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RAVPower 60W 5-Port USB PD Desktop Charger $36.79, 20000mAh 60W PD Powerbank $63.99 Delivered @ Sunvalley via Amazon AU

RAVPower 60W 5-Port USB PD Desktop Charger $36.79, 20000mAh 60W PD Powerbank $63.99 Delivered @ Sunvalley via Amazon AU


RAVPower 60W 5-Port USB PD Desktop Charger $36.79, 20000mAh 60W PD Powerbank $63.99 Delivered @ Sunvalley via Amazon AU

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RAVPower RP-PC059 60W 5-Port PD USB Desk Charger with 45W Power Delivery Was $45.99 Now $36.79 with Code: RXRHJQCM

USB C PD: 60W Desktop Charger with up-to 45W USB C Power Delivery fully recharges your 13” MacBook in only 2 hours
iSmart 2.0 Adjusts to connected devices and outputs up to 2. 4A per port
Charges 5 Devices: One USB Type-C PD port pairs with four ismart 2. 0 USBs for a simultaneous fast charging treatment
Works Worldwide: Universal 100V-240V AC input ensures the wall charger connects even when you’re travelling abroad
Fully Protected: Integrates safeguards for overcharge, short-circuit, over-voltage, and overheating
What You Get: Lifetime Warranty, RavPower 60W 5-Port USB Charer, 1.5m Detachable Power Cord, and User Guide

RAVPower RP-PB201 20000mAh 60W PD Power Bank was $79.99 Now $63.99 with Code V2DU3BGG

Potent Power for Your Laptop: Substantial 60W PD output means it can charge your Type-C Laptop perfectly
Big Power, Small Case: A 20000mAh battery pack to power your device multiple times
Dual Fast Charging: PD port & QC port to ensure you can charge your laptop and phone simultaneously
Mighty 30W PD Input: Fully recharge the power bank in 2 and a half hours
Dependable Safety: Forged to protect against damage caused by overcurrent and overheating issues
Check out 860+ Reviews on Amazon US & 240+ reviews on Amazon UK

RAVPower stand behind their Products with a Free Extended Warranty which you activate by registering your product at

SunValley introduced the TaoTronics, VAVA, HooToo, Anjou, Sable and RAVPower brands in 2011 to produce High Quality, Low-Cost consumer electronics, and home products. Since then they have grown to be leading consumer electronics brands with hundreds of products and millions of satisfied customers. You can view their range of available products in SunValley’s Official Australian Amazon store.

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I just bought the power bank for camping. Thanks OP.

I couldn’t agree more. I went camping with my wife and she started to check her blood sugar level while we were camping. I threw it in the lake and told her she didn’t need it because were off the grid and she needs is a digital detox.

Smart thinking there. If you time things right you’ll save some space in the car on the return trip. I always struggle to pack on the way home. Having a passenger seat free would be really helpful…

There’s a difference between having your phone for Twitter, and someone checking their blood sugar level.

@smartazz104: Would you say that nuttygoodness was being a smartazz?

Power bank works great with my laptop, super happy with it (since the normal battery life is woeful)

Thanks! Been looking at this powerbank to charge my xps 13!

Good price for the desktop charger. Have had one for just under a year as my main charging station and it’s worked very well.

Any coil wind on it when charging?

I haven’t noticed any. Just tried it now and I can only hear a very faint coil whine with my ear right up against the charger.

Oh sweet as. That’s normal of you put your ear up to it lol. The current charger I use now I can hear it standing next to it when it’s charging lol.

nah i’ve had a couple of these since the last time they were on special and I keep one next to my bed.

Thanks. Just bought one. Have been trying to buy one but it was always OOS

Stupid question.
Is that usb c 45w port only for laptops?
If i plug a phone in there it wont explode or anything?

Most of devices have built-in system to handle overcharging and overvolting

Your phone will be fine, as long as it’s not a Samsung Note 7.

What about the ozbargain famous lg v30+?

Is there a similar unit 2x USB-C PD or even 3x? Ie. flip the ratio of the USB-A to USB-C ports

Not at the moment

Blitzwolf BW-S16

Brought this from lightning deal $33.99, used for 2 weeks and still going.

guess I wait for a cheaper deal then

Thanks OP
please excuse the question: is this compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max? the description only list up to iPhone 11 Pro Max

Yes, it should be fine, phones listed are only those released at the time of Amazon posts creation.


Thanks OP. Got one.

But is the delivery time 19 January?? That’s quite a long wait for amazon shopping experience?

Assuming this won’t do a lenovo t495 65w

It will, it just won’t charge as fast as as the laptop uses power.

Thanks OP!

Rip ordered 4 days early. I doubt I could get a refund for the difference OP?

ordered yesterday, any chance of getting the difference OP?

Have a chat with Amazon support, you might get lucky.

Amazon support:
“I am afraid then the supplier should help. Any coupons or offers run by Amazon, then we will be able to assist and we mention the T&C on the website too.”

@johnhwood: ok, Amazon support used to help in situations like this.

Try contacting SunValley support via Amazon instead.

No guarantees though.

Have a chat with Amazon support, you might get lucky.

Does the ismart port support Qualcomm Quick Charge or anything?

No QC support, which is a deal breaker. PD or 5A only only supported. About $40 for Dual QC if you don’t need PD:…

Hi, how about apple watch and samsung watch? Is it ok to charge both of my watches?

Yes, plugging the watches recharge dongle in for charging is fine.

so i can use this charger for m1 mbp? or is it not enough watt? would mean one less thing on the table if it can.

Hi, do you know if you’ll be stocking the 65W version with 2 type-C ports at some point?
Amazon (US):…

looks like the code for the desktop charger has expired

Code invalid?

Code invalid error

One for $39.99. Same unit? RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port USB Charger Desktop Charging Station with iSmart, Compatible with iPhone Xs XS Max XR X 8 7 Plus, iPad Pro Air Mini, Galaxy S9 S8 S7 S6 Edge, Tablet, Kindle and More (AU Plug, 240V)…

Just checked, older model. no USB c, bigger size but has six ports due to USB c missing

Code invalid. Is this still available?

What is the update? Code is still invalid! Please expire the post mod.

Code is invalid and i want this!! Please fix this OP!!

Missed out on this.. hoping there will be a 90w USB PD charger so I don’t need to worry if the charger is outputting enough juice for whatever laptop I have.

Why not use the Gooloo 2000A?

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