two varieties to try, still sitting on the bench. They feel so hard and doughy, like future constipation in a packet.

People saw you can zap them in the microwave for 15-30 seconds and it makes them softer and more dessert like to eat. Haven’t tried it myself.

I hate buying these.. I bloody eat them as snacks

Lol same, they’re supposed to be a treat after a workout but I eat them just for fun

I totally bought some.. I’m terrible

yeah brought a box of the bars a few months ago and didnt even last me 3 days.
No more boxes for me unfortunately

Cookies oos for me

Double Choc Chip is still available, but on backorder.

Thanks, just ordered to try these babies out

ordered, thanks

Doesn’t show S&S for me…

It’s because they are on back order. That’s expired now.

will this make me big if i stack it with Metandienone (Dianabol) and Nandrolone (Deca) ???

Quest taste like ass, just sayin’

Then I’m eating!

Cookie>>>>Cookies and cream BAR

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